Once Upon a Time

by Izzy
(Ny, Catskill)

Part 1:

Once upon a time there was a princess. This princess was named Ava. Ava was 10 years old, had blue eyes, long strawberry blond hair, and was freckled. She had a beautiful horse named Hope. Hope was a Friesian mare. Hope and Ava went on trail rides every day at 1:00.

One day when they were on their favorite trail ride, “black thunder”, they traveled a little bit off the trail because they wanted to explore a little bit. They saw a tree. It was a bright, silverish tree. It was brighter than anything Ava had ever seen. Hope hadn’t ever seen such a bright tree, either. Not only was this tree bright, but it was pretty too. The flowers looked like diamonds shining in the bright sun. (It was a very hot day out, for it was 80 degrees. Ava always carried a big jug of water on these days.)
Ava hopped off Hope. Then she tied Hope to the tree. Ava knocked on the tree, the tree was hollow and felt… unusual. She knew that feeling from somewhere. Umm… Ava thought. Then a light went on! Bing!!! It was metal! Wait... a metal tree?!?!? That just is not right. How can a tree be metal?!?!?!?????

Ava did not know right this very second, but before she left she built a rock tower so she could find this spot the next time she went out with Hope. It was dinner time for Ava, so she hurried home. (4:00 was dinner time.) Ava could not believe it was already dinner time. It had already been 3 hours! Ava quickly mounted Hope and galloped off. When Ava got to the palace, maids took Hope and led her to the stable. One of the maids gave Hope a sugar cube.

Part 2:

Ava woke up in her princess bed, got changed (this time in her purple, silk riding clothes, which was still fancy but not the royal, pink, princess dress like last time. She wanted to be prepared) and brushed her teeth. She had talked to her mom and dad about going out. Her mom and dad said it was OK as long as their maid and servant, Charlotte and Liam, came with her. Ava agreed because Charlotte was a quiet, silent, dirty-blond haired, 11 years old girl (plus she had never told any secrets before, unless the king or queen asked but… oh never mind. Liam was not quiet, but he was a very loyal, sandy-haired 13 year old boy He had worked at the palace since he was 5. Ava ran to the stable. Liam was ahead of her, and Charlotte was behind her.

Charlotte picked Buttercup, the gentlest horse, which was a Paso Fino. Liam picked Flame, the fastest horse, which was a red chestnut, racehorse, thoroughbred. Ava of course picked Hope, her own horse. They went out (with Liam in front, Ava in the middle and Charlotte in the back) and soon found… well… what used to be a tower of rocks but was now a bunch of rocks scattered among the ground. Ava wondered how that could happen because she knew she had made a tall tower of rocks. but anyway, Ava, surprised, carried on.

Liam knocked on the tree, as brave as a knight. In response, the tree repelled a hiss!!! Not like a cat hiss, though, but more like a fire hiss. It wasn’t exactly a fire hiss, either, though. It was something entirely different. Ava and Liam looked at each other, quizzical. Now a metal tree that hisses?!?! This was getting more confusing!!!

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