Make a Wish - Chapter 2

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

"Nikki, can you line up the horses in alphabetical order?" Rachel asks me and I jump to obey. While the rest of the group chats and Rachel answers questions, I line up the horses.

First there is Ace, Adam and Annabel. Next is Bella, a pretty bay, and then Cookie. Dancer and Dodger are next, with Ellie and Frodo falling after. Graham and Heath, then Indigo, Jazz, Katonah, Lucy Maude & Mountain Boy, Noel, Oscar, Princess, Renegade, Sierra, Two-Two & Vienna.

For the most part all of the 23 horses are quiet and well-behaved, but Renegade lives up to his name I discover as he aims a kick at me. Vienna is a little skittish but I see the pretty gray mare is just nervous with all the people.
"Thanks Nikki!" Rachel says and she hands out lots of little note card things to everyone. Mine says:

My heart sinks. Renegade? Rachel must have seen the look on my face.
"Hey, don't worry Nikki," she says kindly. "He isn't as bad as he seems-I bet you'll love him!"
"I bet I will-not!" I mutter when Rachel is out of earshot.
My phone buzzes. Jules!

Nikki98: Hey! What's up?
Julia: Nothing much. Just seeing whatcha doing;)
Nikki98: Oh just getting ready to trail ride-here's a pic!
I snap a photo as Renegade tries to kick Oscar.
Julia: Cool! But doesn't that mare-horse look a little dangerous?
I laugh. Jules doesn't know ANYTHING about horses, but I love her anyways.
Nikki98: Oh, that's Renegade. He's a little testy-and guess who gets to ride him!?
Julia: Oops. I better study up on my horse terms;) U have 2 ride him?/
Nikki98: Yup. Oh well it should go okay--I hope! gtg, Rachel`s looking @ me.

I slip my phone into my pocket and hurry away toward Renegade. I hold onto his halter and slip him a polo mint.

'Buddy, you bettah beha-ave" I fake drawl and blush when I notice a girl beside me looks at me weirdly.
"Hey, it works!" I laugh as Renegade perks his ears little and calms down. I slip his halter off and take the bride Rachel hands to me. I bridle him with only a quick nip to my hands. I saddle him up and swing up onto him.
"Mariela, can you lead us on Frodo?" Rachel asks, but I notice that she stays extra close to Frodo on her horse Cowboy.
"All right girls!" Rachel says excitedly. "Get ready for the best trail ride of your life!"


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