Midnight Magic: Be Careful What You Wish For!

by Sydney

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I am reading this book now.

It’s about a fourteen year old girl Mattie who loves horses and encounters a magical painting of a black stallion. It weaves in the story of Justin Morgan had a horse. It’s a fun story with some fantasy, history, and mystery thrown in.

I would say it’s probably meant for mid-level readers. It’s not too difficult and the topic is fine for all ages. The author (Nancy DiFabbio) says she wrote it so it would be fine for everyone of all ages. It’s also won some important awards: The Editor’s Choice and Rising Star awards.

I think you’ll enjoy it like I did.

From Amazon:

Fourteen-year-old Mattie is obsessed with horses. Thrilled to discover a primitive painting of a beautiful black horse hidden in the attic of her grandmother's home, it is not long before Mattie realizes the image of the painted horse seems to be coming to life.

This is no ordinary work of art-this is a painting with a fascinating history that Mattie is about to unearth. One moonlit night, Mattie leaves the safety of her grandmother's home and ventures deep into the surrounding forest where she meets a wild horse who bears an uncanny resemblance to the one in her painting.

Mattie and her mystery horse form a bond that she instinctively knows she cannot reveal to anyone. The mysterious spirit who inhabits the painting seems to gain strength as Mattie's bond with the wild horse deepens. But Mattie is uneasy as she wonders-and fears-if the two are somehow connected.

Mattie soon realizes she should have heeded her grandmother's warnings to be careful what she wishes for in life-for it is one thing to hope her painted horse is real and quite another to discover he might be.

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