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May 19, 2018
So Sad!!
by: Horses Rock This World!!!!!!

Don't worry, I know what you are going through. I had to put down my horse a couple of weeks ago and know my instructor is telling me to get back in the saddle and keep on going because I'm good at riding. I'm so sorry for you!

Aug 27, 2017
Aside from the part your horse got put down
by: Judy

This is mostly good things and I am happy that you got the horse you wanted.

Jul 11, 2017
well done!
by: foxfire :)

Well done for pulling through and starting a new chapter in life! I know when you lose an animal you love, it's hard. So well done!

P.S how do you do emojis?

Apr 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

That's so sad. 😭 I feel so bad.

Apr 21, 2016
So Sorry :(
by: Anonymous

OMG! I am so sorry! I would feel terrible if that happened to me. I am so sorry but I am so glad you found a new adorable horse! May you two be the BEST!

Apr 16, 2015
DearHotStuff and also to your rider
by: Athehorsegentler

Dear, Hotstuff May you rest in peace and run with the herd in heaven my you be a light to God in Heaven! And to your rider I pray that you will find the strength to carry on! May God be with you and bless you!

P.S. You need to let your new horse chose you!
Don't live in the past he is in a better place now.
And same for the other horses they are so Perfect!

Feb 10, 2015
So sad
by: Anonymous

That is the saddest thing ever happen, you cry a lot?

Jan 03, 2015
Hot Stuff
by: Sydney from

Hot Stuff sounds like he was an awesome horse. You must miss him so much!! Thanks for sharing your story and all the great pictures. (By the way, my trainer in Florida is from South Africa too!)

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