Horse stickers

Stickers and decals are great! They allow horse lovers, equestrians, horse enthusiasts, those who like horses, and others to express themselves. This is why I have designed horse stickers for other horse crazy girls and have put together a collection of horse stickers from others. 

Whether you are getting a monogram sticker for the back of your riding helmet, decals for your horse trailer, or a fun horse sticker for your water bottle there is a sticker or decal for every horse lover. 

If you are looking for other gift ideas for an equestrian, horse lover, or horse crazy girl (or just want some other wonderful items to add to your wishlist) check out our:

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stickers For HorseCrazygirls

Here are stickers that I have designed for horsecrazygirls like you! They are perfect for laptops, waterbottles, tablets, car windows, groom boxes, tack boxes, car windows, and more. Hopefully, you love them as much as I do. If you do buy one of my stickers be sure to share it on social media, tag us, and use the hashtag #horsecrazygirls.

Each sticker is $4.99 and includes shipping in the U.S.

The background is clear and while it isn't a matte finish it isn't overly shiny either.

All of our stickers are made in the U.S.A!

The original horsecrazygirls sticker

A clear sticker that says One Of Those in purple lettering on the top then has an image of a grey heart with an attached horse head on the left. Then below Horse Crazy Girls in the same lettering.

Are you completely obsessed with everything equine? 

Some people might call you a little over the top ... crazy ... weird.

We know differently. You're one of us. 

One of those HorseCrazyGirls.

Other horse stickers

Unfortunately, I can't make every horse sticker I want to. So, here are some of my favorite horse stickers, horse bumper stickers, and horse decals from Etsy.

horse silhouette 

Horse silhouette sticker by AmadaKleinCo on Etsy. It shows the silhouette of a horse filled with flowers and fauna. It shows red, blue, yellow, and green colors.

AmadaKleinCo made this beautiful vinyl sticker of a horse silhouette filled with beautiful flowers and fauna. I love the artistic feel and delicate color palette that this sticker has.

Horse head

A custom horse head sticker by PurplePuggo on Etsy. It shows a chestnut horse with white stripe on the left side and the horse's face as a sticker on the right side with the text over 1,200 sold.

These custom horse head stickers by PurplePuggo are so cute. I love the fact that you can upload a picture of your horse and get a beautiful horse sticker made custom for you. There are four size options so you can choose the best one for your needs.

horse sticker pack

A wide array of horse stickers for the horse sticker pack from GababbiStationery on Etsy.

If you just want some fun horse stickers you can order a horse sticker pack from GababbiStationery. You can select the number of cool, fun horse stickers you want in your sticker pack at a great rate. 

equestrian horse vinyl decal

The equestrian love decal from CharlieAndGeorgia on Etsy. It shows the word love formed from a boot, helmet, bit, and two horseshoes.

This equestrian love vinyl deal by CharlieAndGeorgia is just lovely. The message make it the perfect equestrian sticker. I love that there are tons of color options and lots of different width choices.

horseback riding

Vinyl decal sticker by TuggleFarm on Etsy. There are three helmets each with a different sticker showing horses in different disciplines and different names.

For those wanting a customized vinyl decal sticker check out these decals by TuggleFarm on Etsy.

There are over twenty design options including a paint horse, quarter horse, jumping horse, dressage horse, barrel racing horse, wild horse, running horse, and more. You can add personalization, pick the color for the sticker, and select the sticker size.

funny horses

This funny horse sticker by Dapplebay on Etsy shows three horses with the words STAY OFF our rumps. The first two words are in white lettering, the rest of the words are in black lettering.

This funny horse car bumper or trailer decal sticker from Dapplebay is great for horse lovers. Whether your a cowgirl or a dressage rider the saying still fits and gets your message across in a clear and funny way.

cute horse

Horse wall decal by 4loftwalldecor on Etsy. It shows a white horse head and part of the front of the horse's body. The horse is wearing a black halter and lead rope.

I want this horse wall decal by 4loftwalldecor, as I am sure most people who love horses do. This beautiful image of an almost pastel white horse just has such a peaceful feeling to it.