Lucy & Grimmie = FOREVER

Rays of sun lit up the light bedroom. Lucy rolled over and squished the pillow closer to her face. "Morning." She mumbled. As Lucy sat up, she leaned closer to her alarm clock. It was 8:30 a.m. "I'm not waking up at this time!" Lucy complained. Lucy dragged herself out of the cozy bed and crawled to the bathroom.

Her knees were wobbly and her head wanted more pillow softness. She looked at herself in the mirror. Wrinkly pajamas, tired eyes, and the worst: Knotty hair. Lucy brushed out her hair and dropped the hair brush in the sink.

She stretched out her arm, but brought it back to her side after stretching too much. "What a lazy head." Her mom said leaning on the door. Lucy looked at her mom through the mirror. "I look like bigfoot with a bad hair day." Lucy joked. Her mother laughed. " Come on it's breakfast."

Lucy's mom headed out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Lucy followed. Lucy kept tripping over her own legs. They annoyed her a lot that morning. As Lucy took those last steps into the kitchen, she smelled the aroma of the bacon and pancakes. It delicious smell filled her nose and went through her. Her whole body lift up from it's sagging position. Lucy sat down and stuffed her mouth with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. She flowed it down by some orange juice. "Thanks, mom it was delicious!" She exclaimed and put the dishes in the sink.

As Lucy walked down the hallway into her room she found out she was still wearing her pajamas. The horses on them were in many different positions. Rear, canter, grazing, standing, tossing their head up. So many things. Lucy knew almost everything about horses. Except she hadn't been riding as much as she used to. Lucy glanced at her computer. Her mind raced. Though she already knew what she was going to type. Horses, horses, horses. Everything! Lucy got dressed with some jeans and a horse shirt that had a bay horse rearing. She got it from Nevada.

Lucy sat down at the chair and started to type furiously. She looked at pictures and videos. "Lucy, are you coming to GreenWood Farm with me?" Lucy's mom asked coming in suddenly. " GreenWood. As in GreenWood Farms!?" Lucy asked excited. "Um, yes. GreenWood Farms the place you love." She replied. "Horray!" Lucy shot up from her chair and sprinted through the hall going outside. Lucy slid on her riding boots and trotted out the door. Her heart raced.

She loved GreenWood Farms. All the horses and friendly people. It was heaven to be there. Lucy and her mom drove to the farm and went up the rocky driveway. The horses in the pasture stared at the car passing by. Lucy waved smiling from ear to ear. She smiled so largely it started to hurt her jaw. "Here we are." Lucy's mom said. Lucy opened the door and breathed in the smells. They walked into the barn and her mom walked to a horse that was shaking his head. He let out a big neigh and faced his butt to Lucy.

She read his name tag. "Grimmie." She read out loud. "What honey?" Her mother looked at her. "This horses name is Grimmie. He must be new. I never seen him around here. " Lucy said admiring his dun-buckskin coat. He seemed like a sweet horse. " Well I never heard a name like 'Grimmie' before." Lucy's mom said. She didn't sound impressed.

Lucy looked at Grimmie and smiled. He was going to be friends with Lucy for sure. As they walked on they bumped into Kaytie the trainer and owner of GreenWood. "Hello ladies." She said smiling. She shook Lucy's hand and her mother's. "Hi." Lucy said quietly, trying not to show her inpatience. "Do you like GreenWood so far?" Kaytie asked. Her smile was not wiping off just yet. "We been here before. I rode Snowy remember?" Lucy asked.

Snowy was a grey-white horse who ate lots of stuff. He was sorta fat. Kaytie's smile wiped off. Has Lucy said anything to offend the owner? "Oh well, we thought you were new here. I guess not." Kaytie started to sound strict.

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Lucy & Grimmie= FOREVER - Chapter 2

by Caroline
(Kildeer, IL)

Sorry for being late btw.

Lucy soon realized that Kaytie was walking away with a strut in her step. Lucy bounced back to earth and power walked to the blond-haired lady. "Ok, well," Kaytie hesitated. "I guess you will ride Snowy again. He lost some weight so you might be able to jump." Kaytie offered.

Lucy nodded and grabbed a lead rope.Snowy was standing innocently, in the snow-covered pasture. He pawed at the ground, searching for signs of grass. Lucy opened the gate and walked onto the snow. Her boots were muddy and snowy at the same time making them stir up a slushy experience.

Snowy nickered quietly and walked slower than a turtle to Lucy. She pet his face and clipped the hook on his halter. She tugged a tiny bit on it and walked. Snowy clip-clopped into the barn and sagged his big belly. He looked like a pregnant stallion when Lucy crosstied him. She felt his fatty head and neck and became warm immediately.

Lucy heard familiar neigh again and saw that it was Grimmie, tossing his bucket at the bars and ground. "Kaytie." Lucy said, grabbing Kaytie's attention from her phone. "What." She spat. " Can I ride, Grimmie?" Lucy asked, scared of what the owner might say.

"You don't want to ride Mr. Fat Bones?" Kaytie asked giving Snowy an apple. Lucy shook her head. She loved Snowy but she wanted to ride the dun-buckskin instead.

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Lucy+Grimmie = FOREVER - Chapter 3

by Caroline
(Kildeer, IL)

Lucy started to regret saying she wanted to ride Grimmie. Mostly because when Kaytie said yes, when she walked away she mumbled a few words. And when Lucy got the buckskin he started paw at the ground and raise his head up so she couldn't get the cross ties on.

After a little she finally managed to pull his head down and snap him on. Lucy got the tack she needed and put it on Grimmie. "Are you almost done, Lucy?" Kaytie asked. Lucy nodded. Kaytie signaled something Lucy didn't understand but she followed her anyway.

Lucy settled into the saddle and sat up straight. With heels down and head up she walked around the arena. Without any instruction from Kaytie she started to kick Grimmie into a trot. She knew the drill and Kaytie knew it. But Grim didnt trot. He only walked slower.

"What happened Lu? Why are you not trotting?" Kaytie noticed. Lucy froze but came back to Earth. "Um." Lucy mumbled. She squeezed Grim's sides trying everything to see what made him trot. Then she kicked and then squeezed. Bam. Trotting. She smiled and went in sync with the horse's trot. She saw Kaytie smiling and then walk into the office. Lucy decided to keep trotting.

When Kaytie came out a crop was in her hands. Lucy's smile soon wiped away. Grimmie backed up with ears back. She knew Grim did not want it. He kicked his back legs up a little. Lucy landed on his neck grasping to get back in the saddle. When she finally did Kaytie walked over, held Grim's reins and tapped him twice on the shoulder.

He flipped to the other side of her in a split second making Lucy jump out of the saddle tightly holding onto his neck. When Kaytie just stood there not helping her, Lucy was disgusted. She managed to climb back in the saddle and gather the reins in her hands. Grim had terrified eyes. Kaytie gave her the crop.

"Tap him twice on the shoulder with it and kick him to canter." Kaytie instructed. She backed away and stood by a jump. Lucy nodded and went back to the rail. She tapped Grim twice and kicked him. He first started trotting quickly but he smoothly came into a canter. It was a bit bumpy at times but he made it beautifully comfortable.

She pulled back to a walk and saw Kaytie point with her fingers to which jump shes doing. It was a vertical. Couldnt we just start with an x? Lucy thought. She kicked Grim into a canter and got into the jumping position. He flew over it with dust flying everywhere.

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