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Dec 14, 2016
by: Macy

I ride Wesern, sometimes I feel you can be more free with your horse in western than you can English. But that is my opinion and I have never tried English. Plus do what you enjoy the most. So my advice would be western but please do what you think is best. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ΄

Sep 05, 2016
What breed is the horse in the picture?
by: Anonymous

He looks soo much like my horse (proportion and conformation-wise that is (my horse is black).

Mar 13, 2013
juming or rodeo? quarter horses?
by: WildWhisper

i jump a Quarter Horse, Bizmark. Quarter horses aren't great jumpers since they quite heavily built so bit difficult for them to jump and very very very few would be able to jump high... and why not do both rodeo and jumping? and believe me i am a beginner but i am jumping 1 meter already :) started riding a year and a half ago, jumped for the first time by 2 months. cantered on my 3rd lesson :) you will get there in time just don't give up horse riding is HAAAARD work!! as for the whether you should do jumping or rodeo, why not both? i do jumping, dressage, and i ride western. also do some longer distance riding. By the Way my story is also on here :) With a pic of Bizmark, he would be the palomino :)

Mar 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

JUMPING totally!!

Mar 01, 2013
Not Sure, Try Both (Haven)
by: HorseLover13

Hi Haven, I'm not really that sure because I am still a beginner and I can even trot yet :/ so yea but I think jumping would be way more fun in my opinion but I would love to give both a try when I gain the confidence. :)

xoxo Tayla

Feb 25, 2013
English or Western?
by: Haven

Do you think I should do do jumping, or rodeo? I can't decide. My dad thinks Rodeo, but my mom thinks jumping. And can someone tell me if quarter horses are good jumpers for beginners? Thx, haven.

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