by Izzy H.
(New York, NY)

Moonbeam: a horse story

Moonbeam: a horse story

Zara looked around nervously. As she ran, the cold branches reached towards her. The icy winds whipped her. She pulled her tattered coat around her. Hoofbeats sounded.

“Over here!” a gruff voice yelled.

Zara gave her silver steed a nudge. “Please Moonbeam, just a little more!” The dappled stallion responded. With an unbelievable burst of speed, the horse stretched his legs and neck. His muscles rippled beneath his smooth, glossy coat which was slick with sweat.

Zara’s pursuers' hooves faded away, and Zara let out a 'woop'. She tried to slow the stallion down to a walk, but the beautiful horse didn’t want to. After a bit of tugging on his silver mane by Zara, he slowed down. First to a canter, then to a trot, and finally to a walk. His heavy breathing slowed to a gentle snort.

Zara dismounted from Moonbeam and led him to a tree. The magnificent stallion shuddered and sneezed.

“Moonbeam!” Zara cried as white, lathery foam flew out from his mouth and landed on her coat. Zara’s coat was a dirty brown with holes and tatters. Her shoes were barely holding on and the soles were gone. The weary duo plodded forward.

If only Ma and Dad were here. The girl fought back tears that threatened to spill over. The last memory Zara had of them was 8 years ago, when she was 4 years old. Her mind drifted away…

“Zara, come here,” her Dad’s steady voice reached her ears.

Zara walked over to her Dad’s faded lap. Everything was blurry, but warm and cozy. Her Ma was cooking dinner in the kitchen and warm scents drifted across the house.

“I want you to have something,” her Dad said. “This is a locket, a necklace. It is very special. Wear it at all times.”

Little 4-year-old Zara fingered the golden locket that her Dad held to her. It was pretty, with a simple chain and little heart. Zara’s Dad took it once more. “You open it like this…” He demonstrated opening it. The locket clicked and it opened. A picture of her mom, dad, and her sitting on their lap.

Zara took the locket from her neck. She fingered it for a moment and then opened it. With a click, the old locket opened.

The picture of her and her parents was still there. Zara sighed. Moonbeam snorted and steadily walked on. As the stallion rocked back and forth, her eyes began to droop.

“Oh no!” Zara shot up, so quickly sitting up that MoonBeam snorted.

“Sorry, Buddy,” Zara whispered as she slipped off the horse. Suddenly, harsh lights blinded her. Zara squinted and then blinked. There were vendors, lights, and colors. It was a huge fair, the first Zara had ever seen. A short, big man with a long gray beard talked on a huge stage.

“Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, come to the WONDERFUL circus! For $10 per adult, and kids under 9 go free, you can see the wonders of this wonderful wonder circus! ($5 for kids 10-18).”

Yup, the man was a fast-talking businessman. There were a ton of other places and smells. Zara unfolded a dirty $10 bill. It was her life savings. What can I buy? Zara wondered. Her stomach growled. She was starving. It had been since last lunch yesterday, a mere gruel. She led Moonbeam to a tree and tied him up.

Suddenly, a jolly man, short and fat, came over. “LULU! We have been looking all over for you! The Queen is very upset. Ralph?” He said with a slight British accent.

A tall, broad-shouldered man with a gruff, red, tangled beard came over. “Escort her to the carriage. We must take her to the Queen IMMEDIATELY!”

“Yes, sir,” Ralph said in a heavy Scottish accent. He showed her his arm. Zara stared at it. What does he want me to do with his arm? Being an orphan, Zara knew nothing about manners.

Ralph gave a laugh, his big shoulders shaking. “So, you want to do our little special move? You're getting a wee bit big for that! Okie-doke, up you go!” He easily swung her up to his shoulders. From up there, she could see the whole circus. Zara was so shocked, she couldn’t speak.

Who is Lulu? Is she a thief? Why is the QUEEN worried about her? And why do they think it is me?? The thoughts circled around her, crouching like a panther ready to pounce.

They soon came to a fancy carriage. Gray-white horses pulled it, matching in color and height. They had broad shoulders and chests, with powerful legs and high-bred heads.

The sight of the horses reminded Zara of MoonBeam. “My horse!” She cried out, in a daze.

“D’nt worry, missy” The burly man, Ralph, said. “I’s got ‘im right ‘ere.” Zara let a sigh of relief… and fainted.

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Feb 24, 2024
Moon Beam
by: Anonymous

So exiting keep writing pleeeeeeeeeease!

Oct 27, 2023
Keep writing
by: Sydney from

Definitely want to hear what happens next!

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