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Nov 24, 2016
by: Peaches4527

Hope because it's a beautiful name. You can easily make a great show name out of it. Like Never Losing Hope, Everlasting Hope, or A New Hope. Personally, I really like A New Hope because I'm also a Star Wars fan. Hope this helped!

Jun 01, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I like the name Lilac ;D

Jan 15, 2016
Beautiful Horse!
by: Crazyhorselover

She's beautiful. I think you should name her Hope, it suits her because she looks like it's for her.

Oct 24, 2014
by: horselover14

I love the name Nelly. I think it just suits her but she is your horse. Decide what you want.

Aug 05, 2014
by: Dolly

How about Buttercup? :)

Jul 01, 2014
by: MiniTiger123

I think Hope would fit your horse just fine. One: She's a beautiful horse. Two: Hope is a name most horses do amazing things with their life. Three: I think she'll do amazing things in life. I hope you pick a name soon! :)


Jun 29, 2014
I think Breeze!!!
by: freedomrider101

I think you should name her Breeze because if a breeze had a visible form that would be her.

Jan 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

Wow! Lucy sounds great! But how did you get the money? I am trying to save up for horse. Got any tips?

Aug 13, 2013
Find a good one
by: Bandi

I always wait to name my horses because they seem to always tell me what they want to be called sooner or later. Like I had one at one time that didn't like her stall dirty at all and she made funny faces at me every morning . So I called her LAPEW. Hope that helps. But HOPE sounds good you can never run out of hope.

Aug 05, 2013
by: izzy

I also did sort of the same thing as you. I had no land, but i saved up a whole bunch of money. When i saved up about 2500, i went on craigslist and found a free horse, and he was perfect! I ended up boarding him at the rate of 150 a month, and kept earning money. I learned how to actually jump on him. Lol!

Aug 05, 2013
by: reina

What is her personality? You can possibly name her Jeopardy.

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