Pinto! by M.J. Evans

by Sydney

Pinto by M.J. Evans is a fascinating story about the Overland Westerners and the special horse named Pinto who was the only horse to make it through the entire trek with them. The book traces the Overland Westerners' amazing horseback trek that took them to all forty-eight state capitals from 1912 to 1915.

Based on a combination of journals and imagination the story does a good job of keeping the reader entertained while also giving them a glimpse into what life on this incredible journey entailed. It isn’t a difficult read but it does have some more mature themes such as death, alcoholism, etc. These aren’t discussed in depth in the book but it is good to know before reading.

This book has an average 5 star reviews. It also has an average 4.6 star reviews on Goodreads.

Reviewers mentioned how interesting the true story behind it is, as well as how well-written it is. I agree!

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