Secret Dream - Chapter 1

by Ponie

CHAPTER 1: Arizona

I groaned. I was so bored why did we have to drive. Once Mom and Dad promised Meliah could come over during the summer and a couple of months I was pretty exited about moving. Don't get me wrong I will miss Arkansas but all our family lives in Arizona and besides Mom says that maybe once we get settled in we could put up some fencing and get a horse. Besides in Arkansas not a lot of kids where in our congregation and I've been home-schooled since 4th grade. Meliah lived in South Carolina anyway.

"Mom when are we gonna get there?"I admit it was kinda whiny with the question but I hate riding in the car it takes for ever.

"Soon. About 10 minutes left.Oh your gonna get to meet the home owners. I hear that they have a girl that likes horses."

"Cool!" I perked up! I was shy but horses where a perfect medium for conversation.

15 minutes later we pulled on a small road that was apparently our driveway. It didn't take long and we where at the house. I pulled my bag out of the seat and raced up to the door. But when I got there I wasn't sure if I should open the door or ring the door bell. Finally I knocked as Mom and Dad came there arms full.

"Come in." I gulped and opened the door. Immediately cool air rushed out greeting me. Thank goodness! We walked in and set our stuff down and Mom Dad chatted it up with the lady. The lady turned to me and said why don't you go upstairs. Sarita should be there.

"OK." I headed up the stairs and said "Hello!" loud enough to get anyone's attention.

"Come here!" a voice came from the room at the end of the hall. I walked in and there was a tan girl with black hair and almond eyes. Her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing a lime green shirt and blue shorts. "Hey do you like horses?"


"Good here take these, you'll need them." She handed me three books and a key.

"What's the key for?"

"Can you move a bed?"

"Umm Yes?."

"Here." she scooted the bed over and reveled a trap door."That key fits in this hole to unlock it." She said pointing to a small keyhole. "Down there is a treasure that will help you. Well it's only a treasure if you like horses!"

"Sarita it's time to go."

"Coming Mom. She turned to me and said remember Mr. Sadderden's green wall. That's the key." She smiled and left.

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Secret Dream - Chapter 2

by Ponie

Chapter 2

I yawned and looked out to see the trees before remembering that there was no trees. This was Arizona. I figured I would explore today. I went down to the kitchen to take the dog out.

"Come on Jesse!" I yelled tiredly. We stepped outside. Wow it was warm already. In fact it was somewhat hot outside. At least I wasn't cold. Mom came in and sat down on the couch.
"What are you doing today?"

"I figured I would explore our new property."

"Ok Remember to bring water."

"I know Mom."

"Just making sure." As I waited on the dog I filled a bag with water and apples.

"Jesse!" I called again. "See ya Mom! I walked out the door and started across the desert. I wanted to try something that I thought looked like fun yesterday.

I walked to the base of the mountain. Slowly I surveyed the mountain before grabbing a rock and hauling my self up. Before you think I'm insane climbing a mountain I don't know of without rope let me say I have climbed before and that once you got on top of that rock you could get the rest of the way up easy.

I leaned down and grabbed my little yorkie. I know what your thinking. Who carries a tiny dog to the top of a big mountain.Truth is she can probably get the rest of the way up. Later I would leave her in the house to go climb a big tuff looking one but for now she was good. When heaving for breath we reached the peak I whistled and whispered to Jesse.

"What a great view." As I looked out above my new roaming land I saw something. A green wall.

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Secret Dream - Chapter 3

by Ponie

I skidded down the mountain and just jumped of the rock barely catching Jesse as she tried to follow me. I raced to the house. I could feel the blood rushing in my head and my throat getting dry. My head started pounding and my legs getting sore with sweat running down my face. When I got to the house I decided this.


I slipped up the stairs quietly. I didn't want to wake mom who was sleeping on the couch. She and dad had worked hard yesterday at moving in. I figured I needed to see whatever was in the trapdoor before I went to the green wall.

After I slid the bed over and had unlocked the trapdoor I grabbed a flashlight and headed down. It was dark but as I flashed the light around my eyes landed on the light-switch. I leaned over and flicked it. Luckily it worked and I looked in amazement at the contents of the store-room.

There were shelves with books on them. Terry Norris how to train horses, Beginners guide to horsemanship, Old horse-man tricks and tips, and so on. Then there were boxes in the center of the room. I opened one. Inside was an old western saddle with silver stars on it and a blue blanket with a howling wolf emblem on it. In another box was stable sheets halters reins and a bridle.

I opened another box. Inside was a bunch of books. Two stood out. Legend of the Secret, and a diary by Mr.Sadderden. I opened the diary up in the middle and started reading.

September 19 1950

I have decided I wont train the horses. I want to protect them from all the evils of the world. So I will ride Ranger and leave the other horses alone. NO! I'll make a wall so that no-one can get to the horses and the horse can't get out. And the door will be locked. The key will be kept in this storage room till I can think of a better place.

December 15 1950

I finished the wall but the horses have turned against me. They herd their foals away from and don't let me train them. I think they are not happy I built the wall. Don't they understand. I built it o protect them. Even Ramger won't let me ride them.

I didn't read any further. I grabbed the key from the back of they diary and the book Legend of the Secret. I locked the trapdoor and moved the bed back before leading Jesse in the house grabbing more water and racing outside. I hopped on my motor-bike and took off. As I made it to where the wall came into view I slowed down.

Finally upon arriving, I killed the motor and walked to the wall. It wasn't really green just covered in ivy. I doubt the horses where alive. It was over 50 years ago after all. I stuck the key in a lock I found and turned it. The sight I saw took my breath away.

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Secret Dream - Chapter 4

by Ponie

Herd of horses

Herd of horses

Chapter 4
The Black Mare

Hundreds of horses. Blue roans, bays, golden palominos, whites, and paints. Literally hundreds of horses. It took me a while to see past the horses and see the surrounding area. When you say Arizona I think dust,dust, and cactus. But this was special. Somehow a river flowed smoothly in the corner and tall grass blew with a small breeze. Bushes and trees where against one line.

Turning my attention back to the horses I saw one that stood out. It was a black mare with a white star on her forehead. She lifted her head and trotted towards me. She stopped a few feet away then turned and walked away. The other horses followed. I wanted to lung towards her. Wanted to hug her pet her. Heck I wanted to ride her. But I held myself back and set down. I opened a the book Legend of the Secret and began to read

"Horses have been around for ages upon ages. And humans have been training horses for more ages upon more ages. Some tell you horses are just animals. But I tell you horses are more. When I found Legend I discovered how amazing horses are. Legend opened doors and windows. Legend made me who I am. I found Legend in an old barn. He was abandoned and scared. It took about a week before he would let me come close enough to get him to safety. Legend definitely had his damage. But I knew that legend was special."

All the sudden I realized that I had been reading out loud and that somebody was standing behind me. I turned around slowly. The black mare stood behind me. She didn't run didn't come closer. I lifted my head and whispered "I think I want to call you Secret. Secret Dream. And I think I want to be your friend."

She tilted her head like she was thinking the she lifted a hoof and lifted it up and down like a person shaking hands. I smiled and slowly pressed my hand to her forehead. The mare trembled but didn't run away. I stood up slowly and walked to the gate. I stepped out and headed back across the dusty dessert towards home. The sun was going down and horses danced through my head.

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Secret Dream - Chapter 5

by Ponie

I slammed my head down on my desk. Ugh. I was sooo bored. Mom needed my help around the house and moving in. I hadn't gotten a chance to go out to the wall in ages. I hadn't even been able to climb that mountain again cause mom was afraid the ground would come loose with all the rain. At least we had went to the rock climbing gym this weekend but that was all.

I grabbed Legend of Secret again and opened it up. For the most part, it was kind of dull but some of it was okay.

Legend was pawing at the ground annoyed. I dismounted and crouched down. The ground was mushy and muddy kinda like snot. Legend shoved me with his nose. "Chill Legend." I said. I prodded the ground again and saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed it and looked closely.

It was a necklace. It was silver and had a charm shaped like a feather. Just like that one in the museum. I remember the plaque which said "This necklace belong to a thief named Marilla Cane. She and her sister Terrisa Cane were believed to have stolen a fortune. It is believed that their necklaces where used to open the door to their hideout but no one know where the second one is or where their hideout was.

Hmm. I doubt that legend from the book was true but if it keeps raining it might be something to check up on. For now though, I heard mom calling.

I'm sorry it took so long to get this done but I kinda forgot about this story.

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