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Jul 17, 2012
Horses are AWESOME!!!
by: Gracie the total horselover

I LOVE the smell of horses, it's my fave smell. well horses are my life and i live breathe dream horses so that's probably normal.

Riding is so much fun isn't it! Horses aren't hurtful they are so gentle but they get scared and only hurt you if they get scared or if you are hurting them Or maybe if there tack is hurting them!

Feb 14, 2010
Hey Summer!
by: Christina

lol. I agree with you! I love the smell of horses!
If I'm having a bad day just going into the barn and smelling the horses makes me feel better!

Dec 16, 2008
Take it in...

Well, I just can't believe that you don't like the smell of horses! You may think me gross, but I hate washing my hands after handling horses because i want the beautiful smell to stay(not that my mom allows it!). Oh and horses have to poop, just as much as you have to. And horses don't hurt you unless you are cruel to them or trouble them in some way. If you fall of your horse it's not his fault and if he throws you of you have either trained or ridden him improperly. Okay, sorry for the lecture! I guess I forgat you where a horse fan. Okay, see you later.

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