McLeod’s Daughters

by Kaitlyn
(Missouri )

Season 1

Season 1

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Growing up watch the channel WEtv was rare but when I was 15 (31), I ran across this show and loved it, only got to get to season 3 because I thought it had ended not knowing a few years later that there were 8 seasons in total! Also now on Amazon Prime, I’m able to watch over and over!

This series is bout 2 sisters fighting and struggling to keep their family legacy ranch going, developing long lasting friendships and battling against a men! These 2 sisters become 5 women living in a mans ranching world and always proving that women are capable of hardwork, do-it-yourself handy work and surviving everything that is thrown at them! Love, loss, drought, bankrupt and the hocus-pocus that filled these women’s lives!

This should so BE on the List! Just saying and look the show up, it’s on Amazon PRIME... McLEOD’s DAUGHTERS!

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