I Love Horses

by Jordyn

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Explore the amazing world of Greenhill Ranch, home to championship horses. Discover 20 fun mini-games that let you teach, train and groom your horse. With the right training, you and your horse will take the crown at the big tournament. Life at the ranch has never been this much fun.

All of the mini-games are fun even if they are easy. It's really a nice game!

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Aug 07, 2013
Fun but not great
by: Rainbowhoof

I don't see the point of this game. All you do is play mini games.

They could improve it by making it an actual game. The only thing you get out of it is horse fact cards.

Mar 26, 2013
I love Horses
by: airesnat

I love horses, it's a great game but after a while it gets kind of boring. You can get it new or used. I would get it used because you can restart the games and it would be cheaper. Great Game!

Apr 11, 2012
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by: animal lover

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Apr 03, 2011
amazing GAME!
by: kolby

I love it so much, it's so fun to play!

Jan 27, 2011
Fun but not at the same time :-)
by: Anonymous

I have this game, its a blast, the only thing that sucks about this game is that you can beat it in like an hour. But a plus is that it is really fun :-)

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