by kayla
(blanchard, oklahoma, usa)

i used to have a horse, but i had to sell her when we moved. it was around 1 year ago. i really miss her.

Her name was sweetheart.. i still haven't gotten my money for her...

i like horses because i think they are beautiful, intelligent, and graceful animals.

my best ride ever was when my old horse, muddy, and went for a ride out at the lake when the sun was either coming up or going down...muddy was a really nice and gentle horse. he did every thing i asked him to and he turned on the slightest touch of the reins.i used to go to the rodeos and compete with him. we won a ton of first prize ribbons.

but that was before my other horse, dale, died. he was blind in one eye. but he was just as good muddy. i also won alot of ribbons with him too.
they were some of the best horses in the world.

i also had a some other horses their names were cody, marty, apache, pedro, and babe. cody was a strawberry roan quarter horse, marty was a brown mustang, apache was a giant paint quarter horse, pedro was a dark brown quarter horse, and babe was a black quarter horse.

muddy was a brown quarter horse and so was dale, but he was the bigger of the two. sweetheart was a paint horse, but she was a bit short, so she almost looked like a pony, but she wasnt, she was a pretty good jumper, but she was abused so it was hard to ride her, unless you were a girl.
i also had another horse his name was dusty and he was a bay mustang.

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