Riding Lesson - Chapter 2: Friends

by Sian

We walked over to the horse box that was parked semi-in of another barn we had that was almost empty.

"So, your name's Rhett, huh?" Link asked as we walked. Rhett nodded. "Tell us about yourself."

"Uh... Well, I'm 14 years old, live not too far from here with my dad. We have a farm, I would be riding there but my horse was the only one I trusted. My mom died a few years back, I never knew her all that well. I guess that's it really..." Rhett shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Ah, man. I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but what happened with your horse?" Link asked innocently. I already knew the answer to this question, and could feel the awkwardness in the air as Rhett explained again.

"Here we are," I announced when Link had once again said that he was sorry. We looked in the horse box from the slits in the side, and saw the beast. He was dapple gray and had a black mane and tail. He was amazing, so pretty.

"Do you want me to get him?" Rhett offered. "I mean - As I said, a lot of the horses at my dad's place are little devils so, you know, I'm good with this sort of thing," He informed us.

"Uh, sure... but be careful, kid," Conner explained, patting Rhett's shoulder. He walked around and unlocked the door, and Rhett slid in. The horse pushed right pass him, and out the door of the box. Link grabbed onto the horses lead rope that had become undone through the process.

"Uhm! Help!" Link shouted desperately as the horse reared and pulled. I grabbed onto the lead rope along with Rhett, who had now jumped out of the box and grabbed the end, and Connor, who was trying to hold him by the head collar.

"Put him in this stall," Conner instructed us as we fought with the horse. A few other ranch hands came and helped us get him into the stall, all of us unhurt.

Conner wiped his forehead free of sweat, "Rhett, mate, you did a really good job there," He grinned, receiving a small 'Thanks' from Rhett.

"I'm going into town later. Do you guys want some fast food or anything? Skye, your dad had to go out so we're not eating together like we usually do."

"Sure," Link and I agreed, "Rhett?" I looked over at him, to find him stood at the gate of another stall with our small Shetland pony, Ali, inside of it. "Rhett," I said a little louder. He whipped around with the most confused expression on his face.

"Huh? I'm sorry, I zoned out," He admitted shyly, a grin on his face. We all burst out laughing at him.

Later in the day, when the sun had set and there was an array of colors cascading over the sky, and we had eaten, we decided to go out for a ride.
Our horses cantered freely through the green fields, the wind whipping through my hair, Rhett and Link at my sides as we rode.

I was really starting to like Rhett. He was a sweet boy, and he and Link seemed to get on pretty well. I felt sorry for him, hearing about his mom. He didn't know her, though, so I guess it could have been worse. But a loss is a loss.

"Whoo hoo!" Link screamed as he over took us, and began to gallop. "I'll race you back!" He shouted over his shoulder. Rhett and I looked at each other with a smile, and followed Link's lead.

Soon enough we had raced back to the ranch, Link first, Rhett second and me last.

To end the night, we decided to watch a movie. "Come on, watch it! It's not that bad!" I exclaimed, on about a horror movie. It was quite bad to be honest, but I wouldn't tell them that.

"Skye, you know I hate horror movies!" Link complained, falling down onto the couch in his bedroom in his brothers small little living quarters.

"I'm not a big fan, neither," Rhett admitted, leaning against the couch's back.

"Augh, fine. You guys are whimps!" I laughed as I fished for another, child like, movie.

"Are not!"

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Riding Lesson - Chapter one: Rhett

by Sian

Photo credit: depaulus via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: depaulus via I'd Pin That

I walked along to my horses, Kapsians, stall, looking over the gate, and saw him standing there waiting for me. I smiled and unlocked the gate. "Hey, boy," I smiled, shutting it behind me and walking to him. I kissed him on his white stripe and running my hand down it. He nuzzled my hand once I reached his nose.

I smiled and laughed, "Well, someone's happy to see me!" I giggled.

He had already been fed by our stable hand, Jack, and groomed by the looks of it. I would have done it myself but I had to get another horse, Joker, ready for my dad, who was taking his mom, my grandma, out for a ride.

My dad owned the yard, and we lived here. So did Jack, and another stable hand, Ryan, with his little brother, Link. Link was a good kid, my age, and he was funny. He was also my best friend.
Because my dad owned the yard, I was able to teach lessons.

I had been riding as long as I can remember. My dad said when I was a baby, my mom would hold me and walk around the arena with me on her horse, Zanzibar. But...My mom left us. I was...Two, I think, when she left. I can't remember it happening, but that's what my dad told me, anyway.

I heard a car pull up. This was probably the person I was teaching. "I'll see you in a moment, boy," I explained to Kaspian as I left him, and his stall. I walked to the end of the barn.

The car was a pick-up truck, and out climbed a boy my age. He had blonde hair, and the brightest smile. God, he was...Amazing... No, no. Snap out of it.

He saw me looking and smiled, I waved and he walked over. "Oh, hey," he smiled, sticking out his hand. "I'm Rhett, you know, Brett without the B," He laughed.

"Haha, I'm Skye, nice to meet you," I shook his hand. He had blue eyes. He smiled.

"Nice name," Our hands parted ways, and I felt the blush burn my cheeks.

"So are you here for the lesson?" I asked him, signalling for him to follow me. I walked with him to Leo's, another horse here, stall.

"Yeah, who's teaching it?" He wondered, sticking his hand out to stroke Leo, who came forward and let Rhett's hand run down his face.

"I am," I laughed, "And this is Leo, you'll be riding him today. Have you rode before?" Rhett looked dazed for a moment, the colour drained from his face. "Are you okay?"

He took a deep breath and sighed. "I did...But I had a bad fall and didn't want to get back up. I just want to learn again, to have the confidence," He explained. I wondered for a moment, a bad fall? How bad could it have been to have him stop riding?

"Oh...Umm, okay...Well, we can get started, if you like?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence that had filled the air, even the horses went quiet.
"Okay, I think my dad's gone to talk to your dad?" He agreed, looking back at me. I shrugged.

"You go and get some books and a hat whilst I get Leo tacked up," I instructed, "Just through there," I pointed to a room just left of the last empty stall. He nodded and walked in there. I grabbed Leo's tack from the tack room and began to tack him up.

Leo was an old horse, he was a mountain pleasure horse, with a white stripe and white socks. He was chestnut, and has a light cream mane and tail.

"Okay," Rhett said, snapping me out of my thoughts. I had Leo all tacked up and ready to go.


"Yep," I smiled, "You?"

He nodded, and took a deep breath, "A lil' nervous,"

"Don't worry, Leo here won't hurt you. I've known him since I was...6?" I laughed.

And that is how I met Rhett.

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Dec 29, 2014
Riding Lesson Chapter II: Rearing
by: Sian

Rhett was now trotting fluently around the arena, rising and falling with every step of the horse. He looked amazing up there, so confident. Our dad's were watching from the fence around the arena, they both looked very proud.

"See! You're doing good!" I smiled as he circled the arena one more time. "Okay, you can stop now. Do you want to try cantering?" I asked, trying to encourage him. He looked so proud up there, I wanted, no needed, him to do more.

"Umm," He looked at his dad who was grinning, nodding and had his thumbs up. He laughed at his dad, "Sure,"

"Okay, you look good up there." I smiled, "Right, you know what to do, right?"

Rhett nodded, "Yeah...I think," He smiled before getting Leo into a trot.

It was going great, and he looked amazing, we even got him jumping over a small jump. "Woah!" I smiled as he cleared it. It wasn't much, but for someone who hasn't rode in a while, it was good.

"Good job!" I smiled. Leo started freaking out, I don't know why though.

I looked at Leo and ran over to him, but he was on his hind legs, Rhett was basically hugging him. I looked down near Leo's feet, and there was a snake slithering along the floor. Leo reared again, hitting the snake and killing it. "Oh my God!" Rhett said as he got his breath back.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I didn't see it and I should have warned you, and-" He cut me off.

"I'm fine, that was just...Wow..." A grin grew across his face.

"You didn't fall! The first time my horse reared, I was off straight away! Well done," I smiled. Our dad's ran over to us.

"Are you okay, Rhett?" Rhett's dad asked him. Rhett nodded, and explained he was fine, and it was 'actually kinda cool.'.

"Okay, well, I think it's best we start getting home now," Rhett's dad said. "We have to be at you cousin's for six,"

It was five o'clock, and my dad needed to go out with my grandma.

"Aw, dad, I don't wanna go. Can't I stay here for a while?" Rhett asked, jumping off of Leo.

"I could use some help with the horses, if you could come back later. Or you could pick him up tomorrow, we have a spare room," I shrugged, offering him to stay. Rhett's dad looked at me, then to my dad.

"Is that okay, Mr.Smith?" He asked, my dad nodded, and replied with a plain and simple 'sure.'

Soon enough we were left in the stable alone grooming Leo. I looked at Rhett, and one question bugged me each time. What happened with the fall?
I groomed Leo quickly and Jack helped us turn all the other horses out, and soon we were sat in the hay loft eating sweets. Now would be a great time to ask.

"Hey, uh, Rhett?" I asked, looking at him. He was looking down, but then looked at me. God he was gorgeous.

"Yeah?" He asked, smiling. I thought for a moment, how could I word this?

"You're fall..." I began to say..."What actually happened? How bad was it? Do you mind, you know, if you tell me?" Oh God, what if I've upset him or something?

"No, no it's fine. Well, I used to have this amazing horse. Her name is Kalie, and she was an appaloosa. I spent everyday with her, I loved her. One day we were out on a hack alone, and we were going over this...This...It was sort of a small hill, and we had never been over there before. And we started riding up this hill, and we got to the top, and we didn't realise how steep it was to go back down. So, anyway, we start to make our way down, I mean, what's the worst that could have happened? It was a cobblestone sort of path with loads of little rocks. And she tripped. She tripped and fell, and I fell off and rolled down this hill, knocking myself out.

I don't remember anything that happened then, but from what my dad said, Kalie fell too, and cut herself bad on the rocks, and ended up breaking her back from the fall. I broke my arm and have some pretty nasty scars on my leg from the rocks, but that's all. We had to put her down, and I hate myself for it," He sighed. Wow...I didn't think it would be that bad. I would die if Kaspian had to be put down...

"I'm...I'm so sorry," I patted his back. "It wasn't your fault though-"

"It was, I could have turned around and gone the other way, and that way she wouldn't be dead and I'd be happy. That's why I didn't go riding for a while..." He put his head down. "But I'm glad I've started again. Thank you."

"No problem," I smiled, Link came walking up the stairs, his black hair all over the place.

"Skye?" He called, not seeing us. I laughed.

"Right here," He turned around and saw Rhett,

"He's having lessons, and is also staying the night." I informed him. Link was used to my randomness.

"Oh, well, Conner's just got back from the auction, and he has a pretty feisty horse we need to take care of," He told us. Conner made sure we had all the food and stuff for the horses, and sometimes got us different horses, take today as an example.

I turned to Rhett, "Wanna help?" I asked. He nodded. "Great,"

Dec 29, 2014
really good start!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

You definitely made me want to read more!

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