Horsecrazy 4 Ever

by Meagan
(Dracut, Massachusetts)

I totally have no idea at all why I luv horses so much. I fall in luv with another horse it seems every week. I'm 10 years old and I work at my stable as a lease girl twice a week.Unfortunately I don't get paid =(. BUT I do get paid by being able to be around horses even if I don't own one.

I ride appys (appaloosas) that are all western only. The horses names that I have riden and hope to ride are , Ben, Bandit, Dancer, Freckles, GiGi, Ginger, Betty, and Alley. We have more at my stable that are either babies or are horses like Dot and Bea that my stable rescued,(more about that in next paragraph).

My stable rescues horses. My stable owner,Lisa, goes down to Kentucky to buy at least five horses at a time from the same bloodline.

I Luv Horses So I Am Totally Horsecrazy!

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