by Bailey

I Love absolutely love horses every single horse i see or walk by I stop and talk to them my friend thinks in a feak! but I think she is because she thinks about boys I think about horses. I would do anything for any horse in the world!!! but when im with those beautiful animals I fill free!

See I use to have a horse of my own something very terrible happened to her,she lived at my house until my dad had to sell her. i hated him for that but the new house she moved to was clear by park city,she didnt like it there much because the other horses were mean to her. When I went to visit her I would just look in to her eyes and I could tell she wanted th come home I myself wanted her back home too!

One day those horses were being mean to her agen but this time they pushed it to far! and she ran into a bobbed wired fence and it killed her it killed my baby girl!!

I remember when I would sneek out of the house just to sing her her favorite lalabye '' hush a bye dont you cry go to sleep my little baby when you wake you will find all the pritty little ponys blake and paints,taplmen,greys all the pritty little ponys '' every time I would sing her that she would cry! but all I now is that she is with me rite now and I just want her to know that no other horse can replace her! I MISS YOU PEPPER!! WITH ALL MY HEART!!

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Shreya

Awwww. That story makes me cry! Just so you know.... Bailey, you are NOT a freak since you are a horse lover.... your friend is for liking boys! May Pepper Rest In Peace,

Aug 07, 2009
by: Bailey

hey kenzie ur really supportive i'm going to type another story about my horse i had before pepper!
love and always/ Bailey

Jul 04, 2009
That is so sad!!
by: Kenzie

That ia so sad!!! I would rather never have a horse than have that happen to her. I don't think that you are a freak for loving horses. I think your friend is a little off for thinking about boys. YUCK!!

Apr 30, 2009
by: Anonymous


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