Jessica and Sassafrass

by Jessica



I grew up without horses despite how much I begged and begged and begged for one. My parents weren't being mean by not buying me one, but they thought that I was just going through a "I WANT A PONY!" stage as a kid plus we didn't really have the money.

As I got older (around 16) I decided to prove that it wasn't a stage and that this was something that I really wanted. I fenced in my backyard and built a stall. My parents finally decided to buy me a horse. Then I made a boo boo and got pregnant. I couldn't take care of him so I had to sell him. My little boy is 14 months old now and I didn't think I would be able to get another horse anytime soon at all.

However, an opportunity came up last week and I had just enough money saved up to take advantage of it. I fixed up my fence and stall and I bought a 15hh Chesnut quarter horse mare. She is an alpha mare and a little stubborn but she is sweet as can be. Thats why I named her Sassafrass (Sassy or Saffy for short)--she is sweet and sassy:). I just can't believe that I finally got what I have worked so long for. I can only thank God for that.

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