jessi and sammy

by jessi

sammy is a 18 year old quarter horse,i would go over and see him EVERY day but then the bad news came.....they were getting rid of him,i dont know what they were gonna do but as soon as i heard the news i RAN home and told my parents i BEGGED and BEGGED for sammy AT LEAST 15 hours in a day for a bout a month....then finally it was decision day.....THEY SAID YES!!!!!!!
now, me and sammy live happily together in my florida farm and i feed , ride , and brush , and LOVE him EVERY day!!!!! i am TOTALLY BLESSED AND TOTALLY HORSE CRAZY!!!!!!!!

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Apr 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

that is so cool that you got your own horse.
I have my own horse too his name is Buddy.

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