My Wish Came True - Part 1

by Sara

Chapter 1- Riding Lesson

Sara nudged her palomino gelding, Rocky, into a trot, then canter. She rode him towards a simple jump, a stone wall. Rocky jumped over it easily, then jumped the rest of the course.

"A clear round for Sara and Rocky," the announcer boomed through the speakers.

"YES!!" Exclaimed Sara.

"Sara!" her mom called, then Sara snapped back to reality.

"Ughhh, what mom?!"

"C'mon, you'll be late for your lesson if you don't hurry!"

"Ok, I just have to put on my boots and then I'll be down, ok?"

"Ok, but hurry!" Sara shut off her computer where she had been playing Riding Club Championships, then went over to her bed and pulled on her western-style riding boots.

"Ok, Mom, I'm coming!" Said Sara as she ran down the stairs, grabbing her helmet on the way down.

"Let's go, slow poke" said Sara's mom. The ride to the stables was pretty quite, but Sara liked that. It gave her time to think about Wilson, a retired barrel racer, who was now a lesson horse at Red Pine Stables, where Sara rode.

"Ok, we are here," Sara's mom announced.

"YES!" Sara exclaimed, hen jumped out of the car, and ran to Wilson's outdoor pen. She clicked and he came over to greet her with a friendly nicker.

"Here boy, I got you a carrot." Wilson took it, and chomped on it for a minute before nickering at Sara again.

"Sara, I have told you a million times that we don't have conversations with our horses here." Said Janice, the lesson instructor, and owner of the stables.

"Sorry, Janice. It's just that I love horses, and sometimes it feels like they can understand me" Replied Sara.

"Oh, Sara, that's foolish, horses can't understand us. Now go tack up Wilson, he hasn't had a lesson today, so this will be a good chance for him to stretch his legs."

"Ok" Sara muttered.

"And stop giving my horses treats!" Janice snapped as she began to walk into the barn. Sara didn't like Janice that much, mostly because she was strict, and whipped her horses when they did something they weren't supposed to.

After her lesson Sara was so tired she felt like she was going to die. After she stretched, Sara took Wilson back to his stall, inside the barn this time, and she saw a for sale sign a description, and picture of Wilson on his stall door.

The description said *FOR SALE: WILSON, Cremello Quarter horse, 15.3 Hands High. Retired Barrel Racer, But is now a lesson horse. Very gentle and good with children. Would be a suitable horse for any rider at any level. Asking $300 dollars. Also Available for Trade. Reasonable offers will also be accepted. Thank You*

Sara was in complete shock. She put Wilson in his stall and then went out to the car where her mom and Janice were. "Hey, Janice, I have a question."

"Ok Sara, what is it?"

"Well, you know that for sale sign on Wilson's stall door?"


"Well..." Sara started, but then she saw her mother stare at her, so she stopped her sentence.

"Well, what?" asked Janice impatiently.

"N-Nothing, nevermind.." Sara replied as she got in the car, "Come on mom! lets go!"

"Ok, ok." Her mom replied.

On the way home, it was super quiet, quieter than usual. "Hey, Sara, what was all that about back at the stable?" Asked her mom.

"Nothing!" Sara shouted.

"Ok," her mom said, backing off. But it wasn't nothing. It was that she was going to ask Janice if she would take $250 dollars for Wilson, for that's how much Sara had saved up.


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May 13, 2012
by: annoymous

awesome story sara!

May 10, 2012
by: Abbi gabbi


May 02, 2012
Hi Sara
by: Unicorn

This is a great story. I really enjoyed seeing a "mean" riding instructor for a change, it's nice and original. I'm getting kinda bored of the ordinary instructors.
The daydream is also a good, effective opening, and I easily snapped back to reality alongside your main character - you quickly make it clear that it was a daydream and not reality. The lack of detail in the daydream also makes it "feel" much, much more like a dream instead of part of the story's action.
As a small suggestion, I think some slightly more interesting language - you don't need to add in buckets of detail and flowery description, that would actually detract from the story - but a well-placed comparison or a little description could liven up the prose a bit. Just for example: "Wilson's coat was the same color as the smoothest dark chocolate." (Not that he *has* to be liver chestnut - that's only an example of a comparison). Toss something like that in here and there if you like - it's your story, not mine!
Please please please keep writing! I absolutely can't wait to see how Janice reacts to Sara's asking for a discount on Wilson!

May 01, 2012
Thanks :)
by: Sara (Author)

Thanks Ranchgirl :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! and I know the title kind of gives the story away, and actually this story has real people in it :) like me, my mom, and Janice is my actual lesson instructor. Wilson is an actual retired barrel racer and is now a lesson horse. The stable is real to, LOL.

Apr 30, 2012
My Wish Came True
by: ranchgirl

I love your story and it's very exciting. I like the beginning. It's very unusual but in a good way. I just wanted to note that with that title it just kinda gives away the ending, but that doesn't make this a bad story I love and I hope you continue because this is one of the best horse stories on this website because you don't add detail into everything which would make it boring and have no action in it. I like how you make the lesson instructor mean and not all nice to the main character and that makes it more exciting. Overall I love this story so much and please the next part long. This story is very inspiring and it would definitely give me ideas for my story on this website called A Wonder Horse whick nobody reads. It would be great if somebody actually commented;). If you know what I mean. Anyway... Please post the next part and keep up the good work :)


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My Wish Came True - Part 2

by Sara

After Sara and her mom came home from Sara's riding lesson, she ran up stairs and slammed her bedroom door. She needed to think of a plan to get $50 dollars from her mom by next week.

"Okay," Sara thought. "I have $250 dollars, and need $50 dollars more so I can buy Wilson. And I need it by next week." She thought to herself again. Then the perfect idea hit her right smack in the forehead. "I got it, maybe I could say I'm going to the tack shop after my lesson because I want a new model horse." Sara thought again.

"Yes, it could work. My mom is quite gullible, so it could work easily." Sara thought. "Now, where to hide him.." Sara thought to herself. "Maybe I could clean up that old barn back in the woods," Sara thought. "With Brianna."

Brianna was Sara's BFF, and cousin. And they were super close. "Oh yeah, this is gonna work perfectly," she thought again. Sara then grabbed her cell phone off her bed side table, and dialed Brianna's phone number.

"Hey Bree, whats up?" Asked Sara through the phone.

"Nothing much, what about you?" Asked Brianna.

"Oh.. nothing" Said Sara in a weird voice.

"OMG, I know that voice, whats going on?" Asked Brianna both a little scared and worried.

"You know that cremello horse at the barn?" Sara asked.

"Yeah.. why?" Brianna replied.

"Well, Janice is going to sell him for $300 dollars, And I have $250 dollars, so I need $50 from my mom, and I'm gonna say that I'm going to the tack shop after my lesson next week to get a new model horse." Said Sara in that weird voice again.

"Yeah, and what does this have to do with me?" Asked Brianna.

"You're going to help me clean that old barn out." Sara said confidently.

"Sure! I can do that with you. When are we going to start?" Asked Brianna excitedly.

"Tomorrow after my mom goes to work." Sara replied.

"Awesome! I'll get my mom to drive me over to your house." Relied Brianna.

"Okay, see you tomorrow." Replied Sara.

"Bye." Said Brianna. They both hung up and then Sara realized what time it was. "Ehh, it's 10:00pm. Time to go to bed." Sara said.

***The Next Day***

Sara woke up and then ran down stairs to make some breakfast for her and Brianna. Sara's mom worked in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. And her mom had to get up at 4:30am in the morning to get ready for work, so Sara had plenty of time to clean out the barn, and possibly go and buy Wilson today, since she got her allowance (which was $50 dollars every two weeks) last night.

She was confused at first but then remembered that it had been 2 weeks since her last allowance payment. Then, right after Sara had made breakfast, Brianna knocked on the door.

"Mmmmm, smells good in here." Said Brianna.

"Thanks, I made my famous pancakes" Replied Sara. After they ate, they went into the woods and to the old, creepy looking barn.

"Umm, does this barn even have stalls?" Asked Brianna.

"Yep, it does. I've been in it before so I should know." Relied Sara.

"Okay, if you say so." Said Brianna a little scared.

They then opened the barn's doors and looked inside, a little dusty, but not much, which was surprising.

"Ok, lets go look around." said Sara excitedly. Sara and Brianna walked into a room with shelves and hooks.

"Must be the tack room." Said Sara.

"Yeah." Brianna agreed. "Look, over there. I think those are horse brushes."

"Yeah, let's go and see if there is a full set of brushes." Said Sara. Sure enough, there was a full set of brushes. A hard brush, soft brush, curry comb, sweat scraper, hoof pick, and a mane and tail comb.

"Awesome! There's a whole set of brushes here!" Said Sara. And then her and Brianna high-fived each other.

"Hey, look" Said Brianna, looking out of the tack room and to one of the stall nameplates. "It says Wilson." Said Brianna.

"OMG, it does!" said Sara. "Must be a coincidence." Sara added quickly.

"Yeah, must be" Said Brianna agreeingly. "Any way, lets put the brushes in this grooming kit box thingy."

After they both cleaned the inside of the barn, the barn looked much nicer and brighter than before.

"Let's go to the pasture and see if any of the rails are rotten or need replacing." Said Sara.

"Ok." Brianna agreed.

When they got outside, they quickly noticed that at least one of the rails needed replacing. "I got the wood, nails, and hammer." Said Brianna.

"Ok" Replied Sara. After they done that, Brianna checked the time on her iPod.

"Its 3:00pm, Sara" Said Brianna. "I'm tired, so we can get Wilson tomorrow." Sara replied.

"Ok." Said Brianna. They then headed back to the house and Brianna's mom was there to drive her home. Then Sara headed in the house for a nap.


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May 14, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

ok guys, thanks for all the comments and stuff, i'm sorry i haven't been around to make part 3 yet, but i'll try to type it sometime this week or next week. if i don't type it by next week, i will have it up the week after that, i promise! :D

May 13, 2012
Please write more!!
by: TheRider

Please write more!! Please write more!! Please write more!! Please write more!! Please write more!!

May 13, 2012
Hey sara
by: lucinda

wow this is a really good story. I wonder if it's not a coincidence that one of the stalls has Wilson on it... hmm..

May 11, 2012
by: Abbigabbi


May 10, 2012
Thanks Unicorn :)
by: Sara (Author)

ok, i may use the word 'replied' a lot, but it's a little bit of a habit, lol and thanks. :)))))

May 10, 2012
keep going
by: englishrider4life

this is one of the best on here, PLEASE continue. I love reading, and I love horses, so that makes the story even better.

May 10, 2012
Hi Sara
by: Unicorn

I LOVE this story! :) I like the mystery that's developing around Wilson and the old barn. It's intriguing and I can't wait to read more, plus you're pulling it off super well - nice and subtle. The plot is getting brilliant and the touch of detail you've added is great. My only suggestion would be to watch out for the word "replied" - you use it quite a lot. "Said" often works just fine. That said, your dialogue is effective; you're revealing Brianna's character well just through the way she speaks.
Please keep writing! I can't wait for the next installment!


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My Wish Came True - Part 3

by Sara

The next day, Sara woke up, stretched, and got dressed in her green t-shirt and worn out jeans. She then went down stairs and started making breakfast for her and Brianna. About 15 minutes later, Brianna knocked on the door and Sara let her in.

"Mmmm, smells good in here" said Brianna, a little dazed from the glorious smell in the kitchen.

"Thanks, I made eggs and bacon" Said Sara.

After they ate, Sara and Brianna started walking towqrds the stables. The stable was about a 20 minute walk from Sara's house, so they could easily walk Wilson back to Sara's house and to the barn in the woods.

"Hey, Janice, whats up?" asked Sara after they got to the barn.

"Oh, nothing much, just going to go feed the horses, why?"said Janice.

"Well.. umm.. I have a question" Said Sara. "Oh, ok, what is it?" asked Janice.

"Is Wilson still up for sale? And is he still 300 dollars?" Asked Sara."Yes, and yes" Said Janice.

"Can I buy him please?" asked Sara.

"Sure! I've been bugging people to get him off my back for a week now, and your the first one that offered to pay full price" Said Janice happily.

"Ahh.. ok then.. here's the money.." Said Sara quietly.

"Ok, I'll go get them for you" Said Janice. "Wait, 'them'?!" Asked Sara a little worried.

"Yes, Wilson and Star" Said Janice. "Your horse? Star?" Asked Sara. "Yes, I need to sell her along with Wilson because I found out that they can't be separated. Yesterday when a girl was going to buy him, and load him in the trailer, Star went crazy. She started bucking, galloping, and rearing around the pasture." said Janice.

"Oh, ok, I will be happy to take them both." Said Sara excitedly.

After Janice had left to go get Wilson and Star, Sara looked at Brianna in a mischievous way.

"What?" Asked Brianna, a little scared.

"Do you want Star to be your horse?" Asked Sara.

"Hell yeah!" Said Brianna excitedly.

"Ok, but I'll have to teach you to ride." Said Sara.

"Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing." Said Brianna.After Janice brought them out, Sara and Brianna jumped with joy.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, all of their tack comes with them, including the bridle, saddle, saddle pad, halter and lead rope." Said Janice.

"For both of them?" Asked Brianna. "Yup" Said Janice.

"Awesome sauce!" said Sara and Brianna at the same time. The words 'awesome sauce' was Sara and Brianna's version of 'totally awesome'.

"Ok, you can groom them and tack them up if you guys want to ride back to your place, Sara." Said Janice.

"You want to Brianna?" Asked Sara.

"Sure" Said Brianna. After they went in the barn and tacked up their horses, Sara and Brianna led their horses outside and mounted.

"Bye" Said Sara.

"Bye guys" Said Janice. Then, Sara and Brianna turned around and walked away on their horses.

"Hey, at least you got two horses for the price of one" Said Brianna jokingly.

"Yeah, but since you got your own horse now, you gotta help me muck out stalls" Said Sara. Brianna sighed.

"Hey, look that guy over there is totally looking at you" said Brianna, changing the subject.

"What? No he isn't" said Sara.

"Yeah he is, look" Said Brianna pointing across the street at a black haired boy and his friends. Surprisingly they were on horse back.

"So what if he is?" I asked.

"Ok, ok, point made" Said Brianna. After they got back to Sara's house, they dis mounted and loosened the girths on their saddles.

"Lets go to the barn and give these guys a good rub down." said Sara.

"Ok" said Brianna.

After they rubbed down the horses and out them in the pasture, they turned around to see the black haired boy sitting on his horse, and his friends behind him.

"Did you follow us?" asked Sara accusingly.

"Well.. kinda.. we never met girls that liked horse riding" Said the black haired boy. "Yeah.. all the other girls around here are girly girls, but not us, were tom boys." Said Sara.

"Oh yeah, by the way, my name is Jake, and this is Ian, Liam, Ryan, Isaac, Zack and Colton." Said Jake shyly.

"Cool, my name is Sara, and this is Brianna" said Sara.

"Cool names" Said Jake.

"Anyway, I have to go and get the feed ready for the horses." said Sara

"Oh, by the way, we never met and guys who liked horse riding either" Sara said. She then went in the barn with Brianna to start mixing the horses feed, and left Jake just standing there.

"Hey, you know that Jake guy is pretty cute, and I saw the way he looked at you" Said Brianna.

"I saw the way Ian looked at you" Said Sara.

"OK, point made..again" said Brianna quietly.

After they mixed the feed, they were going around the corner of the barn when Sara heard the boys talking about her.

"Stay back for a sec Brianna" Said Sara in a quiet voice.

"Why?" Said Brianna.

"Just because!" Sara hissed quietly.

"That Sara girl is kinda cute, i think i might like her.." Jake said to his friends, while he didn't know Sara was just around the corner of the barn.

"Yeah, Brianna is kinda cute too." Said Ian. Sara and Brianna then walked around the corner and the guys immediately stopped talking.

"Hey guys, you still here?" asked Sara.

"Ahh.. yeah.." Said Jake. The boys then turned around and walked the other way on their horses.

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Jun 19, 2012
part 5
by: Sara (Author)

Hey guys, just let you know, part 5 of 'My Wish Came True' is gonna be posted in a couple days, so look out for it!

May 25, 2012
Good story!
by: Kelsei

Your story is really good, but you need to watch out for a few errors. A few words were missing in some of the sentences. Your story is really great! Please post another one soon!:)

May 25, 2012
by: lucinda

this is a awesome story. i love stories that are horsey/kind of romantic at the same time. :D

May 24, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

ok, i know this part is a little bit lovey dovey, but i hope it's ok with u guys. :P

May 24, 2012
Hi Sara
by: Unicorn

Hey, nicely done! I didn't pick up a single "replied"! Those habits are desperately difficult to break (I have hundreds) and you've sure done it, girl. Well done! The dialogue here definitely felt stronger. Can't wait for the next part!


writer of El Cheapo parts 1-7

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My Wish Came True - Part 4

by Sara

***The Next Day***

Sara woke up, stretched, and got dressed in her black AC/DC shirt and blue jeans. She then went down stairs and made breakfast for her and Brianna. Once breakfast was done Sara called to Brianna.

"Brianna! Breakfast is ready!" Sara called.

"Ok! I'll be down in a sec, k?" Brianna called back. Once they ate breakfast and Brianna got dressed, they went out to feed the horses.

"Hey, Sara, aren't those Jake and Ian's horses?" said Brianna once they got to the barn.

"Umm, yeah, I think they are. They must be looking for us or something." said Sara.

"Yeah, let's go look for them." Brianna agreed.

"There you guys are! We've been looking everywhere for you!" said Jake.

"Umm, ok. Well, me and Brianna have to feed and groom the horses, if you guys wanna hang out around here you can." said Sara.

"Oh, that's already done. Me and Ian did that for you guys, and they are in the cross ties already tacked, so you guys can go and ride them now." said Jake.

"Thanks guys! You can ride with us if you want, me and Brianna decided, last night, that we are gonna go on a trail ride along the beach today, so if you wanna come you can if you want." said Sara.

"What do you think Ian, do you wanna go?" asked Jake.

"Hell yeah!" said Ian.

"Ok, lets go. Me and Brianna will warm up our horses while you guys tack yours up. k?" Said Sara as she and Brianna un-clipped their horses from the cross ties.

"Ok" said Jake. Once Jake and Ian tacked their horses up, they all went out the gate of Sara's house and started walking down the road. A motorcycle gang went by, and Jake's horse started rearing and then took off at a full speed gallop, and Jake fell off and landed on the concrete.

"Oh my god, Jake! Are you ok?" said Sara a little worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but.. my horse.. he's still galloping down the road." said Jake.

"Brianna, Ian, you guys help get Jake up and make sure nothings broken, I'll get his horse." said Sara. She then took her lasso out of her saddle bag and nudged Wilson into a full speed gallop.

Once Sara and Wilson caught up to Jake's horse, (Rocky) she twirled the lasso above her head, aimed it at Rocky, and the loop went right over his neck and Sara pulled it tight. Rocky immediately stopped galloping and stood there.

Sara clicked and Wilson and Rocky started walking towards where Brianna, Jake and Ian were. "Hey Jake, anything broken?" asked Sara.

"Nope, and thanks for getting my horse back" said Jake.

"No problem" said Sara. Jake then got back on his horse and they all started walking towards the beach again. The sound of hooves on pavement thundered down the street and people came to their doors or windows to see what all the noise was.

"People are looking at us" Jake said.

"So? Who cares if they are?" said Sara. Once they got to the beach, Rocky was getting all jumpy and started galloping after seagulls.

"Umm, Jake, whats your horse doing?" asked Sara with a puzzled look on her face.

"Whoa!" Said Jake. "He's a cutting horse, so he must thing the seagulls are mini cattle." said Jake hysterically.

"Cool! do you go to cutting shows with him?" asked Sara.

"Yep, me and Ian go together." Jake said.

"Awesome, Wilson is a retired barrel racer, but he's only 5 years old. So I think I'm gonna get him back in it" said Sara.

"Cool, when we get back to your place, I'll set up some barrels and I can time you to see how well you do." said Jake.

"Ok, its a deal" said Sara.

"Are you two love birds coming or not?" Ian asked.

"Ok, Ian, first of all, we are NOT love birds, and second of all, yes, we are coming" said Jake a little annoyed by his friend. After they got back to Sara's place, Jake set up some barrels and got a stop watch out.

"Ok Sara, you ready?" asked Jake.

"Yup, just lets me get Wilson ready to run, ok?" said Sara.

"Ok" said Jake. Sara let Wilson walk to the gate of the riding arena, and he immediately held his head high and pricked his ear forward, and wanted to start galloping towards them. But Sara wouldn't let him, she neck reined him around so his butt faced the barrels.

Wilson kept trying to turn around, but Sara wouldn't let him. She then whispered to Wilson "OK, boy, this is it, give it all you got, ok?"

Sara then let Wilson turn completely around and he took off at a full speed gallop. He made a tight turn around the first barrel, but he didn't knock it over. The same with the second, and third one. Then Wilson gave it his all, and ran back to where he started.

"Well? How'd we do?" asked Sara. Jake just he stood there with his mouth open.

"13.2 se-seconds.." Jake stammered.

"WOOOO!!!!!" Sara practically screamed. She then jumped down and hugged Wilson's neck, then went over and hugged Jake.
***Hoped you guys liked this part!! :D )

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Jun 16, 2012
by: kayla

I just started reading your book and I REALLY like it! Post another soon PLEASE!!!! I think it's awesome how there is a little romance! I am in a 4H group and there is this guy a year older than me and I have a crush on him, so I can relate to this story! Anyway, update soon, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Jun 15, 2012
Awesome story!
by: Horseluver4evernever

Cool story! I'm really lovin it! Just a tip: try not to start it out with 'the next day Sara woke up and got dressed in an ______ t shirt and blue jeans' other then that I LOVED your story!

Hey just noticed your name is Sara! Mines Sarah!

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My Wish Came True - Part 5

by Sara

***That same day (the same day in part 4)***

Jake hugged back, and after a few moments they pulled away from each other. "Great run," said Jake with a smile on his face.

"Thanks," said Sara.

"Well, I better go un-tack Wilson and put him in the pasture," Sara added.

"Ok, I'll help you." said Jake.

"Ok," said Sara.

After they put Wilson in the pasture, Sara and Jake sat on the fence watching all four horses run around.

"Wow, look at 'em run," said Jake.

"Yeah, I just hope my mom doesn't find out about them," said Sara. Then Sara's phone rang, and as she looked at it, she saw it was her mother.

"Oh no!" Sara exclaimed. "It's my mom!!" Sara added. Sara then answered her phone.

"Oh, hi mom, What's up?" Asked Sara.

"Oh, nothing much. I'm just calling to tell you that I'll be going to buy a whole new wardrobe because I'm going on a business trip for about 3 years, so your aunt Susie will be staying with you. Oh, and she LOVES horses too, just like you," said Sara's mom enthusiastically.

"Oh, okay. Is that all you need?" Asked Sara.

"Yes, oh, and your aunt will be arriving today. Around 7:00pm-ish." Said Sara's mom.

"Doesn't she live in Wyoming?" Asked Sara a little skeptical.

"Yes. She's been traveling for 3 days now." Said Sara's mom.

"Oh, okay. Bye mom, love you," Sara said.

"Bye sweetie. I love you too," Sara's mom said. Sara then hung up, and sighed with relief.

"What's wrong?" asked Jake with a puzzled look on his face.

"My Aunt Susie is gonna be coming here today, and my mom is going on a business trip for 3 years, and she's leaving tonight after she buys her new wardrobe." Said Sara with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Well, does your aunt like horses?" Asked Jake.

"Yeah. Loves 'em," said Sara blankly.

"Well that's good," said Jake.

Sara's phone beeped. It was a text from her mom. It said *Oh, and sweetie, your aunt will be bringing her son, he loves horses too. He's around your age and his name is Brandon. Bye X0X0X0." Sara then ran up to the hay loft and started crying.

"Whoa, what wrong, Sara?" Asked Jake as he climbed up the ladder.

"Oh, nothing.. just making sure the hay isn't.. moldy.." Said Sara.

"Oh, c'mon. You just got this shipment 5 days ago. It can't be moldy. Now, tell me, what's going on?" Asked Jake as he went over and sat beside Sara and put his arm over her shoulder and held her tight.

"Well, my aunt is coming and I'm, thrilled about that. But she's bringing her son." Said Sara with tear-filled eyes.

"Ok, what about her son?" asked Jake.

"He ALWAYS annoys me, throws things at me like pens, pencils, clipboards anything like that. And when I go for rides, he ALWAYS wants to come, even when I say I'm going alone, he's always RIGHT behind me, just following me EVERYWHERE." Said Sara as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

"I'll take care of that problem," said Jake as he wiped Sara's eyes and kissed her forehead. "It's gonna be ok, alright?" Jake added.

"Okay," Sara said as she hugged him and put her head on his shoulder. Jake hugged back and kissed Sara on her forehead again.

"C'mon, its 6:00. Your aunt and the 'un-mention-able' will be here in an hour," said Jake as he stood up and then helped Sara up.

"Ok, let's go tidy up the barn. I want to make it look nice when Aunt Susie comes," said Sara.

"Ok," agreed Jake. They then climbed down the ladder and looked for Brianna and Ian. "They must've went in the house." said Jake.

"Yeah. Looks like its just you and me," said

Sara. After Sara and Jake were done dusting the barn and putting stuff in the right places, it was 6:45pm.

"Let's go get the horses," said Sara.

"Ok," agreed Jake.

After they got Wilson, Star, Rocky and Moon, they put them in their stalls.

"Hey, why did Ian name his horse Moon anyway?" Sara asked.

"'Cause of the half moon shape on his forehead" Jake explained.

"Cool" said Sara.

"Hey, it's 7:05. They're gonna be here any minute. Let's go to the drive way and wait for them" Jake said.

"Ok." Sara agreed.

After they got to the drive way, they saw a big blue truck coming up the drive way.

"Must be Aunt Susie's truck. " Said Sara.

Aunt Susie then parked the car, and she and Brandon got out.

"Well look here! Is that my niece, or are you her little sister?!" Said Aunt Susie sarcastically.

"Hi Aunt Susie," said Sara a little creeped out by the way her aunt just greeted her.

"Oh, who's this? your boyfriend?" asked Aunt Susie with an eyebrow raised.

"What? No way! He's just a friend. Ian and Brianna are inside." said Sara.

"Is Ian your boyfriend?" Asked Brandon with a smirk on his face.

"No, I think Brianna already got that one covered," said Sara a little annoyed by Brandon.

"Well, come on Brandon. Let's go find our rooms," said Aunt Susie.

"Its the 4th room down on the right side, first floor. It's the only guest room we have right now. The one on the 2nd floor looks like someone hit it with a wreckin' ball," said Sara.

"Ok, lets Go Brandon" said Aunt Susie.

After they left to find the room, Sara sighed with relief.

"The other spare room on the second floor isn't that bad, is it?" asked Jake.

"No, I just didn't want them sleeping on the same floor as me. Oh, and the room up there is really beautiful. So that's where you and Ian will be sleeping." said Sara.

"Me and Ian?" asked Jake.

"Oh, I thought you guys might wanna stay here cause your horses are already settled in for the night" said Sara.

"Well, Ian probably will, and I would love to stay here the night," said Jake as he winked at Sara.

"Okay romeo, let's go inside for the night," said Sara. Jake snickered at the joke as he was led into the house by Sara.

"Let's go guys. We can play 'Truth or Dare' in my room," said Sara to Brianna and Ian.

"Ok" Brianna and Ian both said at the same time, then they both laughed. After they got up to Sara's bedroom, they were all sitting in a circle.

"Ok, Brianna, you go first. Pick somebody". said Sara.

"Umm, ok.. Jake. Truth or dare?" asked Brianna.

"Dare" said Jake.

"Ok, I dare you to kiss Sara." said Brianna hysterically.

"Ok" said Jake, and he then kissed Sara on her cheek.

"Ok Jake, your turn." said Brianna.

"Ok.. Umm.. Ian, I dare you to kiss Brianna" said Jake.

"Ok" said Ian and he then kissed Brianna on her cheek. After they finished playing Truth or Dare, they decided to watch a horror movie.

"Ok," said Sara "Our choices are Saw, Saw 2, or Friday the 13th."

"Saw 2" they all said and agreed on".

In the middle of the movie, there was a lot of blood, and screaming. Sara immediately latched onto Jake. At first Jake was surprised, but then smiled and put his arm around Sara and held her there for the rest of the movie. After the movie, Sara let go of Jake and Jake let go of Sara.

"Let's go to bed now guys" said Jake.

"Ok" they all agreed on that one.

It was well after 2:00am in the morning when Sara heard someone knocking lightly on the door. Sara then got up and went to the door to see who it was.

"Jake?" asked Sara in a sleepy voice. "What the hell do you want?" asked Sara again. "C'mon, get dressed.

"I want to go for a ride. "

"At 2 in the morning?" asked Sara.

"Yep" said Jake. After Sara got dressed and went down stairs, she saw Jake making a bowl of cereal for himself and her.

"Thanks" said Sara as Jake handed her a bowl of cereal.

"Welcome" said Jake. After they ate and goofed around by throwing lucky charms at each other, it was 3:00. And the sun was starting to come up.

"Oh, by the way, I told your aunt about where we keep our horses. She said it was ok with her, and she told Brandon, and he promised he wouldn't tell anyone" said Jake.

"Thanks, I owe you one" said Sara a little relieved that Jake told her aunt.

"Ok, I'll write a note so if we get back late, they'll know where we are" said Jake.

"Ok" said Sara. After they got to the barn, Sara got Wilson out, and Jake go Rocky out, and they started grooming and tacking up. After they got tacked up, they went to the riding arena. Sara and Jake got their horses going at a trot, then lope. Sara then went to the middle of the arena and halted Wilson.

"What are you doing?" asked Jake.

"I'm, gonna see if he knows the basics of reining" said Sara.

"Ok, I'll watch" said Jake. Sara then leaned forward a little bit, put her reins in one hand and put her arm down just so that her knuckles were brushing up against the end of Wilson's mane.

She then pulled her left leg out from the side of Wilson's stomach, and kicked lightly with her right heel. Wilson immediately started spinning in a circle.

Sara then stopped doing what she was doing, and Wilson stopped to.

"Good Boy" Sara crooned.

"Great job, Sara!" Jake said while he was clapping.

"Thanks!" said Sara. They both got down from their horses an hour later and untacked them and put them in their stalls.


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Jul 02, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

oh, and another thing jk442, Sara LOVES her cousin, they are like sisters, i think it kinda shows somewhere in part 1.

Jun 30, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

@ jk442, in my story, just to let you know, Sara secretly hates her mom, she just doesn't have the nerve to tell anyone, but I will be putting that in chapter 9 though.

Jun 26, 2012
by: jk442

I really like your story, but there's not much emotion going on! I mean, Sara and Jake and Brianna and Ian are all getting off, and Sara hates her cousin. Cool, but her mum just left on a business trip for three years, and... Nothing! I think you should put some sadness about her mum, you know, she misses her etc. Apart from that, I love your story so far, put part 6 out soon!

Jun 25, 2012
by: Horseluver4evernever

Awesome story! I'm really enjoying it ! Keep writing! PART 6!!!!!

Jun 21, 2012
part 5
by: Sara (Author)

hey guys. i thought i would make this part a little bit more romantic, just for you guys to see that sara (the main character is NOT me) and jake build a lot of their friendship (or will it turn out more like a relationship? hehehehe) just by being together. and i know it doesn't have a lot of horse stuff in this part, but next part it will, i PROMISE. :)

Jun 21, 2012
by: Kelsei

i love your story!

Jun 21, 2012
by: Katie

I like this story! Great job on it! I'm looking forward to part 6!

Jun 21, 2012
by: kayla

I am so glad that you got another chapter up! :D Continue writing please!!!!!!! I really like it!

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My Wish Came True - Part 6

by Sara

***That same day***

After Sara and Jake put the horses in their stalls, and they went back to the house it was 5:00. Once they got to the driveway, they saw a grey truck with a horse trailer hitched on the back, "Woah, boarders already?" Jake asked sarcastically.

"Nope, lets go talk to the driver" said Sara.

"Ok" Jake agreed. Once Sara got to the truck, Sara looked at him like "You have 10 seconds to explain why you're here" look.

"Excuse me sir, but exactly what are you doing here?" asked Sara with hands on her hips.

"Sara? Is that you?" asked the strange man.

"Umm, yeah. That's me, why?" asked Sara, a little creeped out.

"I'm your Uncle John!" said the man. "My uncle who?" asked Sara. "I've NEVER met you before in my LIFE!" Sara practically screamed.

"I'm your Uncle John, you've never met me before because I was away training horses while you and Brandon were growin' up," said Uncle John as he stepped out of the truck and went to the trailer and started unloading a chestnut horse.

"Oh, now your name rings a bell," said Sara.

"Aunt Susie talks about you sometimes" said Sara.

"Yeah, well, this is your Aunt's horse. Her name is Maggie. Want to come hold her while i get the other 2 out?" asked Uncle John.

"Sure! Jake, come on, lets go see these horses" said Sara enthusiastically.

"Ok" Jake agreed.

"Uncle John, this is my friend. His name is Jake." said Sara.

"Nice to meet you young man" said Uncle John.

"Nice to meet you too, Sir." said Jake, shaking Uncle John's hand.

"Please, call me John" said John.

"Ok" said Jake.

"Now, this here is Brandon's horse. His name is Scout, Jake do you want to hold him?" asked John.

"Yeah" said Jake, taking the blue lead rope, and then stroking the black and white paint gelding.

"And this is my horse. His name is Aztec" said John leading a beautiful dark bay horse out of the trailer.

"He's beautiful!" Sara exclaimed.

"Thanks little miss" said John.

"Ughhhh, don't call me that" said Sara.

"Ok" said John with his palms raised. Once they got to the barn, they put Aztec, Scout, and Maggie in the spare stalls.

"Nice barn" said John.

"Thanks. My mom doesn't know about it. Please don't tell her" Sara begged.

"I won't" John promised.

"Umm.. Sara? I have something to tell you.." said Jake nervously.

"Ok, what is it?" asked Sara a little cheerful, but concerned.

"Umm, Colton and Zack might move their horses in the barn.. and I told them they could put their horses in the spare stalls.. and this was before your aunt and uncle and Brandon showed up.. so.." Jake said looking down at his shoes.

"Don't feel bad. We all can help make new stalls at the back of the barn" said Sara. "But, tell them that they have to muck their own stalls out, and pay for their own feed" Sara added.

"Ok, I'll tell them" said Jake.

"Well, I gotta go see your Aunt. I'll be back later" said John. Once Uncle John had left, Jake looked at Sara with serious eyes.

"Sara" Jake said.

"Yeah?" said Sara.

"You know we have 3 more horses here, and you probably can't afford to keep them all here. Plus, you have to buy lumber, and you have 2 new horses coming in a few weeks to. We HAVE to do something to get extra money" said Jake seriously.

"Ok. We'll talk to the others when we get back, but first lets get these horses out to pasture" said Sara.

"ok" Jake agreed. After they got the horses out to pasture, they went to the house.

"Family meeting. NOW! Jake, Ian, you guys come to" said Sara once they got inside. After 5 minutes, they were all at the kitchen table.

"Look, we have 2 new horses coming in a week or two, and plus we have Aunt Susie's horse, Uncle John's horse, and Brandon's horse that just came today. We can't afford to keep all these horses at once, so we need an idea for saving money to help pay for the horses, and the lumber we need to make the new stalls. Any ideas or suggestions" said Sara, taking a big breath once she finished her speech.

"I make a wicked apple pie" said Aunt Susie. Sara wrote that down on a note pad."I could be a riding instructor" said John. Sara kept writing.

"How about we have a whole bake sale?" said Brianna.

"Ok. Aunt Susie makes ALOT of yummy things. People around here would love it!" said Sara as she wrote it down.

"Me and Ian could also be lesson instructors" said Jake.

"Ok.. any other volunteers for a lesson instructor?" said Sara.

"I'll do it when I'm not helping your aunt make stuff for bake sales" said Brianna.

"Ok, when its your turn to do a lesson and you can't, I'll fill your place" said Sara.

"Wait! We need a name for our stable" said Jake.

"Yeah" Sara agreed. They all thought for a second.

"How about 'Willow Brook Ranch'?" said Jake.

"Yeah!" they said together.

"Ok, Uncle John, Jake, Ian, you start making the sign out of a small piece of lumber out back. Brianna, Aunt Susie, let's go make some posters." said Sara. Once Sara, Brianna and Susie were done the posters, they admired them.

"Wow.. Willow Brook Ranch.." said Sara breathlessly.

The poster said:

******************Willow Brook Ranch****************

Western Riding Lessons.

Located on Common Street.

Call this number if you are interested:

We take riders from total beginners to advanced riders.***

********COMMENT PLEASE!!********

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Jul 03, 2012
by: kayla

Excited to read the next part! Glad you're still going on it!

Jul 02, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

I'm glad you guys liked it :) part 7 will be out soon, i just typed it the other day.

Jul 02, 2012
:) good
by: lucinda

this is a good story, well done! hope to see next part soon!

Jun 30, 2012
by: kayla

nice, nice!! XD I really liked this one! write another one soon PLEASE!!!!!! XD

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My Wish Came True - Part 7

by Sara

Once Sara, Brianna and Aunt Susie got over to where Jake, Ian and Uncle John were and they saw the stable sign, they were all breathless. The sign was beautiful. It had the stable's chosen colors, green and blue, on it, they words 'Willow Brook Ranch' written in beautiful writing across the top, and a picture of a reining horse on it as well.

"It looks SO awesome, guys!" said Sara.

"Totally" Brianna added.

"Thanks" Jake and Ian said together, and then the chuckled. "

Lets go ou and put the sign on the stand beside the driveway" said Sara.

"Ok" they all said at once.

After they got to the driveway and put the sign on its stand, they took a step back so they could all look at it.

"It looks great" said Sara.

"I know, but its more then great. Its.. perfect." said Brianna as everyone smiled, and they all put their arms around one another.

"Yeah, I agree Brianna. Its perfect. And the best part is, is that we're all one big family" said Sara, as she stared at the sign, and then to the others.

After a few moments Brianna broke the silence by saying, "Well, lets go inside and see if there are any messages on the phone for riding lessons".

"Ok" they all agreed.

After they got inside, they all crowded around the phone, and sure enough, there were 5 messages about Willow Brook Stables. The first two messages were about two little girls the age of 6, and they were total beginners. The second message was about a girl who was 10 yrs old, and was an intermediate rider. And the last two messages were about two 12 yr old boys, who were both advanced riders.

"Ok, I called all the parents back, and i set up times for the lessons. So, tomorrow there will be the two 6 yr olds, Sara and Jake, you are assigned to teach them. And the 10 yr old girl, and the two 12 yrs old boys will be coming the same day but will be riding separately. And Brianna, you are assigned to the 10yr old, and me and John will be working with the two 12yr olds." said Aunt Susie after she had called all the parents back.

"What about me?" Ian asked.

"Ian, you will be turning the horses out, mucking stalls, and cleaning tack tomorrow morning. After that you can have a 2 hour break, and then put the horses back in their stalls, and whatever horses didn't get ridden that day, you will be responsible to make sure they get ridden, ok?" said Aunt Susie stern, but calm at the same time.

"Ok" said Ian.

"Don't worry dude, it'll be fine" said Jake.

"Yeah, says they guys who is giving simple lesson with his crush tomorrow" said Ian.

"Ok! Dude! Gross! She's my friend, and ONLY my friend, ok?!!" Jake practically shouted.

After moments of silence, Brianna finally said, "Jake, calm the face, don't force the face, calm the face" Brianna managed to say, but then burst out laughing at the end, and everyone joined her.

"I'm gonna pee myself!!!" Ian said while he was still laughing and was on the ground, and everyone immediately stopped laughing, but 2 seconds later, they all started up again. Jake started to laugh too.

After the laughing fit they all had, Aunt Susie started making supper and the boys were playing Minecraft, and Sara and Brianna were watching them.

"Whats the point of this game?" asked Sara.

"Cause we like gettin' brain washed" said Brandon in a fake southern accent, which made them all laugh.

"Dude! That's racist!" said Jake sarcastically. After Aunt Susie finished making supper and they all ate, Uncle John and Aunt Susie said that they were going to their room to watch a movie, which was adult view only, so they all decided to experiment with the microwave.

"Ok, lets put marshmallows, cheese, and chocolate in first" said Jake.

"Ewwwww!" said Sara. Once they put it all in a bowl, they put it in the microwave and let it go until it exploded. "Here your goggles everyone" said Sara as she was handing out swimming goggles to everyone, just in case it exploded in their faces, which was most likely not to happen, but Sara wanted to be on the safe side. "3,2,1!!!" they all shouted, and the entire mixture of marshmallows, cheese and chocolate blew up right in the microwave.

"Whoa!" they all said. Once Jake took it out with oven mitts on his hands, which Sara made him wear, it smelled like someone died, and the body was left there for a month or so.

"Gurl, that's NASTY!" said Jake in a high-pitched squeaky voice, which made them all laugh.

"Ok, we should go to bed now. Me and Jake have to get up early tomorrow, because the 6yr olds are coming at like, 8:45am." said Sara while yawning.

"Yeah, we should" said Jake, agreeing with Sara.

"Well, you two can. But me and Brianna don't have to be down there until 10:30am, so I think we are gonna stay down here and blow things up." said Ian.

"Fine" said Jake. Sara and Jake then went upstairs and they went into their rooms to get changed into their pajamas. Once Jake was sure Sara had fallen asleep, he went downstairs to find Brianna, because he needed to ask her something.

"Hey, Brianna, come here for a minute" said Jake.

"Ok" said Brianna. "What is it? asked Brianna. "Well, i need to kow what Sara thinks of me." said Jake.

"Ok, well, Sara thinks your funny, cute, a total flirt, protective of your guy's friendship, and a good rider" said Brianna.

"Ok. Oh, and what does she look for in a guy?" asked Jake hurriedly.

"Well, she looks for someone who's funny, loves horses, and who will be protective of her, but not too much" said Brianna.

"Ok, thanks. That's all I needed to know" said Jake as he went back upstairs and fell asleep.

***The Next Day***

Sara's alarm clock went off at 6:30am, which was was a half hour earlier than any other person in the house got up. Sara then got dressed in a plain blue t-shirt with the stable name written in green, and her blue jeans, and riding boots. She then went downstairs and made eggs and bacon for all the others, including herself.

After Sara had made breakfast, and had started to eat hers, everyone else came down in either a green or blue t-shirt, jeans, and boots, like Sara.

"Eat" said Sara once they all got to the table.

"What is it?" said Jake, poking the eggs with his fork.

"Eggs and bacon" Sara said.

"Ok" said Jake taking a bite of his eggs. After they ate, they went to the stable, and it was about 8:00am.

"Ok everyone, lets get these horses fed and let out to the pasture" Aunt Susie said. "Looks like its gonna be a sun scorchin' skin burnin' day" said Brandon.

"Yep" said Jake. After they got all the horses fed, and put out to pasture, it was 8:30am.

"Let's take a 15 minute break" said Sara.

"Ok" said Jake as they turned to the corner of the barn that was shady and cool.

"Ughhh, it feels soooo nice on my burnt body!!" said Jake sarcastically. After the 15 minutes were up, Sara and Jake went out to the drive way just in time to see two cars pulling away and two little girls standing there with their brand new helmets.

"Hi! I'm Sara, and this is Jake, and we will be your lesson instructors for today" said Sara in a chirpy voice. "Now, what are your names?" Sara asked.

"I'm Leah" said a brown haired girl.

"I'm Alexis" said the other.

"Ok, now that we know each other, lets go get the horses" Sara said enthusiastically. "Yeah!" Leah and Alexis both screamed.

After they got to the stables, Sara gave Leah Wilson's blue halter and lead rope, and Jake gave Alexis Rocky's red halter and lead rope. The four then went to the gate of the pasture, and Wilson and Rocky trotted up, and sniffed the two new strangers.

Sara and Jake then helped the girls halter the horses and put them in the crossties. After the groomed and tacked the horses, the girls put on their helmets and walked the horses to the outside arena, and Sara lifted Leah up into the saddle, and Jake did the same, only with Alexis. They then both started leading the horses around the ring. Jake looked over at Sara and she smiled.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Leah asked suddenly.

"Oh, uhh, no. We are just friends" said Sara.

"It doesn't seem like he likes you as a friend. It looks like he *likes you, likes you*." said Leah.

"How do you even know all this?" said Sara.

"The internet" said Leah, like the answer should've been obvious. After they led the horses around the ring, Sara and Jake got two lung lines and hooked it to the horse's halters that were underneath the bridle.

"Leah, keep you heals down, head up." Sara instructed Leah, and she did as she was told.

"Heels down" Jake instructed Alexis, she also did as she was told. After a bit of lunging, Sara and Jake decided that the girls were ready to walk on the rail.

"Ok guys, you are in control of the horse now." said Jake. after they walked a lap around the arena, Sara and Jake decided it was time to teach them how to trot.

"Ok guys, bring it in. We are going to try trotting on the lunge line" Sara announced.

"Ok" they both said. Sara and Jake then got the lunge lines, clipped then on, and got the girls getting the horses at a trot. Head up, heels down" Sara and Jake instructed at the same time.

***To Be Continued***

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Sep 02, 2012
Amazing story :D
by: Lucinda

amazing story! 5 star rating well done!!! bravo bravo!! *stands up in seat and claps* on when you said that when they got up:

After Sara had made breakfast, and had started to eat hers, everyone else came down in either a green or blue t-shirt, jeans, and boots, like Sara.

it should have been:

After Sara had made breakfast, and had started to eat hers, everyone else came down in either a green or blue t-shirt, jeans and boots, like Sara.

Jul 22, 2012
:O sorry guys
by: Sara

hey guys, i'm really really sorry that i haven't been around to type part 7(continued) and part 8! i have a lot going on with the barn i ride at, and it's been tough. :P

Jul 16, 2012
by: Sara (Author)

Thanks guys! i will continue part 7, and put chapter 8 in with it, so it will look like this:

Chapter 7: continued

(a bunch of words)

chapter 8

(a bunch of words):D

Jul 15, 2012
So good:)
by: Kayla

YAY!!!!! another part?! I need to keep reading this! It's so good!

Jul 12, 2012
Part 8 please!!!!
by: Lexi

I love this story, please part 8!!

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My Wish Came True - Part 7 ***CONTINUED!***

by Sara


"Ok Guys, that's all for today!" Jake said as he helped Alexis and Leah down while Sara held the horses.

"Ok, take off your helmets and we'll take the horses over to the barn and un-tack them and out them back in the pasture." Sara said as she led the horses over to the barn with Jake Leah and Alexis beside her.

After the girls un-tacked the horses and put them in the pasture, their moms showed up to take them home.

"Bye guys! see you next week!" Jake said as he waved to them.

"Bye!" Sara said while also waving.

"Hey guys! how'd the lesson go?" Susie said as she came up behind them.

"Oh, it was amazing! Those guys catch on so quickly. We tried trotting with them and they were awesome!" Sara gushed on with a big smile on her face.

"That sounds awesome! want some more good news?" Susie asked.

"Yeah, what is it?" Sara asked.

"Well, we're going to build the spare stalls for Zack and Colton's horses, AND we are building a new barn beside the arena. Isn't that great? We can have more boarders, take horses in for training and everything!" Susie said with a big smile on her face.

"OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Sara asked.

"Yes, I'm serious. And we are getting 3 new round pens next week, and the new barn is going to be huge since we have so much land here. I think Uncle John said that it was going to be 20 stalls or something. He can't build it on his own so he's going to hire builders to build it. He phoned them an hour ago and they said it would take about a month to build since they were going to be up here all day every day." Susie said.

"OH MY GOD! THAT'S AWESOME!! A 20 stall barn? wow, that's huge!" Sara said as she hugged her aunt and then Jake. "Did you tell the others?"

"Yeah, they're all really happy" Susie said.

"Hey, we should all go on a victory ride!" Sara said.

"You guys can, me and John have to stay here because the lesson boys will be here in a half hour, Brianna and Ian can't because they are putting the doors on the spare stalls right now, so it'll just be you guys." Susie said as she walked away.

After all that talking it had been about a half hour.

"Well, looks like its just you and m,e" Jake said as he handed Sara Wilson's halter and lead rope and went inside the pasture and Sara followed him.

After they got tacked up, the went on the trail they found the other day. "You know, we only found this trail the other day, and we didn't really go on it. I wonder where it leads to?" Jake said.

"I don't know, but let's find out!" Sara said as she nudged Wilson into a lope, while Jake did the same.

Once they got to the end of the trail, it opened up to a beautiful meadow with a pond to the right.

"Wow.." said Sara, a little breathless.

"Its beautiful.." Jake said, they then sat in silence for a minute or two before Jake broke the silence by saying, "C'mon! I'll race you!"

"You're on!" Sara said as she nudged Wilson into a gallop while Jake did the same. They raced around the meadow at least 4 times before they decided to head back.

"That was by far the best ride I ever had!" Jake said with a smile on his face.

"Mine too!" Sara said as they both put the horses back in the pasture.

"Hey, are they starting construction already?" Jake asked.

"I guess. But where are they getting all this money from?" said Sara.

"I don't know, let's go ask them" Jake suggested.

"Okay." Sara agreed.

"Hey Aunt Susie, Uncle John, where are we getting this money to build all this stuff?" Sara asked.

"Well Sara, my father passed recently. He was a billionaire, that's why we lived on a big farm with horses. When he passed, he left all his money to me. But since he was retired, he got more money from my cousin, who was also a billion air. he was already one, so I really don't know why my cousin gave him money every year. But anyway, he's still paying the money every year and that's like 6 thousand dollars. So, we can spend this money on whatever we want." John said as he took a breath after his little speech.

"So.. we're billionaires?" Sara asked.

"Yes, we are. We could build 100 barns and buy 200 horses, and never run out of money to feed and take care of them. But if we do that we might end up on 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' so, I don't think we'll go that over board." John said as he chuckled a little.

Sara's phone then beeped, telling her she had a message from her mom. The text said 'Hi sweetie. I just landed in Europe where I'll be doing work. But I won't be here on business for 3 years, I'll be here 5 years. I'm sorry, but Aunt Susie and Brandon will be staying with you the whole time. Bye XOXOXOXO.'

Sara replied with a simple: 'Ok, bye mom. love you,' even though she didn't really mean the last part.

"Well, my mom isn't on business for 3 years, its 5 years now." Sara said bitterly.

"Ok, and John have to go and work with these guys, bye!" Susie said as her and John walked over to the two 12year olds.

"Hey Jake, can I tell you something?" Sara asked.

"Yeah, you can tell me anything" Jake said.

"Well.. I never really liked my mom. She was always on business. I always kinda hated her for that.." Sara said as she cried at the end.

"Aww, its ok. I never really liked my mom either. But.. what about your dad? Doesn't he look after you?" Jake asked.

Sara sniffled then said, "My dad was killed 12 years ago.."

"Oh Sara.. I'm sorry" Jake said as he hugged her. "Its not your fault.." Sara said through welled up eyes.

***I know I said I was going to make part 8 along with this part, but I really need to go to bed, its like midnight. I'm sorry :P***

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May 04, 2013
I love this!
by: Isabella

I LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE this! You should make every one a couple!!!

Feb 23, 2013
Sorry Guys :/
by: Sara (Author)

Sorry that i haven't been around to make part 8 yet guys. I've been SUPER busy with horses, liberty training, my boyfriend and my friends and some drama going on at school. I'll make part 8 REALLY SOON, I promise! :) :)

Sep 25, 2012
by: alessia

Come on, plz add more! Would love to read more of this story!

Sep 22, 2012
plz make more
by: Anonymous

your stories are the best, i rate them 1000*

Sep 03, 2012
heh heh
by: Lucinda

this story is heh heh.. awesome sauce! xD

Sep 02, 2012
part 8 o.o
by: Lucinda


Sep 01, 2012
Write more please
by: riachl

I love this story please write more.

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