by Jamie
(Bucyrus, Kansas, US )

Phil is my fave horse name because Phil is the name of my fave horse!!!!

Phil is the first horse that I ever showed and I was also the very first person to ride him. He was green when he came to my barn and now he broke enough that only some of the best riders can ride him. He's been my best friend ever since I started riding him.

Besides, think of all the great show names that would work with Phil, I mean there is Philly Cheese Steak, there's Dr. Phil, Phillis, Philison, and a bunch of others, it's an all around great name.

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Feb 03, 2011
by: Jamie

My favorite horse's name is Phil as well! He is just the sweetest boy possible! And all of those names you named off are those of which we call him at the barn! His show name is Dr. Phil and I thought it was perfect for him because everyone knows that the real Dr. Phil helps people get better and feel better. This is absolutely true for my horse. He taught me everything I know and is the only horse that I have ever shown. He's is my best friend and always will be. Phil is a terrific name for a horse! :)

Sep 28, 2010
Awesome Name
by: Anonymous

In Greek, the name Philip means "friend of horses" or "horse lover". Great name choice for a horse. :) And it's just a great name, anyway! :D

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