The Arabian Association Horse Show Region 9

by Charlotte

Okay well, I went to a horse show called the Arabian show with my horse Precious. We did in hand and got 6 place out of 22 people and under saddle which I got third place for!! I love Precious. She is a bay Arabian mare she is 5 years old and we will soon teach her to jump like a thoroughbred! She's awesome!

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& Anonymous
by: Someone

OMG! I lease Yabba Dabba Blue (Bubba) now, he is the sweetest horse! I also ride Eddie! I can't believe it. GRS right?

by: Anonymous

I love Arabians they are the best!! i used to lease a chestnut arabian gelding named Ettraz (eddie for short) then a dark bay arabian named Wintage Bey (Vinny for short(also his sire is Bey Shah, you can see a pic. on google images of him he looks EXACTLY like Vinny)) now i lease another chestnut arabian named Yabba Dabba Blue (Bubba for short) until my horse gets here from Florida!!

Canadian Nationals.
by: Rory

I also own an arab. I do regions 15 and 16. (Northeast area). Will anyone be going to Canadian Nationals? I am not quite ready for Youth Nationals this year. I own a ten year old dark bay hunter pleasure horse.

by: Anna

Congratulations!!!! You must be sooooo happy! Post a pic of Precious if you can. :-)

by: Allie

Post a pic! Your horse sounds like a sweetie.

by: Jillian

I go 2 region 8 with my Arabian mare Electra. Wasn't region 9 this year in South Dakota?

Well any way, u should go 2 region 8 in Colorado. i might c u there! what age division are u in? next year i'll b in 13 and under. this year i was in walk trot but i'm 11.

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Dressage Show on Friday! Tips please?

by Anonymous
(Hong Kong)

Hi! I have my first real show on friday (I did one at a camp, but it was just against 4 other girls), and I'm really nervous! I'm entering two classes: a walk/trot introductory dressage class and a walk/trot/canter preliminary dressage class on two different horses.

I already have the test for the walk/trot show and I've memorized it, but I don't for the prelim one yet and I only have 3 lessons to practice both the tests!

Do you have any tips on memorizing the tests and not getting them mixed up while I'm riding them?? Thanks!

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by: Hailey

I ride Morgans in dressage alongside the hunter stuff, and I remember the letters as "All King Edward's Horses Canter Many Big Fences! " Hope this helps. Also, if you can have a caller, go for it. It really helps.

by: Anonymous (original poster)

Thanks! The show was last night and I only did the walk/trot test, but I got 4th place out of 20 people! :D

by: Anonymous

Just do not be nervous, and understand that even the professionals mess up sometimes. If you mess up, do not make a mad face because it will be really noticeable. Instead, just smile the whole time, because my horseback teacher got first in a class that her horse messed up in because she was just smiling. :)

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Fair Show Fun!!!!

by Matty

i was little...about 5 or 6. my pony was a beautiful pony all i couldn't resist naming her black beauty. i barrel race. i was coming back to the gate when blackie (my pony's nickname) dead stopped. i flew threw the air about 2 feet. but as soon as i fell i got up and went to blackie and got back on her and rode her. of course, i don't remember this, for now im 11. but i do remember blackie and the day she died. she died august 17 2008. i am still i pray for her every night.

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I love barrel racing, too!
by: HorseCraziestGirl

I love barrel racing so much, too! My role model is Amberley Snyder, a paraplegic barrel racer.

I'm competing in gymkhana next year in March and I'm so excited! Gymkhana is kind of like barrel racing; it's going around different barrel patterns with your horse.

Also, I'm so sorry your horse died. That had to be hard. Praying always helps, though!

so sorry
by: mollie-louise

that sounds nasty . i broke both my wrists by doing that but i was jumping :)

So sorry Matty
by: Sydney

Your horse show story was cute but I am sorry you lost your horse. So sad...

Barrel Racing
by: BarrelRacer21

I barrel race to. What is your fastest time? Mine is a 15.4 I have an all black quarter horse. He is barely a quarter horse bc he is 14 hands high. Even though he is small he is Really fast.

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Me and Show

by Katelynn S
(Oklahoma USA)

Well I was walking with my horse and he stepped and I pulled on him, and he wouldn't move. Stepped one more step, and now I have a horse that won't move. I pulled and pulled. He still won't move until our class was halter all breed so got 1st place. We are walking and he stopped again so I pulled and pulled and stepped two steps and stopped and would now move! So I waited and waited and one hour passed. He wouldn't move. He munched on grass and we left. :)

Please read.

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My Horse
by: Robin

My horse starts running when I try to lead him.

Me and show
by: horse crazy

My horse does the same thing.

by: Anonymous

yes my horse is a ding dong

by: Anonymous

I know that horse....:-)

by: Brandie

They can totally have a mind of their own!!

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My first show on my new horse!

by Molly Phillips
(Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England)

It was my first show on my new purebred new forest pony Polly who was only 4 yrs old and still is. It was taking place at Wooten Warren and I had already done the 2ft show jumping class and I was about to do the 2.3ft course.

I walked the course twice and then went over it in my head about five times. Then when I went in I had a few minutes to let Holly look at the jumps and warm up.

While I was doing that I went over the course again several times then I started. I went towards the first jump but it wasn't until I had jumped it that I realised it was number 4 instead of number 1.

I stopped Holly and looked behind but the judges said carry on. So I did but as soon as I jumped number 8 and was going pretty quickly because I was in the speed part the judges blew the horn for me to stop and that spooked Holly so because we were going quite quickly.

She skidded into number 9 and I was able to stop her but she landed sitting down so she got up and I walked her out. I wondered why the judges suddenly told me to stop when in the first place they said carry on.

But in the end, because I was in a team, I came 5th anyway and BEAT MY ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that was my first show adventure!

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by: Anonymous

she was experienced!

great story!!!
by: Sydney

but HOW did you get to jump 2 ft 9 in your first show????

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by Sylvie

I've been working on jumping a lot, and my horse has good endurance. I'm definitely going to enter show jumping and cross country, but what about dressage? I've no clue how it works, but I want to do be able to compete in Eventing a lot.. any tips or ideas?

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Re: Dressage?
by: Lynn

[Please read this right away] I actually take lessons in dressage and it is so fun! It requires a lot of effort to learn but it is worth it when you and the horse move in fancy ways as a team.

by: Anonymous

Jumping is by far the best to do but if your horse is old I would go for dressage! My horse is not old but we still do dressage cause she loves it so much!

I hope I have given u some good advice!

Dressage training for cross country
by: Sydney from

I didn't start dressage until recently when I joined a 4-H club that did 3-day eventing. I think it would really be best to have an instructor who can teach you as it's quite different. But it wasn't terribly hard to get started. (I am not at a high level or anything.) I still like hunters best but I'm told dressage is an important foundation so it's well worth trying to learn.

Hi Sylvie
by: Unicorn

Good for you! You've gotta have some guts to want to do eventing. That's a serious test of horse and rider.
Never having competed in dressage, I can't speak from experience, but as far as I understand it dressage is basically flat work. A dressage test - different tests for different levels (beginners don't do anything harder than trot in a circle, but advanced dressage riders do crazy hard stuff like flying changes of lead in canter, canter pirouettes, half-passes, piaffe [trot on the spot] and Spanish walk) - is ridden in an arena in front of a panel of judges. Judges award points for each movement, then add them up somehow to get the total score for the test.
The aim is to show how well-trained and well-ridden your horse is, and to have him be obedient, supple, responsive, rhythmic, collected, straight and half a dozen other things all at the same time. It's hard, but like most hard things, pretty worth it.

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Will I win?

by Karen

(Please comment on my writing)

The dawned early and I felt cold shivers go down my back. I looked out the window and gazed at the rising sun. I slowly, while trying to gulp my nervousness down, pulled on my shining knee high riding boots, My clean show breaches, and my brother's white tee shirt. My mom put the velvet cover on my helmet and we drove away.

Arriving at the barn, we were nervous that we were too late for my class. We were three hours early! I stood next to the ring watching the adult classes ride. Two hours later we walked my Welsh/Shetland pony out and saddled him up. Three hours later, the adult classes were still riding and we couldn't do anything but wait. When the time came to warm up. I gulped some more and kicked Tucker on.

"Heels down over the fences Karen!" Miss Layla shouted. I shortened my reins and changed my heels down.

"Open your body position!" She called some more. I tapped Tucker with a crop and opened my two-point. The ring master called my class. I trotted in with power and asked for a more forward canter. We flew over the fences never stopping or glancing at Miss. Layla for help. When we finished the course. I held the champion ribbon in my hand proudly and would never forget that day when I won my first jumping class.

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by: HorseCraziestGirl

Wow, your writing is awesome! It's so detailed!

Also, congratulations on your win!

Re:Will I Win
by: Lynn

Awesome-sauce! I have never been in horse show before, but will learn from you. Gr-8 job!

by: Anonymous

I really am thankful for you're comment! I want to be a writer someday so yeah... Any way I had fun at the show!

by: Stormy

Wow! you did fantastic! :D How do you write so well??? Great job, Karen!!

This was
by: Karen

This was one of my best works. Keep in mind, that I did change the name of my riding instructor for privacy reasons.

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The Scary Halloween Show

by Alex B.
(Bradenton, FL, USA)

I was riding a pony named Daisy. This was October 26 2007. I was in the Halloween show.

At the end of the day there is a Halloween contest where people dress up their ponies.You can ride them or walk them on lead ropes. I rode Daisy in the contest. People and their ponies were in scary costumes. It was her first time in it, and mine too.

There was a scary costume that spooked Daisy. She started galloping and bucking. She through me off and into the fence. My trainer made me get back on her but my friend Scarlett walked us in the contest on a lead rope. After one trip around she started rearing. I got off and my trainer told me to give Daisy to her.

Well, that's my story about my horse show. IT IS A TRUE STORY.

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by: Alex

i don't have a picture, but we were dressed up as army people.

by: Claire

Uh.... what happened? You went home? That is SOOOOOOOO sad. Are you ok??!!!!!!!! POOR YOU!

by: Anonymous

i love your other pic of daisy and you! i already told u but that looks just like the horse i ride! type back!

by: Megan

Yeah! Tell us what costume! Send a pic like Sydney said! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase?

by: Sydney

That's a great story. How were you and Daisy dressed up? Send a pic!

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What a Fail!

by Lydia
(Moon Twp. PA, USA)

So I was at my first real show and it was my second jumping course round and me and the school horse Katie were heading to a 2" fence and she refused it 4x!

I've been riding for almost 2 years now and I've jumped 2'9" and she refused 3x and I kicked and kicked and smacked her with my crop and she still refused the jump!

I left the riding ring with an embarrassed spirit. I was mad at her but I still love her! <3

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I'm sure you already do but.... Just try it...
by: Horseluver4evernever

Maybe try loosening your reins. I'm sure you have a trainer and I don't want to sound like one. That's what my trainer said when Timothy (my Fave horse) kept refusing jumps. You probably aren't but maybe when your jumping you come down a bit too early, and catch her in the mouth. Again, you probably do but once you get her up to the jump give her a sharp crop. Or a few strides away from the jump give her a smack on the hind. Keep pushing her with your legs. Get a good pace. Good luck! I hope this helps!!!!!!:)

P.S: try using spurs before the jump.

by: be stronger

you need to be more tougher and stronger with her because if you let her get away with it she will keep doing it. the only reason for why she cut out was because you took your legs of or opened your rains, when she cuts out you need to turn her into the jump and make her do it even yell at her. making her go faster is just going to make her scared and she won't refuse it but she will stop and you will go flying. so you need to turn her in the direction that you don't want to go and if their are people reading this and disagreeing then guess what i am, a olympic show jumper so i think i know what i am talking about. so try this method but if it doesn't work then try putting it lower down so she can go over that then put it higher but work your way up ok.

by: Anonymous

go at a faster speed. she won't be able to stop right away so then she will just go over.

by: Angel Horse

I have failed with a horse too. All you need to do is try again and make it fun for the horse.

angel horse

by: Julianna

OMG, I live sooooo near Moon Twp! I'm in Peters Township. nOT GONNA reveal anymore but...
Anyway. It sounds like you had a hard time with that. Better luck next time...

oh no!
by: Horsecrazygirl Sydney

Don't worry - it can happen to anyone! You never know what can happen. Better luck next time. :-)

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Have a horse show.. I'm so scared.. Any advice?

by Sydney

Any advice would help.. really appreciate it!

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don't be scared
by: shaistars

hey don't be scared, every time i ride at my lessons with my friends i have a feeling that i'm going to throw up every time i ride and every time i get to the stables i feel like it is a horse show and i'm going today and i feel like riding english and throwing up at the same time but i love riding so much that i just put it behind me. just trust you're horse and you will do fine. so don't be scared to do a horse show.

hope it helps
by: Anonymous

One tip is to pick your favorite judge and when they are not looking, you can school if you have to. Also, say in your mind that you are not showing, you are simply having a lesson. That seems to help me.

Its okay
by: Anonymous

I have been through many horse shows..... I have gotten a few 2nd places. It's no big deal. My instructor told me "It didn't happen unless the judge saw it".

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am going to my first horse event this summer and I am really nervous too. Don't worry, well both make it though.

Have fun!
by: Sydney from

Don't worry, even if you are nervous it's really fun to be in a horse show! Just focus on your horse and try to have fun. And if no, don't worry, it will go sooo fast. :-)

Let us know how you do.

by: NHHorse (via Hootsuite)

Jump grids 8 to 12 jumps with single strides in between, then she can't rush and halt at end.

by: RateMyHorsePro (via Hootsuite)

Breathe and have fun. Good luck.

by: graciepinata

I have never been in a horse show but I play alot of sports and play the clarinet and before I go up on stage or out to play my sport I either pray to God or take a deep breath knowing that I will do good. If you go out without confidence you know in yourself you won't do good.

by: charlotte collins

I have never been to a show before but a boy who goes to my school and is in year 11 has and he always give me tips on how to improve after every lesson that I ride with him and a few other experienced riders, I am a novice so his advice really does help and he is always on hand to offer advice which is really reassuring. He says things like: Always stay focused on your horse only block out everyone else around you, this will help you to become more skilled and confident working with experienced riders. Always stay positive and believe in youself because I have a habit of being negative towards my riding so he always says stay positive. He is very shy and reserved like me whereas everyone else is really loud so he is really approachable. My biggest piece of advice is to ask someone who you know and are happy talking to you, who is more experienced and advanced than you for advice. Matt( the boy in year 11 that I know) always gives me valuable advice and I am learning from him every lesson.

don't worry
by: lucinda

don't worry I've been to a camp before I haven't entered but I know what it's like but listen, keep your chin up and eyes forward. your going to do great also read horse books they usually give advises.

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Help! What To Wear For My Horse Show?

by Abigail

Well I am going to a show this weekend (it is January 1 2011 when I wrote this) and I need help what to wear.

What should I wear and do with my hair? I have long blond hair, and I am going to be in 1 flat work class and 3 jumping classes.

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When should I Stop using show bows!! HELP
by: Scotty11

I am showing in the Children's pony hunter division. I ride a 13 hand bay pony. What should I do??

horse show
by: Nic

What horse show is this??? I'm so nosy!

Show Clothing
by: Anonymous

If your older for jumping, I would wear a pinstriped, black, or navy show jacket, show breeches (khaki or white), BLACK boots (tall or paddock, I usually prefer paddock boots because they are more comfortable to me), show shirt. I would make sure the show shirt matches your horse's tack, or just a white color that matches your other show clothing (like creamy-pink or white). Wear your hair in a bun on the neck, long braid, or in your helmet. Hair nets are good if you have your hair in your helmet. I recommend you wear your helmet with a velveteen cover if it's not velveteen, and gloves would be a good idea (white or black).

If your younger for jumping, I would wear a pair of casually-colored breeches (navy, khaki, beige) and a nice show jacket(pinstriped or navy). I would wear paddock boots for this. Also, two braids with bows is a good idea for hair, and I think a bun would be nice too. Wear your helmet with a velveteen color, and usually you don't need gloves for this age.

Wear the same things to flat class, or just spotless jeans and a white polo shirt (Ralph Lauren) or something easy to change into/out of would be nice. Wear fabric black gloves, a helmet without a velveteen cover, and your hair in a pretty braid or bun on the neck. Good luck!

Good luck!
by: Anonymous

I'm guessing this is a combined test, eq or hunters? You should wear tan breeches, a show shirt(any light color), a black, grey, or navy shot coat, tall boots OR paddock boots and jod straps, and hair usually depends on your age.

If you're younger wear two braids with bows and if your older wear your hair in your helmet with a hairnet. Good luck at your show!

Show Wear
by: Anonymous

If you are doing jumping classes, I would recommend up in a bun with a hair net or tucked in with the helmet, WEAR A HELMET!. Wear a Blazer for sure! (Unless its Summer then some riders will wear just show shirts) Plus wear a show shirt to! Wear Nice Breeches or Jodhpurs! And Boots, Tall, Paddock, Half Chaps, Jodhpurs straps! Hope this helps! Xoxoxoxo!

My advise
by: Shine

You should wear a long pony tail since you have long blond hair and also wear pants and a riding jacket. Hope this helps!

Don't Worry!
by: Jessica

Well, for jumping what I like is navy blue or red and what I like for the shirt is white for all color jackets, and white or cream jodhpurs (for red), and khaki riding pants (for navy blue) and either paddock boots or tall black leather boots (depending on how old you are). Make sure your boots are black because brown or any other color are kind of babyish for jumping. You should have your hair in a bun on your neck, a long braid, in a hairnet or in your helmet but if it is in a hairnet make sure you can't see the hairnet okay?

For flat classes I usually wear some clean jeans (make sure they are spotless), a white polo shirt and tall black rubber boots or paddock boots. Put your hair in your helmet since it is not very fancy.

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My First Horse Show!

by Mackenzie

diesel and I

diesel and I

At my first horse show I rode a horse named diesel. When they handed out ribbons I placed 6th out of like 15 kids.

I think that is pretty good for my first horse show, don't you think?

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Oh my goodness!!!
by: AJL

Yay, that's just great! My horses name is diesel as well, and i'm just going to start showing this month. I hope to do as well as you!

good job :)
by: Tiffany

well done :) that's really good x

good job
by: kristianna

i think that is very good for your first horse show!
good job!

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by Olivia
(Portland Oregon)

One day i entered 4-H, so now I get to go to the Washington County Fair. My horse that i rode Buck a 19 year old chestnut and white paint. And Katie my trainer rode my black and white horse Genius who is a 11 year old American Saddlebred. Any way it was the dressage day, and it was my turn there was only 1 other person in my class (i was doing training level 1) and i went last. The other person did really well. I got a 62.8756 something. And i got FIRST YAY. Then i had no other things to do that day so Buck just got to chill out. At the meeting that night, I was called down to get a medallion and a finalist ribbon. I was so proud of myself and Buck. He is truly the best horse in the world.

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by: hannah

you live in portland oregon!? me too!

That sounds great
by: Hanna

You must have been so excited when you won the dressage test and the medalion

Congrats on your first place!
by: Sydney

Great job for you and Buck! :-)

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HELP! What to wear to show?

by Rienne

PLEASE PLEASE READ!!! I REALLY want to be in an english pleasure class and maybe jumping. What should I wear?

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is brown okay?
by: abbyismybay

I just bought a brown show coat ($7.34 at good will) it has 2 buttons and I'm wondering if it will be okay in hunter/jumper shows. And should I get black gloves/boots/helmet/ or brown gloves/boots/helmet!?!

From Sydney at

A brown show coat should be fine. As far as the gloves and boots go, you should wear black. Helmet should be black too. At least that's how it works where I ride in Florida.

Good luck in your show!

What to wear
by: Horseluver4evernever

Under 12 years old
Wear a navy blue show jacket and a white show shirt if you want to look classic. Now a days you can wear a lightly colored pastel show shirt that your local tack store will carry. You can also wear different colours of jackets. Black, grey, navy, hunter green, brown or pinstripe are all accepted. For bottoms, you need tan jodhpurs, preferably black paddock boots, and matching garders. You need a velvet helmet. Gpa, Charles Owen, IRH are the nicest looking helmes in the show ring. If this is a schooling show, a velvet cover over top a carbon fiber helmet should be perfectly fine, along with a polo and breeches with half chaps. For the hair style, French braids with bows that match your shirt look extremely cute! Get black or white leather gloves. If your horse is slow get a BLACK short crop and if you need spurs, get black leather spur straps.

Over 12 years old
Show jacket and show shirt (as seen above^^^^^^) the only thing that changes from 'under 12' is the boots and bottoms and hair. For bottoms, wear tan breeches. The favorited brand is tailored sportsman. They are more expensive but worth it! Wear tall black boots with laces at the front. With these, what you spend is what you get. Invest in a nice pair of leather boots. For hair, get a hair net. Ask your instructed how to put this on. Get a pair of black or white leather gloves. If your horse is slow, you will need a BLACK short crop, and if you need spurs, get leather spur straps.

Hoped I helped! If you need different attire, ask your local tack shop for help! :)

What I Like
by: Rayna

What I think is nice for jumping is a navy show jacket, and cream or khaki riding pants, with a white or creamy-pink color show shirt or a white polo shirt (for polo shirts, Ralph Lauren is who I suggest). You should wear tall black boots, either leather or rubber boots, or paddock boots (with a heel). Make sure they are polished and wear your hair in a bun on the neck, a twisted ponytail or in a helmet or a long braid (if you have long enough hair). Also I would add an undershirt, make it rainbow (like another commenter said) or a plain white tank top.

But what I wear to my shows are a navy show jacket (sometimes pinstriped), a creamy-pink color show shirt (white with pinstriped jacket though), tall black paddock boots, always polished and since I have long hair I usually wear it in a bun or braids. If you have to wear a hairnet make it that it holds ALL your hair, not some strings sticking out okay?

Either way, my suggestion and everybody else's were nice too. Have fun!!!

i know!
by: Anonymous

i ride english but i have read a lot of books to know what to were. what i think looks nice is a grreen or red show jacket with a cream (for red) and lightpinky creamy coulor (green) as a show shirt. Wear tall paddock boots or show boots that are BLACK if you want to look perfesional because Brown or other coulors look more babyies. also make sure the boots are polished, wear your hair in a bun. (if you have to wear a hair net then make sure NO net is showing, Okay?

by: Anonymous

wat u should wear is a pair of tan, white, or beige breeches, tall black boots, or paddock boots (depending how old u r) a riding jsacket, or a tailored jacket, a show shirt.( i would make it so it matches the horses tack, or ur breeches.)
and gloves would be a good idea too. (black or tan) and of course a helmet with velveteen. wear ur hair in a hairnet or tie it back in a pony tail or braid or bun. hope this helps!! :)

Me to the rescue!!!!
by: Anonymous


I understand why you are stressed, but hey you came to the right website and comment.

You will need probablly beige Breeches, Smart High Riding boots (black).
Proper Riding Helmet, you can find them from Horse stores or Ebay.
probably a White Top under neight.
Hope this helped bye.

p.s sorry aboyt my spellings (in a rush :) )

Help! What to wear to show?
by: Josline

For show jumping you will need:tan or beige breeches, show coat (ask about colors), tall riding boots,show helmet,hair net (optional) and you can add some personal colors. (if you like color but you cant wear bright colors,wear a colorful undershirt!)
Hope this helps
and good luck!!

Show clothing
by: Sydney

You will need a jacket - navy, black or pinstriped; show breeches (khaki), paddock boots or tall boots, garters unless you have tall boots, show shirt. Your hair should be in your helmet or in a bun on the neck or braids. At least this is what we wear in our shows. Have fun and good luck!!!

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My First Show

by Emily

I was so excited! I couldn't sleep the night before. It was a local show so I didn't have to be there that early because I was riding a lesson horse but I still woke up super early. I got up, got my breeches and a polo shirt on. I loaded up the truck with the cooler, lawn chairs and my tack box then climbed in the car with my mom and dad. I didn't say a word the whole way there as my nerves grew. Once we got there I was ready to throw up I was so scared. The place was huge! and all outdoor, so pretty.

My mom went with my trainer to get my registered while my dad helped me groom and tack up. Then I hopped on and headed up the hill to warm up. I came back down the hill to the trailer to chill until my first class. After a while, I changed into my show coat, climbed back on and headed to the gate. I looked over the course again, watched some other girls go and then it was my turn.

My horse refused 3 times, I forgot a jump and it was a mess. I didn't place in that class obviously. My trainer told me to shake it off and we'd try better in our flat classes. I ended up getting 6th place in Equitation on the flat and 1st place in Hunter on the flat.

Even though my horse had technically won the fist place and not me, I was still really happy :) Yes, we still have things to work on but hey for a first show, I think we did alright. It's definitely a show I'll never forget!

Comments for My First Show

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great job!
by: Sydney

I know how nervous you must have been at your first horse show but congrats on sticking with it! Hopefully the next one will be easier.

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The Great Fall

by Elizabeth

Ok so it was my first time going to a horse show. I ride English by the way and I jump. I was a nervous wreck horribly nervous. As you all know horses can tell when the rider is nervous. So it was my turn to go out into the arena for a jumping class. I was extremely nervous. It started out ok but than my horse spooked. My horse Belle took off and started bucking and rearing. All of the sudden I fall off my horse trips and lands on me. She rolls over me and knocks the jumps on to me. A couple hours later I woke up in the hospital with...... broken ribs, black eyes broken right leg broken left arm and bruised up every where.

Comments for The Great Fall

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I'm so sorry
by: Horse Jumper

I'm so sorry this happened are u ok?

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New horse and show story!

Well I got my first horse he is a dark bay welsh/poa gelding large pony his barn name is prince but I don't have a show name -_- so any suggestions? Not anything like prince charming! Original!

Now it was my last show of the season I was riding my leased small pony :) truffles and she is so sweet I love her :) so anyways it was my first trip in, the fist jump was a diagonal she refused and I flipped over! I got a 4th and 3rd in my other trips:)

so please comment a name for my horse!

Comments for New horse and show story!

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by: Anonymous

Court Jester

This is probably late but....
by: Horseluver4evernever

I think a cute name is...
Fit for a prince/king
Prince of your dreams
Ace of spades
Amir(prince in Arabic)
Dessert prince
Your majesty

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Show Jumping Event

by Sarah

A while ago I entered my chestnut Thoroughbred in a showjumping competition. It was really fun and my horse and I got 3rd place in our division!!

Comments for Show Jumping Event

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by: Adrienne

Wow! You look great! :)

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Naughty Horsey

by Caroline

It was your basic flat class. Walk, trot, canter, turn around and repeat. I had my horse in a snaffle bit which was not holding him back at all. My arms felt like falling off. Eventually I couldn't hold him back at the canter any longer. I let go for one second, my arms were killing me. That was enough.

He bolted like it was the Kentucky Derby. It got worse. He began to buck like a mad man. Then the worse of all. I saw a horse coming up. The horse was walking between the fence rail and a jump standard. There was no room for two horses to squeeze by. I pulled back with all my might but nothing worked. He ran right into the back of the horse. The horse bolted too. But he stopped after a few strides. Mine didn't.

Surprisingly I was still on. He bolted a little more and then he decided he had his fun and stopped. I was called to the middle and didn't receive a ribbon. I never thought you could be eliminated from a flat class except from falling off. I guess I was wrong.

Comments for Naughty Horsey

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Oh NO!
by: Julianna

That's suuper scary. No one was hurt I hope though!!! But it wasn't your fault, you tried and you didn't make it. Better luck next time :)

by: SuperSmily

That's scary. I hope no one got hurt!!!!!!!!!!

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Tips for any English rider!

by Jill

There are many things a judge looks for in an English rider. All judges are different. So experiment a little, and find out what he/she likes the best!

Here are my tips. They always, always, work for me. As you know, you can enter in an Equitation and Pleasure class.

Equitation is based on the rider. It's 30% horse, 70% rider. Be sure to keep your heels down, you knees relaxed, back straight, and looking straight. Also, this may feel a bit weird, but it's important. You want your hands very high, so your elbows form a perfect L shape. It's hard to maintain, especially at the canter. But it's very VERY important in equitation classes!

Pleasure classes are based on the horse. It's 30% rider, 70% horse. This class is the total opposite of Equitation. You want your horses' head as low as you can get it (unless you a riding a naturally high headed horse, such as a Freisian. The judge will know.)You want his head either level with the withers, or lower. You need to keep yours hands low. Place them just above you knees. The point of this class is to make it look like your horse is a pleasure to ride.

In Jumping, it really doesn't matter what you or your horse looks like. Just make sure you do two-point, and look up. Never look down at the ground or jump, or that's where you'll end up. If you are a beginner, always ride a horse that knows his strides and his leads. If you are more advanced, you can ride a horse that you have to force to do lead changes or get the right striding. On the course paper, it usually says how many feet are in between each jump. Let's say it's 12 feet. Divide it by four, and you get three. That's how many strides your horse should take. If you are riding a pony, you can usually fit in 3-5. Five is pushing it, however.

I hope this helped! I almost always win first or second when using what I just said. Good luck!

Comments for Tips for any English rider!

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Totally will use
by: Horselver4evernever

Im totally going to use this because the last pony I showed did this automatically but the pony I show this year is going to be a green so this advice will really help!!! Thnx!!!!

by: Anonymous


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Rainy Day

by Caroline

We spent a whole week getting our ponies ready to ride in an equitation show. As it was going to be my first show I was doing walk/trot on my amazing loaned pony Smoaky. I would have done jumping if it had been there, probably around 2 feet. (I now jump 2'6.)

We washed all the tack, the horses, and we rented show coats. I even bought new breeches and half-chaps for the occasion. My friend Cory, who hadn't called in time to get a place in the show, and I, woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready (she was a groom). But at 5:30 am, when we were about to leave, we heard thunder and saw lightning.

After about 2 weeks of preparation and nervousness, it started pouring down. And my riding instructor called and said that obviously, we couldn't go. I am going to bigger shows (still haven't been in one) in the fall, though.

And hopefully jumping shows, I'm best at it and I love the feeling. ]<3 Smoaky!!

Comments for Rainy Day

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Rainy day
by: Whitney

Soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooolll!!!

Your horse is so cute!
by: Katie

There are always other shows, and your horse is so cute!!!

by: Allison

P.S. I am for Texas 2!!!!!!!!!

What stables do you ride at?

by: Allison

That just sounds horrible!!! That happened to me 1 time i was soooooo disappointed!!!

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Help with Latte

by Kylie

Okay, my horse latte is crazy! He is a professional barrel horse and I love him to death but he is a little hard to control even on the trail. When he is in the arena he is even harder to control and I've never shown him.

What should I do!?!??!??!

Comments for Help with Latte

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hope this helps
by: ScytheFilly

Most likely as barrel horse, he is always going to be hot, they are bred to run and run hard. Latte is going to require loooots of riding, lunging, etc to keep his energy levels manageable. I would suggest taking a few weeks riding only at a walk until he is respectful, then move to a trot. If he becomes ency or hot while trotting go back to a walk and continue this until he learns that when he is behaved that he can have freedom. :)

Head low?
by: Anonymous

I think maybe you should work a little harder on him and my coach and many riders have suggested keeping ur horses head low and collected. I find it easier to help ur horse.

If that does not work, maybe u need to just spend some more time with ur little guy
My horse is the same!!!

some suggestions
by: Sydney from

Check out some suggestions from other horsecrazygirls here: Latte on Facebook

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The Fall

by Ebonys Sugar Pine

Hey there 2 or 3 years ago I was riding a little white pony named Blaze he was half Welsh and Half Arb. I loved him cuase he was small like me he was only 12.3 hh with a long white mane. We were at our second year showing together and I decided to start jumping a few days before the show and when i got there I went over a 2.6" jump and I was still leaning when we landed and I went over top of his Right shoulder and hit the ground Hard as could be of course there was people around watching and me on the ground and when i opened my eyes and saw myself on the ground i thought maybe my brother pushed me out of the car and drove off. I was a little mixed up till i looked the other way and saw Blaze running still. I went to the Hospital and they said i had a Cacaution and both my back, arm and leg hurt like heck. I had another show to go to a week after and I was not suppose to ride for a week and half but i did not care and i just hoped up and rode at that next show. And that was my first bad fall off of my pony Blaze . Sadly we had him on lease and he had to go back to his owners and now I just heard and found out he has a really bad founder case and he can barely walk now. :(

Comments for The Fall

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by: Julianna

That horse looks exactly like my horse, Dingo!!! And Dingo is a half Welsh half Arab tooo!!!!!!!!1

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How good do you have to be to be in a horse show?

by Claire
(Flordia (for now))

I was wondering how good you have to be to be in a horse show? Do you have to pay? If you do how much?

Please respond!

Thank you! Or in german Duncah

Comments for How good do you have to be to be in a horse show?

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by: Anonymous

dont worry about being good enough for shows! there r shows for all levels! there r even shows for little kids, with someone leading them! anyway, shows at novice, elementry etc, r about maybe 10 or so dollars for dressage. they arnt very expensive, but national and regional and stuff would be more. hope tis helps!

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Oxford Trail Riders

by horselover490

Hey girls,

I've been riding for 8 years now and been in alot of shows. But my first show I rode in Western pleasure and I can't tell you how nervous I was.

I've got a tip for all of you girls out there that haven't been in a show before. Just go out there and just think, it's you and your horse no one else just like when you practice. I kept doing that and now I compete in hunter under saddle.

Hope my tip helps,


Comments for Oxford Trail Riders

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that sounds cool!!

Good tip
by: Sydney

I am going to be in my second show November 9th. I'll remember your tip! Wish me luck. :-)

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The Best Birthday Ever!

by Sydneys Mom
(Florida USA)

It was my birthday and we thought we might go to Disney for the day. (You get in free on your birthday.) But we discovered Sydney had a horse show that day. That was fine with me.

Sydney had only been in two horse shows before and she was supposed to be in crossrails. However, another girl from her horseshow was riding Poncho (the horse she rides at her barn) in crossrails. So Sydney had so advance to the mini stirrups class. I am not totally sure what the difference is, but mini stirrups is harder because you have to keep your horse at a canter.

Sydney really wanted to win me a blue ribbon for my birthday. But I told her not to worry, I would be happy no matter how she did. Truthfully, I didn't think it was likely she would win a blue ribbon because she had never competed in mini stirrups, and had little show experience. In addition, it was a full class with eight or ten girls competing.

Imagine how excited we both were when they announced that Sydney had won a blue ribbon for one of her rounds! I had tears in my eyes. I was so happy for her.

I'll always remember that as the best birthday present!

Comments for The Best Birthday Ever!

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by: Julianna

That is the greatest and a really touching story.

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The Terror of Barrel Racing

by Danielle

I clung to the reins my palms sweating inside my leather gloves. I took my gloves off and wiped them on my chaps, then I fixed my black cowgirl hat. The gate opened and justice flew out bolted around the barrel. Justice bucked reared and leaped as I clung on,the last thing I remember was flying to the ground and tasting blood and horse hoofs pounding me in the face, stomach and legs.

I woke up in the hospital with dried blood cuts, my lip was swollen and I had a cast on my leg and arm. There were stitches all over me. I couldn't ride, not because I couldn't, I didn't want to. My mom held me close as I limped to the gelding paddock. I sunk my hand into Justice's mane, she nuzzled me. I had the dream of the rodeo, of the terror of barrel racing. I knew I would ride again someday but not today.

Comments for The Terror of Barrel Racing

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by: Anonymous

awwww. that's so sad, maybe u can get over ur deal with ur horse. just keep trying.

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For english horse shows...

by Claire

For english horse shows how good do you have to be? My instructor said I was not ready but she did not ride english. I think I am good.(not to bragg) I have been riding for 4 years. How can I fix my self up to be in a horse show? Can you give me hints on like you know keep your heels down and helpful stuff like that? That would be so great! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Comments for For english horse shows...

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by: Molly

I have been riding for 4 years also, i own a horse and i have 50 show ribbons. some tips for riding English are below.

-- when posting your trot, remember to rise and fall with the leg on the wall. (when the horses leg that is closest to the rail is in front of the other, you should be up in the air!)

-- Try to keep your heels down at all times! try using your knees to keep them down!

-- When you are turning, point your belly button in the direction you want you horse to go.

-- when posting, when you are up in the air, move your hands down. When sitting while posting, put your hands up!

-- when you want to canter, make sure you are in the center of the saddle, lean back, and make the kissing noise!

Hope these will help!

UR first show
by: Delaney

You do'nt have to be good! But if you've been riding for 4 years you should be ready! My first show was after i had been riding for 2 or 3 years maybe....But you shouldn't be told your not good enough! If you feel you aren't getting what your paying for then go to another riding school! Because I didn't win my first show! In fact i don't think i even placed in anything! I was disqualified in the flat class for falling off. But I believe that if I had won that first show i wouldn't be as good as I am today! I think loosing made me want to learn harder so that maybe next show I would place! I have been riding for 5 or 6 years now and still showing in the spring at county fair shows!

I know!
by: Barrel Racer

When I first did English my Instructor was always yelling at me and telling me that I needed alot more work before I could go into shows but me and my mom and dad both felt that I was ready. And she denied, so I just switched over to Western and I like it alot better!

Have fun!!!
by: Anonymous

Just remember, have fun with it. If you have fun with it, your horse will too. You guys will look more relaxed and the judge will notice that. I have been doing dressage for some time now and i always do best when i dont worry about it. Take it easy and slow, whatever happens, happens. It will give you more experience for the next show and you will know what to expect. Have good expectations and set realistic goals for you and your horse.

Just remember, have fun!

tips for show
by: Anonymous

Don't stress and worry, if you do so will your horse he/she will catch on to you being uneasy and not know what to do. REMAIN CALM! As for the heels, for me (in a show) the more I am constantly thinking about it in working in it in the show ring is making it worse, when you warm up you can practice and make sure but when you enter the ring put your heels down and try to keep them their without worrying so much,instead put your consentration on your horse(he/she needs your concentration more than your heels). remember diagonals, proper leads and a big smile and I am sure you will be fine! good LUCK!!!!!!!!

fellow horse enthusiast

Horse Shows
by: Anonymous

Horse shows can be very stressful, and i give anyone who competes credit. They are a lot of fun and require complete trust in your mount. i have been to a couple of shows, though i have been in a lot of classes. i have won 3 firsts, 5 3rds, 4 fourths and 3 fifths. i have been riding for 7 years so i know a lot about it. here are the basic tips for a great ride:
-Heels down!!
-eyes up
-arms bentat the elbow, hands up. (not high, just enough to make sure the judge can see them; it looks bad if u look like u have no hands!)
-comfortable seat
-DIAGNOAL! this is very important!
- the right lead when your cantering! also very important!
-sit up straight
it feels great when you place, but the point of showing is to have fun; sit back and relax; enjoy your self!!
good luck, i hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

I've been riding for 4 years also. I've been to 2 shows so far. I'm not the best but I've gotten a:
1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th place ribbon. I honestly think I should have waited another couple months to start showing to be totally confident. I also suggest going to a show to watch a couple times before you actually enter. I didn't do that and I thought I was really confident and ready to go but man does the show atmosphere freak you out if you don't know what you're expecting!! Helpful hints:
-Eyes up, look where you're going
-keep your heels down
-sit up straight
-toes in (not pointed out)
-flat wrists
-elbows in
-slight bend at the elbow
-relaxed seat
-follow the horses movement
-stay on the rail all the way around, HUG the rail! it's your friend!!
-after jumps, stay STRAIGHT!
-watch your diagonal, you won't place well if you're on the wrong diagonal. You're lucky to place at all if you don't catch it
-same goes for canter leads

good luck, have fun!! :)

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Perfect First Pony Her name is "Lady" or " Lady Bug"

by Arianna

Dream Pony!

Dream Pony!

This is lady she is a welsh pony. Lady was my first pony. I remeber when we went to go look at her the first day she had not been out in the pasture for a while so she was excited and got testy with me. But that didnt effect anything. I still loved her and new she had to be mine. I loved Lady so much. she was an old gal but she still got around. At the horse shows i always placed 3rd and higher. I remeber one time at a horse show I got high point and i was rewarded 5 red ribbons(second place), two 2 white ribbons
(third place), and a blue halter that said high point on it. I was so proud of myself. But I was even more proud of my pony. I always knew that i owned a champion. She had the biggest heart.She was my sister and I loved her. As I got older, I decided that I needed a bigger, stronger, faster horse. And Lady was ready to retire. We sold her to a little girl who we knew would love her and care for her. We actually lived close to her because the people who bought her were the people we bought our hay from. LOL :). Months went by and we were in Mexico on vaccation. We were sitting around our place when my mom asked me...
" What would you say if I told you Lady passed on"? I told her that I would be sad and it would hurt me. But i would understand if she did. She told me that Lady had passed away... I cried and I was hurt..but I told my mom that I did understand that Lady was old and that I understood that it was her time to go. All I could do was try to remember all of the good times I had with her. That wasnt hard at all because my whole life with Lady was absoloutly perfect. I loved going to the gaming shows with her and she loved them to. She loved being bathed and given treats. I loved taking care of her. She was my angel and I knew she was in a better place now. Lady died in 2007. She was the best pony any little kid could dream to have. Thank you Lady for being the best pony for me. I will never forget you. You will always fill a spot in my heart. I love you.

Comments for Perfect First Pony Her name is "Lady" or " Lady Bug"

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by: Nicole

I know how you feel I used to have a little white pony named Whitey and we would barrel race and do Gymkanas and all that stuff and I love her soo much but she later got older and died. Greatest wishes to you and Lady, Nicole

by: wolfie

I had apony named Copper.He died and I was soooooooooooooooooooooo sad.He will always be my fav pony.

by: Anonymous

sooooooo sad but u are right she is in a better place!

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uh oh

by hannah
(nebraska , bellevue)

It was the high jump and jolleyrancher had just got a pep talk from me. Our names were called.! i knew he was stressed he dosen't like the high jump! so i gave him his fave jolleyrancher (blueberry) yumm.!

he was ready to go we had to go right then we went over the first two jumps and the third jump he bucked me off like a bucking bronco i went flying in to the audience face planting in to horse crap!!!! crap !!! i screamed it totally was embarrassing

Comments for uh oh

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by: abby albrecht

Thats happened to me on my pony jumper teddy. He kicked out over the jump and I went flying off hard. I actually broke my arm too.

by: Sophie

That reminds of when I was at a horse show and i made a doggie pile on top of my friends and they threatend to throw me in horse manure! GROSS!

by: Claire

Ouch! THat must have hurt! And it was probably gross too!

by: Christina

That happened to me before too! I felt sooo stupid! lol.

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My first show

by Sydney a HorseCrazyGirl!
(Florida USA)

At my first show, I rode a pony from our barn named Sparky (his show name is Fairy Dust). We had so much fun. It was a small show but I really liked it and Sparky was so sweet. We won three ribbons.

Comments for My first show

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Hi Sydney

That's cool! Three ribbons in your first show is pretty good. Sparky is so gorgeous, he really reminds me of my first pony who looked just like him. Nice pic -SUMMER

by: Allie

Sparky looks adorable!!!

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I have an Arabian horse..of all my horses he is my fav.! i have a palomino, Oldenburg, and 3 thoroughbreds...and much more at the barn i plan on adopting another horse from the SPCA or another shelter for horses,i think its really nice how a lot of the money does to the other horses in need..anyways my show story is about this show i did when i was showing in short stirrup div. (im a hunter jumper) i work with my horse 6 days a week and we were definitely ready to show i came off my 4th jump and i lost my balance and fell on my horses neck,i could feel he wanted my off but he didn't stop cantering he kept going (but not as fast)i got my balance back and i thank him every day cuz' he just never let me down

i would also like to say R.I.P. Mystical and Tory u girls lay too rest next too each other.We will ride again someday <3
-ily girls

Comments for Love<3

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by: Christina

Do you love me too? lol.

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My first English Show!

by Autumn

At the beginning of fall, I had sent my horse to my friends for a training refresher. I knew my friend would make me show her before the season was up, so when I got a text saying there was going to be a horse show the next day, I said I would go. Thinking, it was going to be a western show like all the other ones I competed in, I loaded up my tack and headed to her house. When I got there, I saw her loading her english saddles.
"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh just loading up tack for the show!" she replied in a cheery voice.

"Isn't it a western show?" I asked hesitantly.

"No silly, its English!" she stated.

At that moment, I started to freak out because I had only been on an English saddle once and it wasn't even with the horse I was showing.

"No, I ain't showing!" I quickly stated as my friends boyfriend grabbed me from behind and shoved me in the truck.

I ended up going and I ended up getting stuck on an english saddle.... against my will. My friend told me, ah you'll be fine, but my horse thought, ah I start to rear. So long story short, I ended up being led into the arena on a rearing horse and ended up posting for the first time. At the end of the class, I started to trot out of the arena but I was told stay... for another class.

At the end of that class, I finally got to exit and untack my horse. Thinking I wouldn't place, I ignored the announcements and went to the truck. A few moments later my friend trotted her horse down to me and told me I had taken third in both classes.

This story just shows that you don't know what you can do until you try!

Comments for My first English Show!

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by: Anonymous

I would love to have such a gorgeous black horse like him/she! You are soo lucky <3

by: Autumn

She is a Tennessee Walking Horse!

by: Anonymous

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Midnight is SOOOOO pretty what breed is he or she?

by: Sydney

What a story! How brave to compete without even knowing how to ride English...! Congrats!

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Won Grand Champion!

by Sammie

I was showing this pony named Fatty and his name suits him. I've been riding him for 3 years, almost 4 now.

I had 4 classes two w/t/c and two jumping courses only like 2 feet. After the classes and everything I won GRAND CHAMPION IN SHORT STIRRUP and you had to go to the 3 of the shows and I only went to 2 shows and still won!

I had some pretty good scores and everything! :) one of the coolest days ever and I won a photobook with the ribbon. :)

Comments for Won Grand Champion!

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Good job!
by: Coco

Wow u and ur horse look AMAZING!

by: Cassy

Wow that is so cool!! Your horse is sooo adorable by the way!!!!!!

by: Julianna

Wow! You look great, congrats!

by: brenda

you are very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First show, please help!

by Jasmine
(Goulburn, NSW, Australia)

I am going to one of the Equine shows located near me this weekend (Tarago Show, Australia). I am entering the Quarter horse led and Ridden gelding - Rider 13 yrs & under 15 yrs (Hacking classes); Rider 15 yrs & under 17 yrs; and Prep 3 dressage test.

This is my first show and I am not sure if I have to salute the judge at the end of the test and what to do in the hacking classes.

I would really appreciate help and am hoping to win some ribbons and get a good result in the dressage test.


Comments for First show, please help!

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by: reina

i think you salute the judge before and after. To help you out more see what the kids before you are doing.

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Warm-up Fall

by Eliza

I was showing at the Youth Round Up in MN. This was my second show of the day and the horse I was showing, Valesano (otherwise known as Val, and I where riding around the warm-up ring before entering our class. So we where cantering around the the rider cantering in front of me pulled into the trot.

I steered Val around them but it was near the edge of the ring so the dirt wasn't as compacted. Val tripped because of the soft dirt and I was tossed from the saddle. Unfortunately when I fell over his head I brought the reins with me and he got his hoof tangled in the reins.

For me it was all a blur, one minute I was in the saddle, the next I was laying in the dirt. I was awake the minute I hit the ground. I was fine, and actually was more frightened that Val was hurt. I started to get up when a woman rushed up, "I'm a nurse! I'm a nurse!" She made me lay back down. Then another woman came up saying that she was also a nurse. So I lay there.

The only thing that hurt was my lip because I bit it. Then they called the EMT, who the stable girls were teasing me about because he was 22 and really quite cute, came over and he looked my over for broken bones and bleeding etc. I was fine and once I got my mother's ok I got back on Val, he was fine too, (It's actually amazing. He had his legs tangled and he stayed still, just looking at me.)

We went into the arena and I won second place! It turns out the other stable girl I was competing against was more nervous than I was. I felt so touched that she was more nervous for my sake than I was. It really goes to show you how much your stable mates can be your second family!!

Comments for Warm-up Fall

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So true
by: Anonymous

That is so true and it even people that do not go to your barn but you know from other barns are really like family it pretty much just adds up to any one in the horse world being family.

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First jumping show in a week! Help!

by Taylor

I have shown for over 5 years now (western and english) and I have recently started jumping.
I am doing a 18" hunter hack course a week. My trainer is mostly about western pleasure and stuff like that, and she doesn't want me to "ruin" my horse by doing jumping. I don't see how you can ruin a horse by jumping 18"!

But anyways she refuses to teach me jumping and that's what I need help on. I know the basics, (taught myself 2 point, release, etc.) and my horse knows the basic's to, she just doesn't tuck her legs under her when we jump. Is that okay?

The class I am showing in it only has 2 jumps, about 2 strides away from each other. I haven't exactly practiced spacing so I need help.
Any jumping tips are needed!!!

Comments for First jumping show in a week! Help!

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It's going to be great
by: Stefi with Shadow, Cappuccino and Minty


I've been owning and riding horses since I was 2, (Well, my mom owned them before me)
I started jumping when I was 8 and I found out being bigger does help! I do hunter now and I love every minute of it!

# Keep your heels down,
They are your security in the saddle so you won't easily fall off, also helps you keep a tighter leg and that's important for hunters!

# Eyes up
If you're turning towards your fence, look at your fence until you're straight and aligned with it.
Look straight ahead, not at your next fence, as you go over your fence, keep your eyes up, but make sure you can move your head, you want to look natural in the ring.

# Jumping Position
Jumping position is very important. Here's my tip: Merely push your feet out of the stirrups and keep your hip soft and your back straight.
If you're trotting, your pony might not make such a huge effort and just trot over it.
You don't want to be half up your pony's neck when he's barely lifting his feet! :P
If you are cantering (or going at a face paced trot) the momentum of the jump is enough to bend your angles and let's you have a good jump.
Keep the recovery small, if your fences are close together.
If you cantering, just recover a bit from your pony's neck and continue.
If your trotting, post a bit and post all the way to the base.

In hunters, make it look like everything you're doing right is on purpose.
Everything you're doing wrong is by accident.
Be with your body language
"I meant to trot"
"I meant to keep my eyes up"
"I didn't mean to put my eyes down, I'm putting them up"

Always show the judge that you love to ride and it's always fun!

Thank the people around you for advice, loans, etc and if you see the judge thank him/her for coming out to judge the show.

you'll be fine
by: cyril_123

Just concentrate what you are doing and look up and keep your heels down GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

by: lily

Basically I have been riding for ages so what you have to do is pretend you are doing just one jump then after you have done one jump kick on and sit up!!! Lily

I agree
by: Horse jumper

I agree with Katie I just started English riding and I plan to jump what I do is just watch YouTube.

by: Anonymous

18" feels like nothing when you jump. Just remember to keep your heels down and look up when you jump. If your horse is slow do a large hunter's circle.(A hunters circle is a circle you do before and after you jump. Remember to do it or you won't place.)

You'll be fine
by: Katie

To begin with, your horse doesn't need to really tuck it's legs over an 18" jump. It's too small for them to need to. Also your two point should have 2 parts of your butt touching the saddle with your eyes up, back straight and arms forward. Over an 18" jump, you don't need to reach very far forward, just enough to release on your horse's mouth. Also, start to feel and count your canter strides. Have someone watch you and count out loud at each stride to help you get a feel for that and then once you know your strides (if you already don't although I'm pretty sure you do(;) then take your horse over the jumps, your horse should be able to adjust his stride with a little help from you. I've been jumping my whole riding career and have had to retrain my horse from the ground up in everything including jumping:). Hope this helps!

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Crazy True Story!!!

(Hampton Bible Horse Camp)

Last year I went to this summer horse camp for a week and we did this horse show with our lesson horses.

My horse was a palomino appaloosa with a few spots on her back. I braided her tail and mane and brushed her. I chose the black saddle and put it on her. I put on the lead rope, and she started walking. I was about to get on her when she stepped on my foot!!! I was lucky I didn't break my foot. I got on carefully, and I started trotting towards the end. I turned around and cantered towards the jump.

Once my horse got over, I celebrated. I couldn't wait for my next turn. I started riding towards the exit when I lost control and my horse and it started galloping and jumped over again and again while I held on for my life until I put my feet back in the stirrups. I grabbed the reins and stopped the horse before it ran into the electric fence!!!

I have never rode a horse since!!!

Comments for Crazy True Story!!!

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by: Anonymous

I agree with TheCougar. You might have even gotten on sooner because the longer you wait the more your going to be afraid because you will work it up in you head that all these things could happen and you don't want to go on one. Don't read or listen to stories about dangerous situations or you will be frightened because I listened to something that happened with my mom and cried every time i got on a horse and no I can't wait to ride a horse everyday (not that I do,I go to a monthly camp) and I love to gallop and run o him like he is a racehorse, and he gets jittery if I don't!

I hope I helped

by: TheCougar

I suggest, since you say you haven't ridden since the camp, that you try again, starting slow; maybe just at a stable hand. I understand (possibly) why you've chosen not to ride anymore. But I also know how to overcome that. The only thing you lack is assistance. You need a good trainer (group or private lessons) to help you be proactive. A good trainer would help you learn exactly how to keep a horse from even think about bolting.

Please rethink your riding career, because horses, though they are big and dangerous creatures, are beautiful and rewarding as well. I'd be surprised if you replied you didn't miss riding ;)
Please comment back; I'd like to see what you think.

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First Show

by Lizzie
(Cedarburg, WI, USA)

This is Me and Stormy at the show

This is Me and Stormy at the show

On my very fist horse show I didn't think I do very well. In the middle of the day before my classes I wasn't even going to ride. But I decided to try it and guess what? I came home with two blue ribbons and a fifth place. The classes I won were both equitation and I had to post with out stirrups for three laps in a very big area. Every time I went past my trainer she would just say, "I know it hurts Lizzie but just keep smiling". I was the only won posting which really amazed me because I thought the competition would be really stiff. I rode the love of my life, my pony Stormy. He's a 14 hand Quarter Pony. I love him so much even though he can be a royal pain.

Comments for First Show

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great job!!
by: MaryluvsPonies

Congratulations!!! Stormy looks like a sweetie.

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First Hunter Trials ever!!!

by Morgan

I've got a pony but I'm taking my friend's horse to a Hunter Trials because she can't- she's embarrassed about beating the same opponent again-.

It's a 2'6 course and the horse I'm taking, Melody, is 14.2hh. She's a supposed Arabian cross but that's very doubted. Anyway, it's my first ever Hunter Trials and it's in April.

I am going to take her cross country to practice but Melody likes to go very fast. I've jumped up to 1m on her and she never refuses or runs out. Once she see's a jump, she fixes her gaze onto it and gains speed to clear it. But then she gains too much speed and takes off early or late. We've tried lunging her over jump, walking over jumps with her, everything.

She doesn't like half-halts and even though I still use them, she yanks her head down whenever you try. Please help! She likes to yank her head hard down when she does canter to trot, straight after a jump, cantering a circle, extending or collecting trot or canter, quite a lot. We use a lot of different kinds of martingales but she finds tricks to get out of using them. We really need some tips but please don't act like a know-it-all. I don't want to seem mean but people are always acting like they know everything about you and your horse just by reading something. Thanks!

Comments for First Hunter Trials ever!!!

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Hope this helps!
by: Katie

One thing that I do that helps my horse to not rush jumps is to do lots of grids and bounces. I also stop her right in front of the jump when she really starts getting strong against me and then I'll also create a line but stop her between the two jumps so that way she's constantly having to listen back to me. Also I saw a video on YouTube in which you create (for example) a four stride line and try to collect the horse enough to get 5, 6, and 7 strides between the two jumps:). For the head pulling down (my horse used to do this all the time!). I popped her in the mouth so that it was painful for her to pull down instead of keep in the frame I wanted (keep in mind, my horse got very far on the forehand when she pulled down, sometimes enough to pull me out of the saddle) :). Every horse is different and these are some of the things that helped me with my horse. She is much different from other horses so just keep trying until you find something that works!

by: Sydney from

I am not an expert by any means or a trainer. However, I can give you some tips that I have found helpful. One thing I find helpful, when a horse I'm riding fixates on a jump, is to try to get the horse as close to the jump as possible and then circle away until they relax then jump the jump. Another technique I find helpful is also softening my hand when my horse sees the jump. One last thing I find helpful when my horse yanks his head down is to set my hands on my half pad so he is pulling against himself. Hope this helps.

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IEA show

by Hannah

This was the last show of the IEA season before semi finals.In IEA they randomly choose a horse name and a rider name and whatever horse you get is who you ride. I got a 2nd in my jumping class and 1st in my flat class.My team qualified and now were going to semi finals. if we qualify in semi finals, then we go to Gorgia for the Finals.Its realy exciting.

Comments for IEA show

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Charles Owen
by: Anonymous

im going to get a charlesowen is it ok its pink and black

by: poalevi9

Hey by any chance is Levi short for Leviticus like in the bible because I have an Appy that is white with red spots and mane and tail and his name is Levi too, hence the name poalevi9

by: Hannah

today were the semi-finals. I got first and our team came in third for points. now we are going to georgia!

by: Anonymous

good luck at finals

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A Fun Show!!!!

by MJ

I have to tell you my story!! I must!

I was in summer camp so it was sorta a show.
My parents came to camp and we had practiced EVERY spare second on this. I was nervous because there were two groups that had a totally different routine. In the middle of the week I had to switch groups so they told us to go but I didn't know what to do.

Finally we did something for parents and we cantered around the ring then did the routine. We all did great including me! After that we had judges at camp. For them, we did stuff like barrel racing (we did three things. Guess what I won third place in everything. Barrel racing, I almost had second!

Please comment I want to know what you think.

Comments for A Fun Show!!!!

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by: Horse Lover123

I love Barrel Racing! It is so fun, so I think that is so great!!!! :)

fun show
by: mckenna s

congrats on placing 3rd i hope i could do that. glad u had fun at the summer camp.

Ok . . . erm . . . what kind of things did you have to do?

What kind of things did you have to do? Although we must say it's pretty cool coming third in everything!

your show
by: Sydney

looks like you really had a great time! and congratulations for placing third!

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Hunter Hack?

by Reana

I'm going to a show on Saturday and I'm jumping in Hunter Hack over 2 2' jumps. Do I do a Hunters Circle?

Comments for Hunter Hack?

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by: Anonymous

Yes you do.

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My 1st Horse Show

In my first horse show, I rode a buckskin pony named Denver, I did 3 jumping classes and 1 flat class.

Here are the results:

Flat: 4th place
1st jumping class: 1st place
2nd jumping class: 2nd place
3rd jumping class: 1st place

I also earned the over-all reserve champion ribbon!

I was SOOOOO proud of Denver!!

Comments for My 1st Horse Show

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by: Anonymous

I don't lease Denver, he's the horse I ride in my lessons (or at least I did) and he's AWESOME! I ride at stonehaven farms in Temperance Michigan and they have a lot of different horses with different levels of riding.

If you are looking for a place to ride and do shows, you should go to

P.S. at Stonehaven, they have schooling shows every couple of months, and if you're a really good rider you would be jumping higher jumps than in the picture.

P.S.S. I jump way higher now than what it shows in the picture.

by: bettie

Was Denver your horse or were you leasing hi? And what show did you enter? Those are some nice and easy jumps!!! I'm trying to convince my mom to lease a horse for me to go to shows. A friend of my mom has a daughter who did that and ended up in state, she goth 5th I think.

by: Sydney

great job!!! go Denver!!!

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My First Horse Show

by LAhorsegirl95

A few months ago I went to my first show. I could have gone sooner but my family sold our trailer a year ago and we're looking for a new one.

But anyway, I was riding a small pony who is really terrified of ribbons and flags and stuff (because one time in a parade a color guard ran at him and scared him) but anyway, he's taught me everything about riding, and so we were taking him to a local show (hunter jumper).

First of all we took him in warm up and we did okay on the flat (considering they had about 35 riders in a relatively small ring) but then we started to warm up over fences. We had been doing a lot of desensitization with flowers and such, leading up to the show…but over fences there was one jump and every time we went over it he would take off.

Well because it was close quarters (and there were a few barns who thought they owned the place and would send one of their riders down the line while you were already going down it on one side, forcing you to pull out) my mom/trainer took me and her students out of warm up.

We decided not to put the pony in any jumping classes and just to stick with flat classes because she wanted my first show to be fun for me and for my pony and we would just stick to me schooling him more at home to get him ready for jumping at the next show. Well that was fine with me.

So they start the first jumping class and it was pretty simple with the same jumps in warm up, and all of the sudden the horse goes to that one jump that my pony kept spooking at, and he flips out, refuses, rears up and tosses his rider. So that was that, and the next rider comes in. At that same jump, her horse refused the jump then bucked over it, and took off.

This seemed to be a reoccurring event, as 5 riders were tossed at that same jump, and 7 horses refused and nearly threw their riders too.

All this time, no one from the show grounds came out to check and see what was wrong with that particular jump. Well finally after all the mishaps, right before the last rider went out to jump, one of the people on the show staff came out and inspected the jump and said “There seems to be a family of birds roosting in the jump.” (It was a cross rail with two large plants on either side.)

She didn’t do anything to get rid of the birds she just walked away and the next rider came out and was tossed at that same jump.

So the jumping did not go well but I went out and got a ribbon in every class I rode in. All were large classes and I got two seconds, one third, and one fifth.

So just as were packing it in, very satisfied with the day that seemed to be coming to a close, a friend of a friend came up and said “Well you have stirred up some drama.”

He then explained that people were outraged at my results, and that I was getting in the way of their children, who were trying to qualify for points, for year end champion.

The judge said that I had good equitation, and he couldn’t not pin me. So even though I didn’t get any blue ribbons our friend said that I probably would have if 1. I had competed in over fences, and 2. If the judges were not afraid, they would upset any people competing for points.

So I’m not trying to brag with this story, but I am very proud of myself as I have had to overcome many obstacles and fears that I have had…most of them silly stories that I am sure will make it up here on this site at one point or another.

My next show is coming up in a few weekends and my barn is suppose to be taking on, an extremely “known” barn at that particular show, and they sponsor most of the divisions and let’s just say that their riders always pin.

One of the riders also use to be a friend of mine but…she turned out to be a 100% snob, and ended up leaving our barn because my mom wouldn’t give her free services just because we were friends. So…tune in for my next dramatic chapter in this here world of horses.

By- LAhorsegirl95

Comments for My First Horse Show

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First is the Worst
by: Anonymous

Your first show really can be the worst! But it gets alot easier. I mean I had the same problem as you but now I am going to shows Every weekend!!

by: Anonymous

This one barn sponsors a lot and stinks but still bets every one. If you are really really good you win some but not a lot.

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HELP!!! Refusal issues!

by Kaitie

Okay. I've had the same horse for five years. We're the perfect match and he's the most amazing boy in the entire world. We know each other inside and out. At home, schoolings, and lessons we don't have any problems with refusing and he jumps everything he sees like a dream. But at shows I get nervous, really nervous and he senses it. On course walks I tend to look at the jumps and pick which ones I think he will have trouble with and those are the ones he always refuses. I'm not sure if that's because I know him so well or because I get myself worried about that jump and he senses it. Sometimes he goes over everything perfect but most of the time we end up getting eliminated on the first couple of jumps. The last show we went to was last week, a Pony Club rally. He did amazing all throughout eventing and had the best clear round of his life in showjumping and only one refusal on cross country. However, we didn't get through one showjumping course besides the eventing one and on the last day didn't even get over the first jump :(. So he proved that he is can behave in the ring with that clear round but I'm clueless as to what I did different that time. Any ideas on how to get him to go over everything? Please help.

Comments for HELP!!! Refusal issues!

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Heres some tips:
by: Anonymous

Ok so I own a 4 year old Tb and i am teaching him to jump and i know it can be very tricky so here are some tips:

First of all don't be nervous. . . Horses can sense that and cause them to act up. Second figure out what your horse does. . . Does he like to go to the left or right when he refuses?If he does guard that side with your leg and ride strong. That's how i do it! Thanks for your story.



Hope this helps.
by: Delaney

I havent taken this pony to any shows or anything yet but he used to refuse any jumps that had like flowers stripes etc... and i was sore so i asked my trainer if we could lunge him over the jumps he thought was scary. We didn't force him we just gently coaxed him over them with the lunge whip. Nowadays he jumps like a dream! He rarely refuses any jumps. But if that doesn't work then if he starts drifting out to the side when approaching push him with that leg gently like a half pass and talk to him in a comforting voice and that may work.

I really really hope this helps!

by: Lizzy

Instead of thinking which jumps he'll refuse, think of the jumps that you know he'll make it over, then concentrate on those jumps.

Also, relax and have fun, don't worry about winning, you'll do better if you're confident, because your horse will sense it, and he'll be confident to take on the jumps that may be challenging for him.

by: Alexiea

Talk to him sofly and encourage him. He will eventually go.

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My Very First Horse Show

by Kristi

I still remember my very first horse show to this day.

A couple years ago in July, I visited a horse camp that I go to each year. The only change was that we were going to show at a fair! We trained long and hard during the week, and finally the show came.

We paired up with our friends and hopped into the trailer, and off we were! The whole time I was grooming my mount, my stomach was flip=flopping. This was one day I didn't want to make any mistakes at all!

So finally the show came. First was showmanship. I completely blew it! My mind was all over the place, and I wasn't focused at all. We didn't even place in that event!

Next was ages 10+ western pleasure. Kit Kat and I attempted to stay focused, and do our best. It worked! We got 2nd in that class. My mind was completely focused, and I didn't let Kit Kat lose focus at all, either.

There were many classes in between, some we watched, some we were in. Then it all came down to my last class entry. Pony pleasure.

I was so tired, and was scared of the next class. I had wanted so badly to get 1st! We all loaded the arena, and we were off! Walking, Trotting, and Loping around the arena, we went. Roll backs, stops, collection, and more. Kit Kat and I were in 'game mode'! The judge called us to the center, and asked each of us to back up. Kit Kat moved off my seat smoothly. Now the judge went to the announcer to tell the placings.

"In 3rd place ..." The announcer said another girl's name. I smiled at her.

"In 2nd place ..." The announcer said one of my best friend's names, I flashed her a smile too.

"And last, but not least, our first place winner is!" The announcer paused for dramatic effect. I held my breath. "Kristi and Sweet As A Kit Kat!" My instructor, parents, and friends all jumped up and down screaming. I have done it!

Now years later I look back on that experience. It comes with a few life lessons: A.) announcers always pause for dramatic effects B.) Never sell yourself short and C.)If you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

Good luck on showing, HCGs'!!

Comments for My Very First Horse Show

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Congrats on your first place ribbon!
by: Sydney

What a great story!! You must have been so excited. Congrats to you both...

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Barrel racing!!!!!!!!!

by Makenzi

I'm not an english rider but I do ride horses!!! I barrel race in tx. and I love it!!!! I've won buckles and halters and all kinds of other stuff!! It's fun some girls who ride english should try western. ANd people who ride western DO NOT abuse their horses the horses just like to RUN!!!!!

Comments for Barrel racing!!!!!!!!!

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barrel racing
by: Emma and blaze

I love horses so much and just got my first horse!
His name is blaze and he's a 5yr old sorrel QH gelding, he's just amazing and I'm training him on barrel racing. So far so good, he's a fast one!

Dont bother cowboy I was looking at your horse
by: Barrel racer

I love barrel racing and I have been riding horses before I could even walk, and have been doing barrel racing for about 9 years now. I love my horse and hate it when other people abuse their horses. It is so unfair!!!!

by: annaleia

I love barrel racing!

Barrel Racin' <3
by: Sierra

Hey, I'm 13 and I am a Barrel Racer. My family has grown up riding western. I have a 10-yr old buckskin named Mel. I am a blonde cowgirl with big dreams! My fastest run has been 12.4!

barrel racing
by: barrel racing chick

I just now starting to ride horses but i'm really good at barrel racing i get about a 15.7 when i run. I love horse so much I've been around horses my whole life but just now showing and i'm 13.

by: Horse Lover123

I love western but I do English. I want to try Western! :)

by: Megan

I used to barrel race but now I actually show. But not like English only (you can read about it in my horse show story a.k.a My kind of horse showing) But that's so cool.

Have fun!

Barrel Racer
by: A pro rider bout t barrel race


Nothing is better than being a Texan and barrel racing.

I love living in TX!

I Agree
by: Barrel Racer

Barrel Racing is the best!
When I was little I had to do English because thats what my family did, But now that I am older I can choose what I want to do and I tried Barrel Racing for the first time and I loved and now all my Medals and awards from Western are taking over my English!

barrel racing
by: Hannah A.K.A another barrel racing addict!

Your completely right barrel racing in something that everyone should try. i could not live without barrels. running barrels is something i always look forward to!
i got fast horses and also lighting fast times!

*ride hard*
*party long*
*cowgirls unlimted*
*rope it in.*
*run those barrels!*

I Agree
by: Another barrel racer

Barrel racing truly is amazing! couldnt live without it! got a good horse and fast times=] who needs a cowboy!!!!! jk lol everyone LOVES a good cowboy=]]]

Ride em cowgirl!
by: Christina

I ride mostly English, but Western looks sooo cool!

Western riding is great too!
by: Sydney

Hope you don't think my website is just for girls who ride English - it's for ALL girls who love horses! I ride English but this summer went to a camp where we learned some barrel racing. It was fun!! I just love being on a horse, English, Western or bareback! LOL

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denisees best horse story

by denise l.
(norwalk boeardien)

Hi! my name is denise and my age is 8 i am going to be 9 in august 1st. when i was little i road a black horse and my dad was holding the rope and i almost feel down! and when i was with my uncle he took me to ride a horse at the afternoon and he still does.

Comments for denisees best horse story

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good job!!!
by: christina sanchez

Hi denise l read your story and l really loved it did a gr8 job,hope your parents are proud of you

take care ...............

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Two-timer who is very VERY nervous

by Cowgirl in a dressage cap

Okay, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I get show nerves really badly. At my most recent show, I almost took a wrong turn in my dressage test. I still placed third, but there were only six people in that class, so I'd like anybody who has hints on how to get rid of or at least calm my nerves to please share them.
-Cowgirl in a dressage cap

Comments for Two-timer who is very VERY nervous

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Trust your horse
by: Melaina-Joy

I have two rescue ponies and because they were abandoned or abused when they were younger they need someone to love and trust (me) ...

Your horse might not be a rescue but still loves and trusts you, if you put your full trust in him and have faith he will look after you and help you along, you wont need to be nervous when you and your horse are in the same "zone" at shows (this can also improve the bond between you two) :D x

by: wolfie

Talk to your horse.Let it out.

Me too!!
by: Allie

Me too...I can't eat I get so nervous.

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Showing Tommy

by Britt

My parents let me show my 13 yr old Thoroughbred cross paint gelding. He's beautiful, smart, sometimes silly, sometimes stubborn, but I love him! The picture is me jumping him. This was my 7th show!

Comments for Showing Tommy

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dont worry
by: Anonymous

don't let people say that it is their horse they are just jealous...he is so pretty you're so lucky... well done...

Every Photo
by: Anonymous

Every photo posted on her can go onto Google, if that is you riding your horse you have to contact the website owner and get it removed, it is an amazing photo...

you sad people
by: Anonymous

this is actually a photo of me & my horse

i can actually prove this!

you people are so sad - posting photos 'wishing it was you'

by: Britt

He is mine! I can't believe you would say that!

This is not you!
by: Melissa

Hey what gives? This isn't your horse, this is a picture from Google Images!!!

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Help! Doing first show in Summer!

by Georgia

Okay, so I'm doing my first show in the summer. I don't know what I'd like to do though as I haven't really got a specific talent yet. But what I really need to know is what you actually do in a show! I have no idea!

The owner of the yard I go to is taking us, she really is like a second mum, as the yard is a second home as I am there all the time even though I don't own or loan a horse myself. I just go to spend time with the horses and look after them.

It would be really good if you could tell me what to do in steps from start to finish just so I could think about what I'll need to do. We'll obviously have a little practice at the yard first but it would be amazingly helpful just for more advice.

Thank You!!!

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Its ok
by: Anonymous

So basically when you get to the show you will go get a number and register, which is pretty simple, then you will get your horse from the trailer, tack up and start warming up. Then you come out of the ring and wait for your class to start.

You ride in your class, get a ribbon and then you either put your horse back in the trailer or if you are riding in another class, wait for it to start.

I recommend not jumping your first show unless you are very comfortable jumping. Flat classes are pretty straight forward almost like a game of Simon says. You just do as your told and try your best.

Remember, train like you've never won, compete like you've never lost.

Good luck!

You'll be fine
by: Anonymous

You will be fine. I had a friend who did her first show and she came in first. Hope this helped.

take a chill pill girl!
by: Leila

if your doing english, i would consider showjumping. its quite simple if you like jumping, and you can chose what height and age group to be in! for western: i can't say much, but my favorite thing in the whole equine word is western and barrel racing. but i'm in ireland so there is no such thing as barrel racing/western riding here. if you want to you can try b.r but i don't mind.

Horse show help!
by: Horseluver4evernever

Okay. Well you haven't really mentioned in your post if you're doing english or western. That can make all the difference about what you wear and what you need to work on. I will give you tips for english but since I do not do western I will provide you with a link to a western show help website.

If you are doing hunters under saddle or equitation, you will need to look clean and perfect. Depending on the level of the show, you will need different things. Remember, the judges will like it if you overdress because that means you are respectful. So, the most common way to dress that the judges love is a navy blue show coat, a white show shirt, tan jodhpurs, black paddock boots, garder straps, black or white or tan gloves, and a black velvet helmet(most popular in the ring is Charles owen, GPA, or IRH) and hair in two french braids with bows matching ur shirt. ( this is for under twelve.)
If ur over twelve, everything is the same except.... U will need tan breeches, tall leather black field boots, and instead of ur hair in braids and bows, put it in a hair net that matches ur hair colour.
Your horse should be trained to move off your leg commands. If not ,do some work with him. Squeeze him with ur leg, if he doesn't respond, click with ur tongue, if he won't respond right away, give him a whack behind ur leg with a crop. This taught my school proof show horse that she had to move of my leg within two lessons. If u r competing in jumping, u will need your horse to either land his leads or do flying lead changes. The judge will hate it if u canter the course on the wrong lead. TO land it, put weight in ur outside stirrup, and open ur inside rein. Ur horse might not do this so just do a very quick simple change.
Don't be will be just fine. Bring lots of water and. Food to.


This website will help you.
Good luck. Wish u luck. Hope this helped!!!

You'll do fine
by: Anonymous

You will rock it! Just talk a lot to get rid of your nerves and go in the ring and do it. If your horse doesn't place, still pat him and tell him he did a great job. If you only get a sixth place, remember, 6th place is the prettiest ribbon. Bring treats to reward you and your horse and remember, HAVE FUN!

no idea
by: Anonymous

I would try to help, but we have no idea what you're doing. You never even said if you're doing westerner English, so we don't know if you're barrel racing or doing dressage. there's so many different events that you could be doing, so you just need to tell us that :)

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We're Goin' To Fall Off! (LOL)

by Lexy N.
(Pierce, Nebraska)

My cousin and I were at a horse show in Leigh, Nebraska in about September of 2006. We were signed up to do the Pickup Race. The Pickup Race is where a person rides up on their horse and picks their partner up from the ground; their partner then gets on the back of the rider's horse and you run back to the finish line.

Well we decided to practice it so we'd be ready to do it at the end of the show. My aunt and dad had brought me and my cousin to the horse show. Me and my cousin were just teasing my aunt 'we're goin' to fall off'. My aunt was like 'no you won't'. We said 'yes we were' you know just kidding around.

Well that day I forgot my billet to attach the cinch to the saddle so i had to use my back billet which was only one layer whereas the front billet had two layers. So we were toward our turn in the Pickup Race. We went into the arena set to win. I ran up beside my cousin swung her up on the back of my horse and turned to head for home.

But.................................. the next thing we knew we were on the ground....... with the saddle. As so as we fell my cousin said 'are you ok'? I said yes and i just felt al ittle stunned.

But my horse meanwhile ran to the end of the arena before she realized nobody was on her back! She came loping back to us and we got up with everybody surrounding us hoping we were ok.

As we exited the arena the crowd was yelling reride, reride but the judge said that that wouldn't be fair. And I thought we wouldn't be able to ride anyway because my billet broke(lol)!

So we exited the arena and burst out laughing! But my dad on the other hand was as enthused. We still laughs that we predicted our fall (sort of)!

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by: thoroughbredgirl1011

HA!!!That is so funny. Just picturing it it is hilarious

by: Jadex

OMG tat so funny, i cna just picture it now! lol shame u didnt have ur video cam! lol ha x

"Your Not Alone"!!
by: Maggie Warren

OMG! Don't worry your in the boat as me!! I did something similar to what u did! It was to FUNNY!!

Luv it!
by: Penny

I can just picture it!!!! too funny

Too Funny!!!
by: Brandie

Great story! Too bad you don't have a video of it. You could win a funniest horse video contest.

by: Amie

That's soooo funny

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Crazy Day

by Stacey

Well at a jumping day a horse slipped over and fell on the rider then got up and kicked her in the face! People thought she was nearly dead! Another 5 people fell off that day( but it wasn't as bad).

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by: Misty

Wow! hope everyone's OK....

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no levi isn't my horse but i ride him all the time in lessons.he is getting a little old now.


Hi Hanner

This is one cute picture but I'm having a bit trouble seeing Levi's toungue. I guess I got a bad eyesight coz I can't even make out who Levi is! It doesn't matter though- all the horses look gorgeous. Is Levi your horse?

Hannah Montana
by: Christina

Hi! How are you? Do you like Hannah Montana? I do!
Can you please comment on my page so we can talk about Hannah Montana? Thanks:) My page is Christina -Horse Lover page2 (Picture's page!)

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Jump off !!

by katie

well i went to a showjumping class and i got through to the jump off and i came 2nd but my time was 34.001 andthe winners time was 34. 000 i was not happy lol i lost by i point of a second haha but wae still haad a good run :)

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by: poalevi9

well that's pretty rediculous

by: Sydney can they even measure that?? LOL. Congrats on your 2nd place and hope you get 1st next time!

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The Canter!

by Thoroughbredgirl1011
(Candy Island)

I was at my very first show. I was in a walk trot class and my horse PW (Pretty Woman) cantered and bucked on me! They told me to circle but i didnt know what that was! So I came up really close to a horse hind and didn;t place!

I was sad but i still love her. That was 2 years ago.

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by: Julianna

Even if I didn't know what "circle" meant, I would still just turn her in a circle cause that's what I always think of. Did you know how to canter?

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The Day of the Show

by Kaelyn
(Mayville, MI, U.S.A.)

The day i showed was a Tuesday and a Monday. the first day i was in 4 classes. 2 showman ship classes, and 2 riding classes.

That day i got 1 first place and 3 second places. My favorite class was my costume class. you had to dress your horse and you up into something and walk around the ring. I was an Indian with a deer skin blanket and i had arrows on my back and i rode bareback.

But the 2 day i showed it poured down rain and hailed, so i only got to show 2 times. all together i got 2 first places and 5 2 places and 1 third. it was fun!!!!!!!!!

written by kaelyn g.

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by: Monica

Congrats. You guys did great!

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I'm so proud of Shorty!

by Maxi
(Sarasota, FL)

Ok, so this was the first time I showed in 2'3" with Shorty (AKA Feature Presentation). We've done up to 3'6" at the barn but this was her first time showing at that height...We took home 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd that weekend! I was so proud!!! Keep it up baby:)

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by: Sydney

Congratulations! Keep it up!

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Kid's First Show

by Jazz
(Goulburn, NSW, Australia)

Kid is a friend's horse and he only been to one Dressage training day and the owner has asked me to ride him in the show because he is too scared to ride.

Kid is an OTTB and at the training day he was hyped up.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to calm him down before the show other than lunging and using calm paste. Thanks!

(Would taking another horse that is calm help with calming him down??)

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don't run
by: Anonymous

Maybe don't run because if he is as OTTB if they warm up fast they want to run or are expecting to race. Do slow warmup with a lot of figure-eights and changes of bending and direction. Show him scary things and reassure him and stay confidence and calm. Continue to pet and make sure he knows everything's okay, hope this helped:)

by: Anonymous

Run him at a fast canter (rider and everything).
Tried it. Works very well with hyper horse/ponies.

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My First IEA Show is coming up soon. Help!?!

by A.J.L

I used to compete on my pony, Subtle Abu, until I had a terrible accident. I just started back up a year and 5 days ago. I am back at a walk, trot and canter.

My trainer is putting me over crossrails, but I still don't have the hang of it again. Just a couple days ago I fell off. We were doing gymnastics, and I didn't put my heels down far enough, and rolled right off my horses neck. I got right back on though, and I'm fine now.

IEA shows take a rider and draw a horse's name for them out of a hat. I am so nervous. Me, being a taller, heavier person, would never be assigned a push button pony, or an older school horse with a bad back.

I have to ride the giant, bouncy, uncontrollable draft cross. I am so scared. If I can't stay on my own smooth, slow horse, how can I just jump on and show a big bouncy thing?

Oh my goodness, this will be my first real show since my accident. I am so stressed, can ANYONE please help me out by giving me tips, or even a story of their first IEA show or horse swap? I am soo stressed.

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Great Job!
by: Anonymous

You may not nail it- but hey, at least you tried. The only ones who can criticize you are the people who are watching you- and guess what, they're only sniffing and turning up their noses because they're doing less! Are they the ones who are being daring and giving it a go? No! You may mess it up, but I for one will be proud of you. Great Job for trying!

by: Anonymous

I'm about to do my first walk trip show and my diagonals are crazy! I need to improve, and fast! Please send advice/other help, I'm very stressed!

by: Anonymous

My first IEA show was horrible. I was still scared (cause of a bad fall) and I drew a crazy horse that later got pulled out. I went in the ring, forgot my course, looked horrible and even walked a few steps in the middle.. I was soo scared.

Just know, you might get a bad draw here and there but don't freak about it, just have fun! Also have that course engraved in your brain so all you have to worry about is your eq and the horse. :)

Just Have Fun😄
by: Bella

I ride IEA too and my first show was very stressful. I shook the whole time because I was so nervous but I'm on my second year of IEA and I'm not as nervous anymore because I look at it as being fun and just doing my best. I also had an injury in the middle of my IEA shows. I only did 2 shows and I got 2 first places but I got kicked by a horse in the elbow. I was out for 3 months and as soon as I got back from my injury I only had 1 WEEK to get ready for my next show. I was so nervous because a girl in the class before me fell off her horse and that horse turned out to be mine. Then I was really freaking out because I didn't want to get injured again but I got on and did my thing. I got 2nd, so just do your best and it might go a lot better than u might think.
Good Luck on your first show back. Just remember to keep calm and have fun. 😄

You Will Be Fine!
by: Megan

This goes for any rider in IEA not just you because trust me, everyone is always extremley nervous before their first IEA show! I was so nervous my first year that I skipped every show until my trainer was told me i had to.

Since then i have learned there is nothing to be afraid of in IEA. Even though it is my third year I am only competing novice because of injuries i had last year preventing me from moving up (not from IEA) I promise you the whole show is run very smoothly and that you are going to be fine :) any horse that misbehaves is immediately pulled and replaced by another more mild tempered horse.

The most important thing is to try and stay calm since horses can sense if your nervous. Try to be strong and confident because its no different than trying a new lesson horse at a barn. you just have to remember the basics. heels down, chin up, and sit tall. AND ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LEADS AND YOUR DIAGONALS THE JUDGES HOLD THAT IN GREAT IMPORTANCE!

Other than that I wish you the best of luck during this IEA showing season and L'm sure you will do great! Just have fun and you will be fine :)

don't worry
by: Anonymous

(Idk how old this is lol)

first of all don't worry, I have done IEA for many years and crossrails (novice) is the easiest division, there won't be an "uncontrollable" horse. The harder horses get put in 2' (intermediate) or 2'6 (open). Pretty much everything you ride in that division will be a very easy, straightforward ride! And if nothing else, IEA will teach you confidence lol... (: I was there once, crying before going into my crossrails class, now I am about to show bigger divisions and I feel ready :)

Me too
by: Anonymous

I'm going to my first IEA show too! I'm really nervous about it, with my luck I'll get the worst horse at the show! So don't worry, everyone else at the show is nervous too. Even if you do make a mistake in the show ring, everyone else will be too nervous for their own ride to notice. I'm sure you'll do fine though, just relax and have fun! Good luck!

Lots of advice!
by: Anonymous

Hi, not sure when this was posted but hopefully this will help someone out there.
I have been in IEA for 3 years now and let me tell you it's been so much fun! Riding in general is fun but being on a team is awesome!
Tip #1: Work on your position. My coach has special IEA lessons each week and has us work really hard on our equitation by taking away stirrups/reins and having us ride multiple horses. Some things you could do on your own is stretching your back, leg and feet muscles. Just Google equestrian stretches there are plenty out there.
Tip #2: Ride lots of different horses. Don't go jump on a green horse that bucks and rears - NOT SAFE! Just try all different kind of horses, ponies, drafts, thoroughbreds get an assortment to practice on.
Tip #3: You don't need to get first place in everything. I know when I'm at an IEA show all I can think of is "I need to win this class" but really you don't. I'm sure your coach will understand if something goes wrong. Just remember more than half of the time it's the unfamiliar horse who messed you up, not you.
Tip #4: Heels down! The very first thing a judge looks for, whether your jumping or flatting, is a strong heel. When I say strong heel I don't mean jammed down and uncomfortable because that will wear off halfway through your ride. What I mean is try and find a comfortable natural heel position which is down. I like to think "Toes up" rather than "Heels down."
Tip #5: Whether or not you get along with all the members on your team it's important to support each other through good times and bad. A large part of IEA is being a team. Be friendly to everyone. If your not nice to your teammates they probably won't be nice to you and trust me, it's not fun to be on a team that doesn't get along.
Tip #6: Read your horse description carefully. If you are a tall person and you get a small pony go to the show's steward and tell them you want a different horse. If they run their show right then there will be an alternate horse or two for your class. Keep in mind that sometimes the alternates aren't any better (attitude wise) so if it's safe and your not over the height or weight limit sometimes it's safer to stay with the one you drew.
Tip #7: If you get a horse that has a description which says you have the option to use a crop, take it into the ring with you. It's far better to have a crop and not need it that not have a crop and need one. Plus you can always drop it.
Tip #8: Bring extra everything! Play it safe and bring lots of duplicates of things whether it's boots or a show coat. You never know your coat might rip. The first show of the season last year my friends boot zipper broke. Luckily her and I had the same calf and foot size so she borrowed my boots. I suggest making an Emergency kit with tings like extra hair pins, hairnets, a second show shirt and ratchatcher, and extra gloves. Best to be prepared.
Tip #9: Just have fun. Your doing what you love so smile and be confident!

by: Anneka

*before you do your round, you should do something that calms you down. I usually play on my phone before doing anything nerve-racking.
It ain't like ya gonna fall off every time you ride, is it? Practice balance: No stirrups. Bareback. Arms out. No reins. Get someone to lunge you while you walk to canter around, first with no reins (tie a not in them and leave them on your horse's neck. They are there for an emergency. Like there is gonna be one) then without no stirrups, with reins. Then without both. Maybe then without a saddle?
Relax. Absorb the horse's movement with your body. Think positive, it works.
Practice your jumping lots and jump position. Practice on the horse you will be riding!
Take deep breaths
Smile (heck it works)
Neckstrap or monkey grip? Maybe main to hang on too? (Just to hang on to.
Stay calm, cool and collected.
Keep calm and carry on.
Believe in yourself. You can do this.
Make it fun! It will be!
Well, I hope this works and I know you will have a ball!

Good Luck!
by: Anonymous

I've never really been to a big show but when i got my arab horse i was scared of riding him and my trainer always said to ride him with confidence. i rode with her horses and it worked a lot! Just pretend your riding a horse you trust. Good Luck!

I am having one too
by: Katie

I am going to my first IEA show this weekend!!! That is so cool!! I hope that you do well. I'm sorry I don't have any advice, and I hope someone does :)

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My VERY first Horse show

by Roxanne

My very first horse show i got 5th and 6th place. i always think i could have done better,but i know that my horse nick did his very best to please me! Even though i was a little bit scared at first it turned out alright. I can't wait for my next one in the spring!!

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by: Brenna

In my first horse show, I was only 4 years old. Guess what? All three of my ribbons were 4th place ribbons! Don't be nervous, just have fun!!

I agree
by: Danna

A agree it doesn't madder if ur horse does not win as long as you and your horse has fun

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by Carly
(Miami )

This is my horse Zorro. He is SO sweet! In this pic we had just won Grand Champion at Crystal Brook stables in Miami. Zorro did so great that day.

Sadly he died of Colic 2 years ago, but if you can hear this Zorro, I LOVE U AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!

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I know how you feel!!
by: Mollie

I know how you feel my pony died of colic 2yrs ago and my other pony almost died of it in March!! :(

by: Carly

I TOTALLY agree! It's been over a year since Zorro died and I still can't find a horse that I love as much as I loved him.

And Zorro WAS the sweetest horse ever! Everyone loved him :((((((((

:( So Sad ):
by: Alyse

I once knew a girl with a horse named Zorro he was so sweet. I know how hard it is to lose a horse, and I know it is really hard. Because no matter what anybody says horses are NOT replaceable.

by: Carly

Thanks! Too bad your parents won't let you get a horse, they are the best thing that ever happened to me :)

by: Emilie

I absolutely LOVE horses we are moving soon to a house that has a horse barn but my mom and dad said, "NO HORSES!!!!!"

I wish I had a horse you look wonderful in that outfit and your horse *sniffs* Beautiful :)
I wish I had a horse friend.... Makes me wanna cry again!!!

thanks :)
by: Carly

I'm so sorry to hear about your horse dying too!!! I wish horses would live forever :(

I can relate
by: Daisy

I can relate... my best friend and my first horse died of colic 4 years ago and I thought I had to forgive and forget but I totally understand now, this year, finally, that I just need to love again and I do. But never more than I loved and love him. I will NEVER forget him. I LOVE him WAY too much! LOL!

It's sad, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be here and I'll keep you in mind if I wanna talk okay?

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First horse show

by sydney

It was my first horse show ever and my horse and i went in and place 6th out of 23 people and they were mostly adults. Also we got two 5th place ribbions too.

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great job!!
by: Sydney

way to go...(and great name LOL!)

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Talk about a colorful personality!

by A horse owner

I got this pony last year. She was white and her name is Kenzie.

I had Kenzie for 3 years until I grown out of her.
Before I MOVED ON I BEGGED AND BEGGED my parents to do one last horse show with her. They agreed and brought the pony to the vet to make sure she was good since I hadn't done a competition with her in such a long time.

They took her into a stall and looked at her. I waited a while until the vet said she was OK. She had also mentioned that there was a little accident there. The vet was about to check her teeth when her elbow hit two paint cans on one of the shelves and my pony's mane turned green and pink!

We scrubbed and scrubbed but we couldn't get it clean so we entered my colorful pony in a show jumping competition. And guess what? Thanks to her colorfulness we won first place!!!

THE END!!!!!

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Made me smile
by: Kylie

That made me smile. :) Very funny and cute!

by: Bailey

Lolz that is so cute and congrats

by: TheCougar

lol, love it! what discipline did you ride her in a test for?

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Horse Show Story: Canfield Fair Misshap!

by Alaina

My pony's name is Cloie and we went into a walk, trot class. There was a boy behind me slapping something hard at Cloie that she bolted across the ring.

I fell off and I could not walk. They took me into a fix up nursery. They cleaned me up, put me on a board so my spine wouldn't crack more and took me to a hospital in an ambulance. After 4 hours I was home again.

That's my story.

Comments for Horse Show Story: Canfield Fair Misshap!

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by: Anonymous

That was soo not nice of that boy. Can you walk now? What happened to your pony/horse?

by: Anonymous

That was soo not nice of that boy. Can you walk now? Sooo Sorry for!!!!

by: Anonymous

Are you ok?

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Ya Snooze, Ya lose

by Emmalee

This is (unfortunately) a true story!

I own a purebred Arabian mare (Her name is Stylish Celebrity, which is SO like her personality!) and we show at a regional level, so not 4-h.

OK, so here's the story: I was at a show--qualifying for nationals! I had done in-hand the day before, and had to wait until 12:30 to get the results (UGH!) and then, after 5 hours of sleep, me and my mom had to go back to the show!
My instructor/trainer let me sleep in a cot for a couple hours. . .but when someone woke me up there wasn't even an hour until my class!!!! And Stylish wasn't braided or warmed up.

So I quickly got dressed (I was wearing pajamas) and lunged her--for 30 minutes!!!! At this point I was freaking out and Stylish still had energy, but I didn't--couldn't--care. I raced back to the barn where all of my barn's horses were, and quickly brushed and braided her while my mom braided her tail.

We only had five minutes until my class--at least on the schedule. But LUCKILY a horse threw a shoe before a class and then they had to postpone it. I used that time to trot Stylish to the warm-up ring, and had not even ten minutes to warm her up.

Our warm up went perfectly, her gait smooth and agile, her head tucked very neatly; she wasn't fighting the bit at all.

But of course, with my luck, the second my trotted into the ring, she decided her leg was quite itchy. So she stopped COMPLETELY and scratched for a few agonizing seconds until I yanked her head up.

The rest of the class went horribly, with Stylish going either too slow or too fast, and fighting the bit the ENTIRE time.

We didn't place, BUT we made it to nationals for in-hand!


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by: Julianna

Omigosh. That story is hilarious (hope that doesn't offend you) ! But congrats on nationals!
And the part where you say "quite itchy" really makes me laugh hard. I don't know why. But I love your story :)

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EEP!!! Help! First horse show next month!

by Julie

So, I am having my first horse show next month. I will be showing on a horse I really trust, but I am still nervous. Please help?! What if I mess up, go the wrong direction?... EEP!

Comments for EEP!!! Help! First horse show next month!

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Have fun!
by: Anonymous

Try to get a good sleep the night before, even if you are nervous try to have fun. When I'm nervous, I talk a lot. Joke with friends look at all the horses and take your mind off the show. Worst case scenario, you don't get a ribbon. So what? It's a piece of paper died blue.

Another thing!
by: Taylor

Horse shows are about showing off your horse, so be a actor and show that horse!! Smile, keep your head up high, heels down, and relax! My trainer told me that you have to say, I am going to win this class! Remember not to fiddle around with your reins when the judge looks at you, don't move really and just ride with whatever you got. Good luck :)

Think of something that relaxes yourself!
by: Taylor

I have shown since I was 8 and I am 13 and what I do to keep myself from getting nervous I pretend to play a favorite song in my head (but still pay attention to the class).. Also I think that everyone else who I or you are competing against feel the same way that you do! Talk to who you are competing against about some of your hobbies, etc. it will make both of you relax! And remember its not just you, you have a horse under you! Hope you do great ! Hope this helped!!

you'll be fine
by: thespoon444

your going to be great, stop worrying.

it's fun!!! not scary!!!
by: Anonymous

just pretend your schooling at home!! take a deep breath and relax! think of it as a fun experience, and don't pressure yourself. if it's a flat class, you don't have to worry about going the wrong direction, because you just have to listen to the announcer and see what everyone else is doing. if your jumping, just make sure you memorize your course really well before. and if you mess up, it's fine!! i've messed up terribly and fallen off and stuff at shows, but it's fine in the end. good luck!! have fun!! :D

by: Anna

if you're on a horse you really trust, there's no need to worry! horse shows are short and easy. if you're doing flat you just listen to the announcer like it's your own instructor. if you're jumping, you just memorize a short course, go in, and do your thing! just remember to stay calm, and strut your stuff!

by: ponyperson

all you have to do is relax. practice enough so you know what to do but not so much that your horse anticipates the movements. trust me i was nervous about my first show too. hope this helps ;)

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My First Show

by Brook

After a lot of begging, my parents finally let me attend a county horse show. I entered the show jumping with my lesson horse Lucky Lady, a buckskin mustang mare. I groomed her, braided her mane and tail, tacked her up, and warmed her up. We did beautifully, but she stumbled which caused her to knock over the last fence. Afterward, I hugged her and told her how well she did. The judges called us out again and handed out ribbons. Third place to a boy with a tall dappled gray gelding, first place to a girl with a beautiful chestnut mare. Second place goes to......number 15, Brook Howard and her mare, Lucky Lady!!!! I was so excited. That was six years ago, Lady is retired from the show ring, and I have a pony of my own to show. I love you Lucky Lady!!!

Comments for My First Show

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so cute
by: iluvhorses26

lucky lady is so pretty

Your first show
by: Sydney

What a great show! Lucky Lady looks beautiful.

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Me & Jay

by Kayla

There was once this horse that I showed at a horse show at Happy Valley. The horse that I was riding was a horse named Jay. Everybody that had ridden this horse in a show and not done well 'cause the horse was very lazy.

But when I showed him I didn't do good cause I got 6th place. But on that same day I showed him again and got 1st place (nobody had ever gotten 1st place on him b4). People were so mad at me though...and that is my horse show story!!!

Comments for Me & Jay

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Great job!
by: luci

Way to go! Don't worry what other people think. You did a great job.

Good Job.....
by: Em

Good job getting a 1st place.... i remember my 1st place....

Very cool
by: Allie

You must have been soooo excited. That's great! I never got first place (yet).

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Help! I get nervous before horse shows...

by Lauren

Heyy i had my first AA horse show last month and i totally freaked out!! i need some help with anxiety at shows. i don't know if its just me who gets nervous or if its everyone...but all i need to know if this can be fixed?

Comments for Help! I get nervous before horse shows...

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by: Anonymous

I have been riding for 6 years and showing for 4. When I was a lot younger showing was like a breeze. Now I get extreme horse show anxiety. My nerves started at just IEA shows but soon grew to all of them. They get so bad that after almost every jumping round I do I throw up afterwards.

My anxiety also affects my performance. Although I am not over my nerves, I have learned a few things. Pick a song and sing it over and over again while you are in the ring. I know I always choose the song that pops into my head first. My last show the song happened to be Baa Baa Black sheep.

Also set performance goals, not outcome goals. It isn't always about winning. Finally, practice breathing. Our horse will pick up on you if you are tense.

You will be fine.
by: Anonymous

I will have my first competition tomorrow and I am scared and I am panicking. I have been told to take a deep breath and pretend that I am the only one there and you will be fine.

It's okay
by: Horse Jumper

I've been riding for 4-5 years and I started western and I barrel raced and I got nervous but what I did was just told myself it's okay.

Just smile!
by: Robyn

I've been riding for 4 years and when I go to shows I feel really nervous so what I do is a sit right back in the saddle legs forward and heels back. If u aren't certain with shows I would just trot round the arena jumping. If you are nervous your horse is gonna be really nervous. Relax be calm and smile just imagine u and your horse are the only ones there so it's feels more comfortable.

by: iluvponiz

Hi! I have been showing for over 4 years and riding longer than that. Yes the bigger shows can be a bit overwhelming but what I have done is go to a couple shows but don't show, then when you want to show just tell yourself that your just going to hang out like usual. If that doesn't work then I would go to the show and bring a friend along she(or he) will relax you and help you forget about your nerves. Also it's fun to show your non-horsey friends what you do. Before you go into the ring just relax and tell your self it's just like practice. You know you can do this!!!! I show all the time and now I tend to never get nerves. After a while you don't even think about it anymore! I love to show my Appendix gelding Ace! I do him in Pre-short and soon jumpers on a thoroughbred, arab-thoroughbred mix named Sabrina. I hope this helped you with your showing problems! lol I have a horseshow tomorrow morning!

by: Kaitie

I have had the same horse for five years and showing him for four and a half. He is an amazing jumper and NEVER refuses at home. He's my world, best friend and I trust him with my life. Even so I freak out at shows just before we enter the arena or go on cross country (we compete in eventing). He knows me inside out, backwards, and upside down so when he feels me tense up he refuses (and that is sooo embarrasing). When we walk the course I tend to pick certain jumps that I know he won't like and get myself worried about them and those always end up being our refusals. The best way to prevent that is to ask your trainer to let you walk as late as possible. That way you have less time to think.
Also don't allow yourself time to think of all of the "what if" stuff that comes up because changes are if you overthink them then they will happen. Find some work around the barn you have to do around the barn or just brush your horse until it's time to tack up.
Whatever causes the nerves just pretend that the only two living things in the world are you and your horse (thats how life should be anyway right). Your horse will perform better if you let him or her know that everything is okay and you're not worried. Hope this helps.

by: ~*oLiViA*~

I have been riding for more then 7 years. I have been showing for a year and a half. Even though i have shown quite a few times, i still get nervous. Being nervous is OK, it is only natural. The problem is when we are a nervous wreck, our horses can feel it. Then, it gets dangerous. I have a show in exactly one week, and the things to remember are the following:
~Deep breathing when nervous
~if possible, practice your test or course
~ride a horse u r comfortable on
~Lastly, its NOT about placeing; enjoy yourself and your horse!

Trust your horse
by: Melaina-Joy

Just take a few deep breaths and put all your trust in your horse... if you don't win you don't win, but that doesn't matter. if you trust your horse then he/she will trust you too, keep you safe and try their very hardest for you.

I learned this through having two rescue ponies, without putting my full trust in them they wont do anything.

Its alright
by: Anonymous

I really get nervous with my shows because i compete with champs. All i do is go away from the ring with my horse and work on groundwork or something easy like flexing in the saddle. Otherwise i will stretch and if you have a friend there just sit and talk. When your name is called stay off your horse untill the person ahead of you is about to end their run. When you get to the gate pretend your at home with a bunch of friends and just show'em what you got. And preping before shows just make a list in your head of things you want to do. Then sort them out and do some in the morning so that you keep busy.

by: Anonymous

I get really nervous at shows,especially in the canter classes. just think u an ur horse are the only ones there, and concentrate on what ur doning

Stay Calm
by: Nicole

Nervousness* can't be fixed but can be helped all you gotta do is stay calm, what I do to stay calm is close my eyes then open them and just pretend me I and my horse (Jewel) are the only ones there!!! Hope it helps!!!

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by Kendal
(livermore Ca usa)

I never knew horse Shows can be so exciting I done almost a season of barrel racing and I loved it I am a purebred Cowgirl. Thats all I have to say right now.

Comments for Wow!!!!!

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by: Sydney

Barrel racing looks fun but hard. I ride English & just rode a horse that was a barrel racer. she loved to whip around turns.

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The Bad Show

It started out Ok. We got to the show, tacked up,and schooled a little. When we schooled,we walked and trotted and my pony (Nemo) was fine. Then, I asked him to canter. He bucked. I asked again he picked it up this time.

Next, we trotted over a couple little jumps. Then, we cantered a jump. He jumped it, but the second he landed. He bucked. I stayed on. Next, we waited around for a little while until my first class crossrails.

I was doing it as a warmup class and was supposed to do a 2 ft. after. Well, it was time for my turn at crossrails. I did my courtesy circle and went for the first jump. Nemo jumped it, but the second he landed. He ducked out to the side and bucked. I fell off. He ran off across the arena and someone caught him.

Since it was a local show they let me get back on and do my course. I did. My mom didn't let me do 2ft. after that( I was soo mad). Instead I did 2 walk, trot classes.

One was judged on the horse and one was judged on me. I don't think that judge knew what she was doing. In the first class she gave me last, but my pony was forward and good. In the second class (equitation) she gave me second to last even though all the other riders had horrible positions.

After all that, later when my pony was grazing my mom told me that someone told her that my pony was unsafe and that I shouldn't be riding him. Well, that was just about the WORST show ever.

Comments for The Bad Show

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by: Julianna

That judge stank!! I have a feeling she just took her bad day out on you because your horse bucked. And it wasn't even your fault! Better luck next time.

P.S. You still ride your pony though right?

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Time to move on, I think

by Amylou
(Regina SK Canada)

So everyone on here is a fan of horses, right?
Most people on here ride.

I do, I have been in shows.

I ride Western, I do trail, western equitation and western pleasure. They are some of my specialties.

As any rider does, I feel great on a saddle, running against the wind, racing against your friends.

Ah, yes. Most of us are familiar with the freedom of riding. The one sport that I am good at, the one place that makes my dreams come true.
Some people hate the natural smell that comes with every stables but I don't.

I had been riding at a local stables for two years now. I was used to the horses. There was one horse that was only two and a half. The owner let only me ride him. His name was Frankie. Frankie used to follow me and sometimes gallop next to me when I was running beside his pasture. I loved the stable, I really, really did!!

But all things must come to an end, right?
Well the prices went up ($55 dollars per lesson) and we had to leave the stables, leave behind both Frankie, the little Quarter horse and Bento, the fast and stubborn Welsh pony.

We looked around 4 different stables and finally picked the one with a good vibe and nice people.

This stable had 18 baby bunnies, 3 goats, 3 sheep, 4 dogs, 8 cats, 5 chickens, 3 donkeys, 2 miniatures and a load of horses.

Comments for Time to move on, I think

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Me Too!
by: Sofia

I just moved onto a different stable after I got my pony. At my first stable, it only taught Western, but now at my new stable I am doing Western and English. Unlike my old stable, there are girls my age here. I have been taking lessons at my old stable since I was 5, so I felt bad about leaving at first. I love it at my new stable and I'm glad I switched!

re: cool
by: Amylou

ya I have moved on the stable. I love it there.

by: Anonymous

Sorry you have to leave your fave stable! I hope you have fun in the new one!

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The Speedy Pony

by Horseluver4evernever

So on valentines day I was at a schooling show with my favorite school pony Crayola! I got to the barn early because my divisions (I entered 1division that has 3 classes and I entered a speed class) didn't have a set time.

I saw the little 13.2 pony in the cross ties and I wondered why he was out. Then I saw my friend and asked her why Crayola was out. She told me she didn't know. So I decided I would just groom him because his legs were dirty. I figured a younger first division kid tacked him up.

I got all the mud off his legs and groomed him for about 1 1/2 hours. My friends and I decided to go to the warm up ring and warm up. I just trotted and did a small canter before going into the show ring for my flat class.

Crayola is a pony that has a habit of throwing his head down while he canters to try and throw riders off. He tried to put his head down but I'm used to it and I was ready. We came in first. For our jumping we jumped 2 ft.

Crayola may be small but I've seen that pony jump like 2 feet 6! It was the hunter over fences but he decided to be as fast as he could! He took so many short spots and one very long spot! He did that in the equitation class too. We placed fifth in both classes out of like 10.

So then came the speed round it was also 2ft. I think. So we did our practice jump and then into the arena. I was the fifth one in. I was so excited. Over at the other shows I do me and crayola always are the fastest riders there. Don't get me wrong, I don't like kick him and abuse him to go fast. He simply chooses to.

So in our speed class I got through the first part without any faults so I could go on to the speed part. So we jumped the first speed jump and the crowd goes wild.

Over the second jump and as I'm asking for the tight turn he puts his head down and everything seems in slow motion as I'm trying to get his head up he fights it but I manage to get it up! We finish the course in 17.63 seconds!!!! We placed seventh out of 12 people!

Crayola is the smallest horse there! I was absolutely fine with that show because it's something he always does!!!

Comments for The Speedy Pony

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by: Horseluver4evernever ( the author)

Thnx so much!!!

that is so sweet!!!!
by: Katie

Crayola sounds like such a sweet pony! that was a very entertaining, and funny, story!! great job!

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Dunn Near Perfect (Kody)

by Amy

This is my pony Kody. He's the sweetest pony EVER! Sadly I outgrew him and had to move to a different horse, but I'll never forget this show.

My parents had told me right before I went into the ring that this would be my first and last show on Kody because I was too big for him, I almost cried but the judges called my number and I had to stay calm for Kody's sake.

After the show I gave Kody the BEST grooming he's ever had while the judges figured out the winner. When the winner was announced I nearly cried again when I heard "number 65, Amy Chanceton" I had won!

In a couple of month's we had bought another horse for me and had sold Kody to the farm down the road where they offered riding lessons to handicapped kids. I knew that all the kids would love Kody as much as I did, but I'll never forget him!

Comments for Dunn Near Perfect (Kody)

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by: Celina

okay thanks i wasn't sure

by: Amy

actually I was talking to the person below me who DIDN'T believe me, but thanks 4 the support :))

by: Celina

amy are you talking to me? cause i believe you - if you are talking to me. i truly do believe you. plus i feel your pain except i don't get to see my horse

by: Amy

You think I'm lying??? I find that very offensive, I just wanted to share the story of the best little pony that ever lived, anyway, do those pics look fake?? They're not. If you don't believe me, your loss, I know it's true, I lived through it.

.....Yep. Real......
by: Anonymous

Yeah. I think it is a true story celina. Its not THAT fake looking, is it now?

by: Amy

There's quite a few kids that ride Kody, but my favorite is Kelsey, she's only 8 but she's SO cute and loves Kody almost as much as I do!

by: Jay

Your pony is cute, soooooooooooooooooo cute. who is the kid(s) who rides kody?

by: Anonymous

Yeah it's true, sadly. I get to see him about once a month at the handicap shows my stable holds, but that's all. I miss him so much :((

by: Tasia

He is so cute! Do you get to see him a lot?

by: Celina

that's such a sad and happy story, is it true?

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My First Show

by Taylor
(Heartland, Canada)

When I was about 5 I entered my first walk trot and canter show and all I knew how to do was walk and trot I didn't know how to canter at all, I just knew it was really fast and the thought of going really fast on my horse was kinda scary at my age.

So I got into the ring and the judge asked us to walk our horses and I did for almost 2 minutes around the ring once and around it the other way, then she asked us to canter our horses and I gulped the other horses were already passing us so I took the crop whip that my mom had given me and I used it just like the other people did on there horse and my horses ears pricked up and she blasted in the fastest but most smoothest rythem i had ever ridden in and all in all I got 2 place and I was happy and now I am 13 and from that day I know how to canter except this time alot better :)

Comments for My First Show

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not real
by: Jay

for your information "Heartland" isn't real its just a show. and those pics are from Google images.

by: Anonymous

I found those pics online.....?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

by: Anonymous

that is sooooooooooo cool! i don't have a horse and i never have been in a horse show. but i am still horse crazy

by: Mai

WOW you entered in a comp when u were 5? I am 11 and I have never been able to show a horse, although I would love to!

your show
by: Sydney

love the pics! especially that of your baby sister riding! so adorable!

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I was soo close!

by Shauna

I was flying over my jumps, never knocked any but there was a really tight turn. I was so close until my pony went the wrong way and I didn't expect him to go that way and I flung off. So embarrassing!

Comments for I was soo close!

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by: Anonymous

Even amazing riders fall off. Maybe your horse saw something that spooked him and that's why he went the other way, whatever happens, just keep cool, and hop back on! :)

the worst
by: Anonymous

That's my worst nightmare, the wrong way on a jump. Once you're going the wrong direction, you gotta stop, turn around, get back to cantering, ignore the mistake and concentrate on the course. At least your horse doesn't spook at hay on the floor and gallop away (we're working on it.. xD).

I know!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Don't worry it happens to the best of us.

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by Liz
(Temperance, Mighigan)

We got 3 1sts & 2 6ths!!! Zoe did SO great! I was so proud of her!

PS. I should've gotten 1st place in my flat class but they wanted to give the bigger ribbons to the littler kids because they didn't usually win many ribbons, so it was alright w/me :-)

Comments for *~Zoe~*

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Great job
by: Amylou

Great pic..
U look great on ur horse!
And good job in the show, your posture is really good!

by: Zoe

My name is Zoe pretty horse

Tha'ts cool
by: Kaitlyn aka Horserider

You look so good on her! Its a great picture also. Shes a really cute horse, and good job in your show!

Also check out my stories "Summer Camp Mystery" and "The Wild Horse"

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Shes too fat!

by Allisha

I was going in to open pony. We got in there and Boonie, the horse I have taken in, it was coming to the end. He was putting us in places and he put me last. I asked, "Why have you put me last?" He said, "Because your pony is too fat!"

Comments for Shes too fat!

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Stubborn & Fat
by: Sarah

My pony is fat and stubborn too, All he knows is eat,eat and eat.When i ride him he will eat,when I groom him he will,eat,eat.I wanna tell you a story,I was riding him in a pasture and guess what! he pawed the ground and sit down to eat grasses.when i riding him ill fix double reins. the second rein ive tied to the saddle.normally,when i ride with just one rein.If that so, he will tossed his head hard to eat.Hmm...I began ride a wild pony (I mean him) without any lesson or knowledge.Just natural instinct to control it.bucked off 5 times lol.well im off for treasure hunting.

Stubborn and fat
by: Katlin

Your not the only one. I have this stubborn fat pony that all he wants to do is eat. Once I was in the middle of running barrels and he just randomly stopped a started eating!!

by: Sydney

My friend Amanda's horse got too fat too. He even took the lids off the garbage can and ate from there!

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My First Show

by Abby

Well, my first horse show was kinda well, hectic! I was SO nervous and I forgot some boots and my I borrowed a girth and some show went pretty well tho...and I got placed in every class...I competed in four shows that year...I placed in every class except for one show when my horse went lame=/ he recovered a few days/a week later though

Comments for My First Show

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well done!!!!!
by: Anonymous

well done and love your horse remember your stuff next time haha x

by: Anonymous

wow your horse looks great not to be rude just giving some advice see saw the reins until your horses nose goes in it places you higher and you get more point too and when his head goes in give him his reins but when it starts to go back up seesaw again hope i could help haha you look great

by: Zizizi

ur horse looks good, and congrats!!

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Best Horse Show Ever

by Haley
(Salem, Oregon, USA)

Horse showing is one of my favorite things. But with 4-H, you get scores, not placings. Blues, reds and whites. No first, second or third. This was my first ever show with placings!

It was also my first ever show with my new horse. I had had her for 5 months and she was green. I was worried about how she would react to everything, but she was really good.

The first class was showmanship. Showmanship had never been one of my favorites, but I liked it. I groomed my horse, picked out her feet, brushed her long mane and we were ready. It took forever to get in the ring, adn the butterflies were insane!
When we got in the ring, I was totally focused. This was what we had been practicing for! We did our pattern as smoothly as possible then lined back up.

FINALLY every person had done the pattern. For placings, I would have been happy for 5th. The class was 10 people and 8 ribbons were possible. They called first place as I waited anxiously.
To my utter surprise, they called me for 2nd!! I was sooo excited!

I collected the ribbon and patted my horse. She nodded as if she'd been expecting the 2nd place. I was sooo happy! It wasn't the end of the show, but it was the best moment that I'd experienced in a long time.

Comments for Best Horse Show Ever

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Correct Tips:)
by: Anonymous

To Megan:

Agreed, unless her 4-H is different helmets are only required if you are on the horse. Otherwise, hats are permitted. You can get a nicely fit used hat that is a 10x for $25 on ebay.

HOWEVER, her horse is an arabian and the breed standard says long mane, long bridle path and absolutely NO banding ever. A running braid is fine for english, but the mane should be down for showmanship, unless she is wearing her hunt clothes.

Past 4-H'r AND an arab and QH girl so I know my stuff--feel free to ask for advice anytime!

by: Anonymous

I am in 4h and they give out ribbons.

by: Megan

Okay first I don't want to sound mean or anything but first when you do showmanship you don't wear a hunt cap (that's your hat that your wearing in the pic) that's for English. Second I don't think it matters for 4-h shows but you need to clip your horse's mane and band it (I will post a story with pics on the link horse shows it will show you the proper way to have things look).

If you have anymore questions just comment on my story post.

PS. I used to do 4-h shows but now I do breed shows there super fun!!!!

by: Sydney

that's amazing! congratulations!

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by Tori
(Backwoods, FL)

I run with NBHA. They are an amazing club. Just some tips for future barrel racers: DONT EVER GIVE UP!!! It gets very Frustrating. Trust me I know. Just get up and dust your self off and do it again!!!!!!! It is a very fun sport if you love speed!!

Comments for NBHA

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by: barrelbabe25

In my district for NBHA the best time is a 14.7 but some people come out with 20's! its a big range. I hope this doesn't sound mean... if so i didn't mean it too... if you do plan to show NBHA... be s erious, cuz everyone there loves it and hates when some slow poke thinks its a joke!!!! and i totally love barrel racing!
"eat my dust"
"Let the best one win... and you don't have to LET us, we will anyway=]"
"Need for speed"!!!!!

by: barrelracer21

I was thinking about maybe starting to go to NBHA shows... What times do they usually run?

Good Tips!
by: Sydney

I ride English but those are good tips...thanks!!

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My horse Wonder

by Natalie

I was at a show one day helping my friend Tina. My lease was over so I could not ride till I found a new horse, all of a sudden a stallion jumped out of his paddock and mounted this poor mare (Wonder). I kicked the stallion of her and calmed wonder down.

This man approached me and said "Young Lady you've just saved my horse's life, you know she's for sale and free to a good home so would you like her?" "um just a sec, I have to call my mum."

I rang up my mum to asked if we can board Wonder at my farmette and she said yes right away, so my mum brought our two horse trailer and loaded up Wonder and took her home. Now Wonder is my best friend and my show horse. She is 16.2 hands and black with 2 socks.

Comments for My horse Wonder

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My horse Wonder
by: Anonymous

That was brave of you

by: Taylor


by: Natalie

hey everyone!!! tnx alot for commenting on are story!!! wonder update:
I am sad to say that Wonder has a bad case of colic :( but the vet said she should be fine soon.... (dreadful for the hols!!) and that i could not ride her for a while... that means no winter hacks!! :( but other than that Wonder is fine and on her way to recovery....

by: Hawk

Why can't stuff like this ever happen to me?! *pouts* Anyway, that's a really cool story!

Hi Natalie!
by: Christina

Hi Natalie! Can you please comment on my page? I loved this story! I would really like to get to know you better! I also would LOVE to hear more about Wonder! God Bless! ~Christina~

by: Anonymous

that is so cool! i really want a horse. maybe i could get one that way? :)

by: kate

thanks for the story i really enjoyed it

Wow!!! You're lucky!!!
by: Shannon

Thats an amazing story!!! I hope you enjoy Wonder and win a lot of classes!!

Happy riding!


That is one cool horse story. Please visit me at my page. I love horse!

P.S. You should post a pic of Wonder. :-) Happy Riding!!!!!

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pony finals 2008

by lillie k.
(new york)

last year i went to pony finals my first time in 2008 with my large pony named porter we got 26th in the jumping and it was so much fun whoever is out there that has not been to pony finals and is going soon well, ur gonna love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments for pony finals 2008

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pony finals
by: sunnie

Hello! Just wanted to say that I completely adore all of your ponies....ecspecially Sparkle Plenty!!!!!!!:)

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My big day

by Horselover

Well, it all started when I began riding a friend's horse. We were great team and had been together for a while when I decided I wanted to enter a show.

A week passed and finally the show day arrived. I groomed him and spent lots of time riding him before I competed.

When the time came, I entered the arena. I did as the announcer said and came in second place! I was super excited and couldn't stop smiling. It was a great experience!

Comments for My big day

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by: Lynn

I am hoping to be in horse show in spring. I have no idea how it will go, or what to do! A little help here, please!

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I loved my first show

by emily

When i went to my first show at wersbrought i was really looking foward to it. i know my new forest thoroughbred can jump really big. i knew we would place somwhere but when i saw all the other horses i was like "bet they will do better than me." but they didn't i came first in my 15hh CARRIE she tries her best in everything.

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Congrats on your first place!
by: Sydney

That's great! You must have been sooo excited. I know it's fun to ride no matter what, but it's great to win too!;-)

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My first show

by Dressagefreak

Well, I went to my very first show ever, and won fourth and fifth place, which I think is fairly good, seeing as I've never showed before.

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by: Taylor

my first ever show i got first then my first show on my horse i got only 3rd but in my first class i didit place but THATS sooo good im glad for you riding is hard and the only thing hard about it is the ground really but it takes practice and courage to ride a horse and say im ready to enter a show Thats really great im happy for you


That is AWESOME for your first show! :-) Do u ride english or western?

by: horseluver101

that is really good! do you have your own horse? I take riding lessons.

by: Sydney

I think it's fabulous for your first show. Congrats!!!

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My 1st Show

by Katie

Katie's horse EZ Spirit

Katie's horse EZ Spirit

It was in August. Not many people came because it was supposed to rain. My horse EZ Spirit was waiting for me when I got there.

Me and my BFF's where warming up our horses when we realized that we where all competing against each other. (because no one else showed up for intermediate jumping) You should have seen how well we all performed. In my opinion we all did great!

I placed 4th, 3rd, and 4th out of 8 places possible. I love EZ so much that he enjoyed a nice rub down after the show and lots of pats and treats from the people that came to watch. Thanks for ready!!

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by: Anonymous

wow haha your horse is gorgeous look at mine - it is called hollis victory there's a pic there to


Is something wrong with EZ's back or am I just imagining it?

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The Noble Horse Theatre

by Sarah Vi
(Chicago, IL)

I haven't actually BEEN to the Noble Horse Theatre, but it's so cool!!! They do entire plays on horseback. Every Halloween they do Sleepy Hollow. They also do Quadrille (a medival story) & The Nutcracker. It's the most amazing thing for horse-lovers!!!!!!!! The theatre is located in Chicago, IL 1410 N. Orleans.

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How cool
by: Lilli

I wish I could go!!!!!!

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