by Gracie
(New Zealand, Whangrei)

I would like to keep the kaimanawa in the habitat they have always been in now they want them all gone!! I started to love horses when i was on a horse called Misty when she bolted down the hill and i loved it so much i wanted to do it agian and agian!! Though i was only 5 at the time i was so sure i would get one when i grow up and i still think that!!

I have a family generation that all grew up with horses!My Mum and Aunty Sis love them so much they would get a horse if they could but we live in town and my aunt lives in town to so thats why.

The only stop in my family that stops everyone from liking horses is my brother who thought that a horse was chaseing him when he was holding an empty food bucket!! But he is so freaked out he won't go near one and he is older than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been to a training ring with horses or been on a trail ride!! I am going on my first ever horses trek with my Aunty Cath on her farm. She has 8 horses in N.Z. and they are all Kaimanawa's and are so beautiful i just love them soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

My Aunty Cath had a paint called Joey and was my first horse i rode through a rive and he almost had to swim!!
Joey died in July 2008 which made her start caring for kaimanawa's. She has bred 47 kaimanawa's altogther - 19 filly's and 28 colt's.

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