Moonshadow - Part 1

by Amber

star (black) and dusty (brown)

star (black) and dusty (brown)

Okay, this is my first story and I think it will turn out good but comment if you want part 2.

It was a dark, misty night. Moon was so afraid, alone, cold, and wet. A storm was brewing in the distance and her mother couldn't protect her now. She was on her own. All alone.

She trotted up the hill in hope of finding a shelter. That's when she heard a noise from the forest behind her. She whirled around with a whinny,pawing the air with her hooves, trying to look as ferocious as possible.When she looked it was a young stallion, only around five years old, like her.He was brown with a black mane and tail.

"Who's there??" Moon called. She had learned not to trust anyone. Especially not strangers.

"My name's Magic. Who are you?" replied the stallion.

"I'm Moonshadow, or moon for short." She answered.

"Where's the rest of your herd? Don't you have shelter?" Magic asked.

"Where's yours? And I don't need a shelter." Moon said with acid in her voice.

"My herd is in the forest, but if you don't want to get out of the rain... Fine with me." Magic said.

He turned around and started to walk back into the forest. Moon contemplated trusting him for a second. If she trusted him and he led her to shelter, she'd be safe. If he led her into a mess... She could out run most anyone.

"Wait!" She called as the rain started to fall on her sleek black fur, "I'll go with you."

"Only if you can keep up," he said. Little did he know that she had outrun wolves without breaking a sweat. He took off through the forest, thinking that he left Moon in the dust. To his huge surprise she came up on his left with ease. Hoping to win the race he kicked into high gear, pushing ahead of her at full speed, following the path he knew so well. But she kept up with ease. On the turn by the river she pushed ahead, not even working hard and turned the corner like a champion.

Then she slowed and let Magic catch up. He knew the way to his herd not her. He slowed to a trot and rounded another corner as it open up into a giant cavern. In the cavern was a medium-sized herd with around seven horses in it.

"You're pretty fast," he commented on his way in.

"Okay, this is Moonshadow y'all. She's gonna be staying with us for a while." He said to the herd. Moon hesitated at the edge of the cave. Magic came over with an encouraging smile.

"I can't do this magic. I... I just can't." Moon said as she started to turn. He trotted to her and nudged her on in the direction of the cave. Unwillingly she walked in to meet the herd...

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Moonshadow - Part 2

by Amber



Thanks for your comments, and yes this story will be long.

Magic took Moon to meet the rest of the herd. Star, Dusty, Sunny, Ariel, Lacy, Flash, Pharaoh. She was very tense from the whole "herd" feeling. Moon hadn't been with another horse since she was sixteen months old, with the exception of her mother. And her mom had left her here all alone. Once again Magic saved the day. He felt how out of it she seemed and pulled her away from the others.

"Thanks," Moon said not bothering to hide the relief in her voice,"I was feeling a little suffocated."

"How long has it been since you've had a decent meal? You look starved." he noted.
" Ummm, about a week." Moon replied with a small laugh.

She walked over to a corner that seemed well isolated and scooted a little straw over to lay on. "I'm so tired, and I'm wet. that seems to be just my luck." Moon said in a yawn. Magic came to lay next to her.

"After this storm blows over we'll get you fed." Magic said as a large palomino walked up. His coat was obviously well-cared for. This had to be Sunny.

"Hey I'm gonna borrow Magic for a minute." Sunny said as Magic grudgingly got up to follow. He and Sunny walked to the edge of the cave,but Magic gave her a "help me" look on the way. Moon was about to pass out from exhaustion, so she decided to give in.

"OMG, where did you find HER? She's like hot doode!" Sunny couldn't believe that she had willingly come with Magic.

"You know that hill where Jackson's territory starts? Ya she was up there, looking for shelter,"Magic said,"I asked you to come, but you said no. Oh and you know how you always beat me in races?"

"Ya. Why?" Sunny asked puzzled.
"Because I found someone who can beat you," Magic gloated.

"OK well, now here's the reason I needed to talk to you," Sunny said, "Who gets dating rights?"

"I'm gonna let her choose on that one." Magic replied simply as he turned and headed to lay down next to the sleeping Moon.

"I'm not too sure about this new filly," Dusty said," I don't think that son of ours Knows what exactly he's gotten himself into."

"Well, he's grown up a lot. He needs to make his own decisions." Star reasoned. She kind of liked the girl, she reminded her of herself. An orphan.

"She's rather shady though. That's the kind of horse that would save her own skin rather than save another." Dusty argued," I'm gonna run her out of here before he gets burned."

"Wait Dusty, at least let her stay the night and see if she would be a threat to him." Star bagged," Just give her a chance. Please?"

"Fine I'll give a chance," Dusty said grumpily.

As the night carried on the storm lightened up into a drizzle and then stopped. The sun rose above the horizon to reveal a green world with a soft mist over the plants. The horses arose to graze. The youngest were out fist, including Moon,Magic, and Sunny. Magic led Moon to the apple trees, for a real breakfast. The apples were so big and succulent that she almost lost it.

After breakfast Sunny caught up to them and they raced. The trail was harsh and somewhat muddy. Magic dropped the leaf and Moon and Sunny were off. The trail led through the forest. On the first turn, Moon had Sunny eating her dust. Over a fallen tree, round a corner, and up a hill, and circle back around in first place with Sunny trailing. The two were having a laugh fest while sunny made it in second place.

After the brief race they became more serious. And right as Magic was about to ask something, Moon's ears went down and she said, "guys, I think we've got a problem."

The Guys looked to find a large billowing stream of smoke coming from a nearby mountain. Just like when Moon was a foal...

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