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Jan 18, 2017
by: NessandtheDreamhorse

I LOVE pony club secrets!

I'm getting my room decorated, but it already looks horsey! (Horse bed covers­čśů)

My friends get a little annoyed when I talk about horses too much.

I love horses soo much, but unfortunately, I don't ride often. Last year, I rode 3 times (which I loved!) And the year before that, twice. But I'm optimistic, and I have a feeling maybe some of my dreams will come true this year!

Jul 10, 2015
by: livelovehorses

Hi I'm the same way! My room has posters and ribbons all over the walls horse books magazines stuffed horses glass horses model horses some horse tack even though I only ride twice a month in 4-H.

Horse blankets pillows everything. My friends are not super horse crazy so I'm glad there's this sight. I have a couple horse loving friends but not horse crazy. I often get called out in school for daydreaming about horses or drawing them on my homework.

From Sydney at

I can relate completely! Join the club...:)

Mar 31, 2014
Me too
by: Anonymous

I am exactly the same as you!!! I ADORE horses more than anything and could not imagine a world without them!!!! I ride as often as I can and
sometimes I Go to my friend's house JUST to stroke, admire and cuddle the horse next door to her! She got a bit annoyed after an hour of horses ( She is not a horse lover like me) and even though it was freezing I didn't care! I love to write horse stories and sometimes get told of in class for daydreaming about ponies or drawing them during maths. I like this website since no one at my school is horse mad and it makes me happy to know that there are other girls my age who share my passion for horses.

From Sydney at

Thank you for the kind words and you are definitely in good company here!

Jul 30, 2012
by: DressageRider

I like any type of horse but my favorite breeds are Warm bloods, Mustangs, and Arabians!!! My favorite colors are roan, ligth gray, bay, pinto, and black so basically every color!!!

Jun 13, 2012
by: Katie

Horses are just amazing!! I totally agree!! My favorite breed is a hanoverian. (I own one) and my fave colors are either black or dapple grey:) They're so pretty! Good luck on getting your own horse!

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