i live, talk, sleep, walk, horses they are my life my soul my everything! READ!

by elizabeth

we are very young here!

we are very young here!

hello im elizabeth
i have photos on the horse pictures of me and some of my horses! as you can see i live for horses! i am 15 and my life is about them every day i get up and ride two horses then go to school my school is next door to me practically and i go home for lunch in my case me and my best friends go home to mine and RIDE! skipping lunch but not always we eat on the horses! so fun!
when i get home i ride then do my home work eat and guess what i ride again! riding is what wakes me up and sends me to sleep every day and night me and my 4 best fiends are horse adicts and all live in the same road 10 mins away from each other form end to end! and were all the same age same class same school! such a coinsidence we were born and made for each other and are insperable if theres a sleep over we all go or not at all! always riding to getther compitions were always there to support i lvoe my best friends this is for you:
me -- elizabeth -- my baby frankie, moonlight and co!
1 -- amy-- duty and butters
2-- polly-- squirrel and frosty!
3-- hannah-- buttercup and bobby
4 -- isobelle-- spookey and ellie!

my love, my life my every thing we are the 5 muskiteres with our 10 ponies, stallions, mares, geliding foals what ever!

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