Shiloh, Timmy, & Riding

by Julie

I own 2 horses named Shiloh and Timmy. They are both geldings. Shiloh is my first horse. He is my 15 year old Thoroughbred. Timmy is my new horse. I just got him and he's my 11 year old Quarter Horse. I ride Bareback, English, and Western. I have been riding horses for 9 years. I love horses and riding! I am in 4-H Club. I can do Jumping, Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Trail Rides, and more. Actually, I just started Jumping and Barrel Racing on Shiloh. I ride Shiloh Bareback, English, and Western. I ride Timmy Bareback and Western. I love both my horses and riding. I'll ride and own horses forever!
Riding is my passion, Horses are my life....
Don't look back leave it all on the track!
<3 Shiloh & Timmy & Horse Riding <3
Just my horses, me, and the wide open is all I need to stay happy.

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