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Aug 19, 2011
just a few thoughts on horsecrazyness--or maybe just plain crazyness.
by: Anonymous

I always felt a bit silly when I would ride my bike because I would pretend that it was a racehorse and whisper to it, things like 'keep on going girl, you can make it,' or 'oh, I love you boy. I was pretty good at this. Even when my bike got WAY too small, I just said that I was riding a pony in a nieghborhood race against other kids.(Who, of course, were always either mounted on fat ponies or big warmbloods who, magically, could not keep up with my little gelding.)
Note: I still do not have any horse, and my bike has a flat tire.

Aug 09, 2011
you're just like me
by: Gabriele

hey when my mum and dad didn't own a riding school. i used my bike as a horse and now my mum and dad own a riding school that holds a lot of horses ( 250 horses) so you know any horse?

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