Me and My Horse

by Gabby

Ok well my names Gabby. Im 14 and I've been riding for about five or six years now. I ride western and a little bit of english. I showed my at my first horse show in 07 with a beautiful paint named Clay. He taught me everything there is to know about a horse. It sounds crazy because hes just a horse but horses are quite amazing.

For the longest time i was riding everyone else's horse until a couple months ago when there were two horses down the street from me and there owner was neglecting them.

They weren't getting fed, bathed,groomed or getting the love and attention they needed so me and a couple friends rescued them and now the baby lives in a beautiful home with two other horses and the mare is now my horse and we are working on putting her back to good health and eventually this summer i want to start barrels and pole. But her name is Lena and she is a beautiful 16 hand liver color mare and is thankful for everything she now has. This is why i am horse crazy. Horses are my life i don't know what id do with out them.

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