Me and Dibber's Story - Part 1

by Morgan

"I like that one," Dad said, pointing to a flashy Arabian mare who was obviously very distressed. "A true beaut," I sighed and pulled him along.

"Dad, a horse doesn't have to be pretty to be good," I reasoned.

"Sienna, I don't know a thing about horses, do I? Apart from they're very expensive," he replied.
"Horses can be superstars even if they're not Olympic standard," I said, walking to isle 1.
"How about you pick, I check after. I'm going to find your Mother," he said, walking off.

I smiled and carried on walking down the isle.

I couldn't find any horses that I liked. These all just seemed to be tiny little shetland ponies.
"Missy, if your trying to find a pony, go to isle 6," a man said, pointing it to me.

"Thankyou," I said, following his finger.

He was right. These were the type of ponies I was looking for. There were chestnuts, bays, greys, browns, roans, everything it seemed.
I liked a chestnut pony called Milkshake but he bit and kicked and I knew Dad wouldn't be very happy with a pony like that.

I also liked a little skewbald mare called Callie but she was too skittish.

When it seemed there were no ponies for me, I found a little blue roan pony right at the end of the isle.

The sign on the door said his name was Dibber, he was eight years old, didn't bite, kick, buck or anything if treated appropriately and he had previously done some cross country and showjumping to 2ft6 even though he could go much higher. It also said he was 14hh high and got cold during the night so he needed a lot of rugs.

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Me and Dibber's story - Part 2

by Morgan

I smiled and let myself in. A gave him a nice stroke and a cuddle which he seemed to be happy about. He was quite scruffy. His mane was a mess, his tail was pure mud and his coat needed a really good brush but I didn't mind. He was beautiful to me.

"Sienna!" came my Mum's voice.

"In here!" I shouted, sticking my head out.

She walked down the isle and peered in.

"Your Dad won't be very happy, you know," she said.

"I know, but I love him already! Looks shouldn't matter!" I replied.

"I know they don't but your Father wants to show off to everybody that his daughter rides some flashy horse that cost a fortune," she said.

"Look, if you really want him, I'll buy him for you. He can't argue with that,"

"Thanks Mum," I said, hugging her.

She let herself in too.

"Kinda cute, aint he?" she said, ruffling his forelock. "Looks a bit like Pirate," she added, referring to her old pony from when she was younger.

"Time for the auction! Please can everybody find a seat within the next 5 minutes," came the PA speakers.

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Me and Dibber's story - Part 3

by Morgan

I gave Dibber one last pat and then followed Mum to the seats for the auction which took place in a big ring. Folded chairs were all around the ring and in the corner was a spectators seat for the person who called out info about the horse.

The first horses to be brought in were the tiny shetland ponies and they were all gone in a flash.
Next were the beginner's ponies for younger children and then the ponies I was looking at. Dad realized that they were the right size for me and was staring at each one in turn.

"Sienna, how about that one?" he said when a beautiful bay mare came in.

I remembered her from one of the stalls and I really liked her but I had my heart set on Dibber.

"No, she looks a bit small," I said quickly.

"Are you sure? She looks the right size to me," he replied.

"Definitely," I said.

The mare was bought and Dibber finally came in after 2 more horses.

"Bit of a scruff bag," Dad said.

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