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I chose this name as my favorite because it's the name of my first pony.

Found a Name! 
I would like to give a big thank you to thecougar for helping me name my mustang orphan colt.

I like that name and it was a horse name in one of the books by Lauren Brooke.

I think this name fits a black or dark gray horse because their colors look like shadows...

I love the name because a horse named Star at my barn and her owner NEVER comes. Isn't that sad!! Me and my sister decided to bring her either a banana …

Well because it is from my fave TV program, The Saddle Club! Also I think it is a beautiful name for a buckskin gelding <3

Phoenix is my favorite horse name. It was the name of my first horse who already died.

Because I want a horse named that.

Blue Jeans and Takoda 
I really love the Hannah Montana movie and Miley's horse in the movie is named Blue Jeans, that's where I got the name and I just think its awesome!! and …

Because that's the movie of the horse

Because I love the saddle club and one of the horses is called Comanchie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name Needed! 
I need a horse name.. Note from Sydney: For ideas, you can check out the other submissions for horse names. Good luck!

I choose Sparrow as my fave horse name. The idea is from Captain Jack Sparrow off of Pirates of the Caribbean.

It's the horse name of my FAVORITE series!!

It's the name of a dragon in the movie Eragon and it's my name.

Lily, Luna, sirius, cassie, chance, bella 
The first three because they are from harry potter, the next two because I always loved those names and Bella because it's pretty and it's from twilight. …

Fynn Not rated yet
It was the name of my first horse and I luv him so much!

Max Not rated yet
It's my horse's name..

White Lightning Not rated yet
Cause I think that it could be a name for a white and black horses.

Roxy, Sabre, and Flight of Fancy Not rated yet
Roxy because I love that brand of clothing and I do dressage. Sabre because that's my fave hockey team! And, Flight of Fancy because when I see horses …

Junior Not rated yet
My fave horse name is Junior, cuz it's the name of my horse!

bulls eye , denny , flash , skeeter. Not rated yet
I love Denny because it is the buckskin horses name from the movie "The Man From Snowy River".

Hans Solo Not rated yet
It's cute if you like star wars!!

Shataca Not rated yet
I got it from the movie, the wild stallion and it means dark cloud at sundown. Pronounced SHA-TAR-KA

twilight Not rated yet
Because twilight is the best film ever and it suits my horse because hes piebald.

smokin joe fraiser  Not rated yet
Because he was named after a famous boxer! That's because when he was a baby he kicked my grandpa in the chin...

belle,prancer and starlight Not rated yet
Because thay are beautiful names and there are from saddle club