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Apr 09, 2012
I Love Your Peom Write another one!!!
by: Narnia Horse Girl

You say play video games,
I say play mounting games,
You say DisneyLand,
I say Kentucky Derby,
You say High Heels,
I say paddock boots,
You say Movie Theater,
I say Apassionata,
You say fashion Strap Shirts,
I say Dressage Show Shirt.

Hope You like Mine!!

Feb 27, 2012
Love the poem!!
by: Tiger

I love your poem, here are some suggestions for part 2:
You say mall
I say Country Max
You say texting
I say trotting
You say posting on Facebook
I say posting on horseback
You say cute hairstyle
I say cute helmet
You say doing your hair
I say grooming your horse

Feel free to use any of these, I have plenty more!!

Apr 16, 2011

you say quilt
I say turn out blanket.
you say mini dress
I say mini horse.
you say 'home is were the heart is'
I say 'horse is were the heart is'.

I love you're poem!!!!!!

Apr 15, 2011
Part 2
by: Clare

Maybe you could say stuff like the following:

you say convertible
i say sulky,

you say surfing
i say gallop on the beach

you say TV
i say stable

i hope you like my ideas. urs r reealluy good!

Apr 10, 2011
by: Sydney

Such a lovely piece of literature! I posted a link on the Facebook page. :-)

Apr 01, 2011
hmm..more from me?
by: Anonymous

U say car
I say carriage
You say seat
I say saddle

Mar 29, 2011
cool poem
by: Horse Luver

that's really, really cool! I say that really explains me. Perfectly. My dad says that i spend too much time with horses, and that my whole life revolves around horses (that's so true!(: ) and that i should take some time off horses! NEVER! this is a really good poem! can't wait for part two!

Mar 25, 2011
cool poem
by: cooldude

Your poem is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 21, 2011
do a poem! :)
by: TheCougar

Perhaps write a rhyming poem with the same sort of idea.

Mar 18, 2011
by: meghan

nice you should totally write part 2!!

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