Luna and Sugar-Part 1

by Shreya

"Sugar.Oh, Suuuugaar!!"I called to my horse Sugar."Sugar!I went on,tapping the metal bucket that held Sugar's favorite breakfast--oats and more oats.
I heard a soft neigh,accompinied by a whinny of the same tone. I tossed my long,wavy pale blonde hair back. I was smiling. I went further into the stable. Now I could see Sugar herself. Not just her shadow. I dumped Sugar's oats into her trough. "See ya,Sugar!" I said over my shoulder as I left Sugar's stable.Oh I shoul introduce myself. Hi!:) My name is Luna Jade. I'm a ten year old 4th grader.And this is my story.

During lunch that afternoon,my best friend,Stella came over. When the doorbell rang this is what followed:I pushed a forkful of spaghetti into my mouth,set the fork down onto my plate,ran over,and THEN opened the door. "Oh Stella. It's you. Well come on in,"I greeted.Stella stepped in and asked betweeb giggles,"Well what were you expecting? The police?"
"Maybe the postman,"I lied. I don't know why I did that Maybe as a joke. Stella Livens (That's her last name.) is a ten year old fourth grader like me. She loves horses like me. She has her own horse Moonstar. Unlike Sugar,who's a mare,Moonstar is a stallion.
Well anyway,I told Stella that I needed to finish lunch and that she was welcome to join me."No thanks. I already had lunch.," she said."Well anyways I need to tell you some news.Bad news."

To be continued.Please rate and comment!! Let me know if you have any ideas for Part 2!

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Luna and Sugar-Part 2

by Shreya

************NOTE FROM AUTHOR************
I'm sorry I took so long to submit this. I wanted to think of a great(not just good)way to craft this story,because I want it to be as enjoyable as possible. (Hey,what's with all those "ble"'s??)
And now.....introducig part 2!!!!!!!

"So, what's your bad news?" I asked as impatiently as a foal waiting for her milk. My arms were crossed.
"Well,Moonst-" Stella began,before my seven year old brother Austin came barging into the room,making buzzing noises. Oh, brother. Not Austin! Grrr! He is sooo-
"Luna.don't you dare try to tell me I'm annoying!" Austin fumed. Well I guess I HAVE told Austin a million times (At least that's what he SAYS) already that he's annoying.
"Get out of here! Now!" I snapped.
"Whatevs,Horse Girl." Austin left the room.
"Well,Luna, Moonstar is GONE!!! I locked his stable door and everything!" Stella cried frantically.
"Calm down now.Come on,you can go ride Sugar to cheer yourself up."
We walked outside to Sugar's stable. I put on Sugar's lead rope,her saddle blanket,her saddle,her bridle,and her rein,which I put on loosely. I took off her lead rope and put it away. Then I lead Sugar outside. Stella climbed up and first let Sugar start with a steady trot.Then Sugar broke into a gallop.
After riding fifteen minuets or so,we let Sugar rest. Then we went inside to make lost pet flyers on the computers,with my mom helping us. We typed in Stella's phone number and my phone number. We put in a photo of Moonstar,too. Mom and Stella and I walked to the copy shop. They made bright green copies. later we put them around town. I could tell from stella's worried face tht she hoped this would work out.

To be continued........
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