Are You Raising A HorseCrazy Girl?


I had no idea when my daughter took her first pony ride at the age of two that it was just the beginning.

She was smitten.

I also don't know where her love of horses came from. Neither of her parents have done much riding. But she is totally hooked. I love the fact that horseback riding is giving her great exercise, teaching her discipline, and has instilled responsibility in her. (More than once I've gotten butterflies when she jumped though!)

Parents of horsecrazy girls know exactly what I am talking about! It's non-stop talk about ponies and horses. If our daughters could move into the barn, they would.

In 2007, Sydney and I created this website together so we could create a safe and friendly place for her to find fun things to do online based on her love of all things equine. She was 9 at the time - and now she's 25!

She's still completely horsecrazy.

Safety First!

Since we started this site, Congress passed the Children's Online Privacy Act. More recently, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have never intentionally collected information from children and our site is 100% moderated.

However, in order to make sure we are completely compliant, this site is aimed at girls age 16 or older. If you have a horsecrazy girl of a younger age, you are welcome to use the site together or encourage her to return on her own when she is 16 years or older. 

If you find anything I've posted isn't something you would like your daughter to see, please let Sydney know. 

Please see our privacy policy for detailed information on our privacy practices.

Gerri (a barn mom)

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