One Last Run (Kindle Edition)

by Elizabeth Jade
(Wellington, Somerset, UK)

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Marquis is a racing stallion who dreams of freedom. One stormy night he finds himself starting on an incredible journey in which he will experience both joys and hardship. This story takes you inside the mind of Marquis himself and the other horses that he meets. It is an emotional and imaginative story. The author is 14 and has been in her local paper and on local radio. It's a fabulous read for all horse lovers.

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Nov 29, 2017
This looks so awesome!
by: Amy

This is really cool because I am 13 and I am working on a book currently and it's really inspiring to see someone has done this!!!

Aug 25, 2016
Horse Book
by: Devyn

I will definitely have to read this sometime. Is the author really 14? That is so cool and inspirational for me as I want to be a writer. :)

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