Pepper and Me - Part 2

by Jenna

This is the final part hope you enjoy!

But then I remembered that Mr Gump from next door was racing his horses and had to get them in the stadium at 12:30 pm. It must have been him. I thought. So I jumped into my bed and snuggled under the doona with Pip curled up at my feet and fell asleep. When I woke up it was morning. I got dressed and tiptoed downstairs to the front door. I pulled on my boots and went outside.

I walked down to Pepper’s stable and looked in. She wasn’t there! I ran up to the house and into my mum and dads room. “Mum! Dad! Pepper’s gone!” “Honey calm down.” My dad said. “She’s probably gotten into the veggie patch or something.” I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “After breakfast we will go around the farm and see where she is ok?” “Ok.” I replied.

At breakfast I wasn’t really hungry but I forced down a piece of toast and a glass of apple juice. Then we went out searching for Pepper. Me and my dad rode on Blimey and Apollo the two other horses. We searched the whole farm but Pepper wasn’t anywhere. Then I remembered the weird noises I heard last night. I told my dad about them. “Pepper’s valuable isn’t she dad?” “Yes she is Haley,” said my dad. “With those weird noises and Pepper gone, there is only one solution which solves Pepper missing.” “What’s that?” I asked. “Pepper has been horse-napped!”

My eyes started to well up with tears. I tried to hold them back but they came out anyway. My dad hugged me. It was giving me a warm and safe feeling, but I still felt bad about Pepper. “If you want we can go to the horse markets to get you a new horse today,” he said. “Ok,” I said, sniffling. I felt bad about getting another horse because I could never find a horse as perfect as Pepper. I ran inside and up the stairs into my room.

I plopped on my bed and looked at a photo album of me and Pepper. I fell asleep with my face in the album. An hour later I woke up and my dad and I set off to the markets. Halfway there, I saw the same truck that I had seen the night before on the side of the road. “Dad!” I said. “Look! That’s the same truck I saw last night!” My dad stopped the car and we jumped out. We walked up to the truck and knocked on the window.

Nothing happened. I peered in. I saw the outline of a man sleeping. I banged on the window louder and the man jumped. He wound the window down and I looked in. I saw a man about 40 with wiry hair, a long beard, a big belly and a grubby face. “Hi”. He said. “My name is Bob”. He had bags under his eyes which made him look sleepy. “Hey”! I said, loudly. “You stole my horse”! The man looked frightened. “I didn’t”! He yelled back.

The keys to the float were on Bobs gear stick. I reached over and grabbed them. “Oi”! Bob yelled. “Give those back”! I ran to the back of the float, unlocked the trailer and looked in. “Pepper”! I was so happy tears of joy streamed down my face. I walked into the float and hugged Pepper’s neck. “I’m so glad I found you”! Just then my dad yelled out, “Haley we are going to report this man in to the police.”

I ran around to the truck and saw my dad hopping in the driver’s seat with Bob in the back tied up. My dad chuckled. “Glad there was a coil of rope here”! We drove to the police station with Bob. When we told the inspector our story his eyes opened wide. “We’ve been trying to catch this guy for ages! You won’t believe how many crimes he’s done! Thank you so much”! “Goodbye!” We said.

As we drove home that day I felt as if everything was perfect. And it was.

The End!

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Jul 28, 2016
Your story
by: Kayla

I absolutely love, love, love, love your story! Interesting and well written! Write more stories, please!

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