**?My Life is Fulfilled With Horses :)?**

by Kimberly
(Cape Coral, Florida, USA)

This is BG Top Shelf. You can see his blue eye a little.

This is BG Top Shelf. You can see his blue eye a little.

When I was 4 or 5 years old I rode a pony at my cousin's party. From then on I knew that horses were what were going to make me the most happy.

My father had never told me that he had horses when he was a little boy till we went to a party and there were horses. We met this man with his daughter that owned Paso Finos and Andalusians. My dad started speaking to the man. His name is Ronald. I was shy and slowly I started speaking to the girl. Her name is Michelle. I watched her ride her mare, Macarena. Macarena was a gorgeous sight. She was dapple gray with a short mane, but long tail.

She looked like she had never given birth to a horse, but she had. She had given birth to a filly. A purebred Andalusian. Ronald's horse was Consentido. He had a black coat that shined. He had a very long mane and thick neck. He knew Piaffe and he would rear up when asked. He was beautiful.

My father got Ronald's number and we started hanging out with Michelle and Ronald. Then Ronald decided to sell Macarena's purebred filly to my father for $2,000.00. Did I mention how expensive these horses can be? Andalusians are all the way from Spain and are rare to find. There prices can range as high as $100,000 or whatever amount people think these horses are worth.

Well we bought the filly and brought her down to a farm next door to the stables where I took riding lessons. The filly was a dark cherry bay with a thick black mane.She was 1 1/2 years old when we first got her, but she is now 3 years old. My father decided to name her Princesa, which means princess in spanish. I thought it suited her perfectly. She looked like a princess.

She was my first horse ever. She was born in August, 2007. One time I got so frightened of her because she tried to trample me when I was walking her, but my father stopped her in time. Now, she listens to your every command. My father and I have taught her to rear up when asked, to do paso (raise one foot out as high as possible), and to do Piaffe (dance in place).

She is a great mare and we are currently having great process with breaking her. Then Ronald told us of a horse a man was selling for $500.00! That was very cheap for a horse. So, we told Ronald we would go see him. When we went to go see the horse he was all dirty and he looked kind of wild, but I asked my dad if I could get on him bareback and the man allowed it and he pulled me around.

This horse was perfect. He had a great gait and everything. He had three legs with white stockings. He is now 16 years old, but still has the energy of a 3 year old. He is an excellent equestrian horse and he loves kids. He can do anything any other breed of horse can. He is a Quarter horse and is a little brighter than chestnut but darker than palomino. He loves to roll in the dirt when you let him out to a pasture. He used to be a race horse, so he is really fast. He also has a special birth mark that is in the size of a 8 on his right butt cheek. We decided to name him Yuyo after a huge horse my father had when he was little.

The next horse is in Nicaragua and I am going to visit her in 3 days! Her name is Angel. My uncle takes care of her because we live all the way in the USA. She is a light gray with little dots. She has no specific breed because her parents where both mutts. The last time I rode her was 2 years ago, but my uncle always rides her, so she can get some exercise.

She is a great mare and has a nice gait. She gave birth to a colt named Mestiso like 3 years ago. He is black and is already taller than his mother. They are currently training him over there because he is like wild. He is also over in Nicaragua. He has a little sister, too.

This little one came out of nowhere because my uncle had told us my mare was very fat till one day he called and told us that she wasn't fat, she was pregnant. She had given birth to a filly.

The filly currently doesn't have a name because she's the new one of the crew.She is over in Nicaragua and I don't know what she looks like because we haven't gotten any pics, but I'm going to see her July 9th.

This next horse is my fathers. He doesn't have a name either because my father doesn't have a creative mind like I do. He is a stallion and is brown. He is almost finished with training as well. He is also in Nicaragua.

Next horse's name is B.G Top Shelf. He is a paint stallion. He has a special eye. His right eye is baby blue and his left is brown. He can still see through it though. There just different colors. He is brown and white. He is registered in APHA. He is up for stud for $500.00. If interested in that he is posted up for stud in Horsetopia.com. Just search State:Florida, Breed: Paint, Price: 500 to whatever amount you want, and posted anytime, and click on the box just for stud. You will find him at the top of the page.He is a great horse and very spirited.

This is the last horse. His name is Nicoya. He is 7 years old. We think he may have been abuse before we got him because he is all jitterish around people. I am gaining his trust day by day. We got him 2 to 3 weeks ago. He loves apple treats and he likes it when I scratch behind his ears and call him by his name. He follows me around.

Yes, I own 8 horses and it is a little difficult to keep up, but that's the fun part about it! I have been around horses for almost five years now. They are intelligent and graceful creatures. They may hurt you at times, but maybe on accident or just for pure curiosity.

Just remember they may be tame, but they can act like animals whenever. They like having leaders. You are supposed to be that leader. The horse or pony isn't supposed to be you're boss. You have to always be alert when you're around them. You gain that leadership by showing them who's boss and always paying attention to whatever you're doing. Every step these animals make are graceful. They can be cute and funny, too.

It's also interesting watching them run free when you let them loose into a pasture. I always give my horses kisses. There like family to me. I love them. When you give a horse you're heart they give you their soul in return and you should take care of that soul like it's you're life, like you're everything. I love these beautiful animals. I will yell it out to the world if I can.

I LOVE THESE GRACEFUL CREATURES CALLED HORSES!!! I really do love horses. If you want tips on you're horses or any questions just leave a comment. I would be glad to answer you're questions! Thank you for reading! Give you're horse a kiss today they will appreciate it.?????????

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