Limitless - Part 1

by Anna
(Dallas, Texas USA)



There is a big herd of wild horses. There is the lead stallion, Indy. Then the lead mare, Tori. Then, a palomino stallion, named Alexis. Then his sister, Shadow. Then Cheveyo. He's the son of Indy. And then their new born foal. His name is Asim.

"Come on little one, time to get up now." says Tori. Adam gets up and looks around. He sees lots of horses surrounding him. Then he looks over at his mother. Then his father.

"Look at him. He's so cute!" says Honey, a flaxen chestnut mare. Then Shadow trots over to Asim. "I really don't believe that a colt can get up that fast." She says. "He's gonna be a special colt." Then Indy walks over to him. "that's my boy." he says.

"Hurry, Asim. It's time to go." says his mother. Honeey calls over to Tori. "Oh, Tori! That's a wonderful name!" she says. "It means limitless. Cheveyo! Why don't you come over here and greet your new brother!" Says Tori. Over by a tree, Cheveyo turns his head to look at the others. "Brother? I don't want another colt in this herd." he scowls.

"Cheveyo? Cheveyo, don't you wanna come?" asks Alexis. Cheveyo seems surprised. "Oh, yeah. Coming Alexis!" He walks over to Asim. "Hmm, he's nice." says Cheveyo as Asim whinnies. Indy says, "Ugh, I'll go talk to him." Then he walks away. "Cheveyo, what's wrong with you?" asks Indy. "Dad, that's another colt. And another colt means that you will love him more than you love me.And also he might be the lead stallion before me. It's not fair!"

Indy replies, "He's your brother. Just enjoy him while he's young and we'll settle that in the future." Then dad walks away.

Cheveyo looks angry. "I'll get Asim some day. I just know I will." He says quietly and harshly.

I know Chevy is selfish. He turns into extremely selfish when we get further into the story. Please post this. This is my first story!

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Limitless - Part 2

by Anna
(Dallas, Texas USA)



Asim walks around in the white, packing snow. He thrashes around in a pool of frozen water with just a tiny puddle of water in the middle. He stomps a mini stampede in the snow.

Asim stops and thinks, 'It would be much more fun if i had someone to play with'. Then he looks around. Asim sighs, "I'm the only foal around here. Um, maybe my herd won't mind if I go exploring for, um, just a few minutes. Um, yeah, just a few minutes." He starts walking towards a big, frozen tree.

"Well, I don't wanna- I don't wanna wander too far. But- what's that?" Asim sees a small horse trotting in the distance. Asim asks himself, "Is that what I think it is? Oh! It is!" He starts running toward the small horse.

"Another foal, I can't believe i found another foal! Hi, I'm Asim!" he cries happily. "Oh, hi, Asim, my name's Starlight, where are you from?" Asim replied, "Well, I just went up that hill over there, and you?" "Well, right behind me is another hill, and my herd is at the end of the hill. It's not very far. I'm the only foal in my herd, so it gets pretty boring. How about you?"

"Say, that's pretty awesome, I think we could be friends!" Starlight says, "Yeah, we could. Hey, we don't live very far from each other so maybe we could meet here and play in the snow everyday, how is that?"

Asim replies, "Yeah, lets play now!" Starlight says, "Well in that case, yeah! i got you with a snowball! Try and catch me!" Asim gets up and starts chasing Starlight.

"I'm gonna get you!" exclaims Asim. "Haha, you missed me!" Asim falls over and gets back up. "Oh yeah? I'll get you good!"

Asim tripps on a small log and falls into a snow bank. Starlight trots over and asks, "Looks like you got yourself, you okay?"

"Yeah, im okay." says Asim. Asim slowly gets up.

"Starlight, guess what?"

"What?" Asim tosses a snowball at Starlight.

"Haha! you better come get me, Starlight! Haha!" screams Asim. He gallops away from Starlight.

"I'm the fastest horse out here, you have made a big mistake! Haha!" Starlight yells.

Not too far from them, was a buckskin appaloosa stallion with a girl on his back. "Mustangs? These little foals are just playing around. I'm just gonna catch em'. They can run from me, but they can't hide from me!" says the girl.

"Uh oh, Asim!" screams Starlight. Asim yells, " Next time buddy!" Starlight looks afraid. "No no no, really, Asim, we gotta get out of here!"

"Nice try, Starlight!" Asim screams. "I warned you Asim, now I'm heading home. Bye!"

"Not this one can get away. Hiya! Hiya!"

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