Horses- my true love

by Riona

I LOVE horses and i can't wait until my neighbours horses have their foals this summer. My neighbour has four horses (although soon to be six as two of the mares are in foal, and due this summer). I have been asked if I would like to ride one but I am sort of nervous a bit so I said no thanks. But sometimes I feed them carrots and apples and I have bonded especially well with one of them. She is a bay called lucy although I nickname her freedom (don't tell my neighbour!).

She is going to hopefully have a foal this summer. I cannot wait as my neighbour might let me help name and look after it, well, i'm going to ask them and i will hate them if they don't let me, as freedom is my best friend ever and she is the friendliest of the horses too as the others are to shy to come up to the gate when i come to feed them. But freedom comes right up and is so sweet and cute and lovely. My cousins saw her too.

My friend has a connemara who had a foal last year but my friend is sad now because they had to sell it last week.

And Sam, another of my neighbours horses, is so funny. One morning i was going past the field he was in with a shetland named polly and he had a twig in his mouth and he looked like he was saying to polly, lets play and he started running around lol.

Two years ago I nearly fell off a horse on a trek ride on holiday. Well, we told them i was a beginner but they put me on a really crazy horse that kept running around and bumping into the other ponies. Then a car came along the lane and everyone brought their ponies to the side. But my silly pony wouldn't budge and the horse teacher that was with us had to pull my pony in. Then on the way back my horse reared and i screamed and had to hold onto its mane i was so scared. then another woman kept telling me don't be afraid and i nearly punched her in the face because they should have given me an easier to handle horse but i know its always the riders fault not the horses.

love, horselover xxx

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Apr 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

that is so cool that the horses next door or going to have foals.

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