Hopes and Dreams - Part 2

by Alex

I rushed over to the poor horse, she let out a small cry.

"Easy girl, easy, it will be okay, I promise." I soothed her. She calmed down, I put my hands on her nuzzle.

"Mom, come out here, quick!" I yelled. Mum soon turned up and she couldn't believe her eyes.

"What happened!" She asked impatiently.

"I just heard a noise and I came out here as soon as I saw her!" I exclaimed.

"Just keep her calm, I will go get some bandages and tissues." My mom said as she rushed inside. Luckily, my mom is a nurse so she had some first aid equipment here and there.

When mom came back outside, she had a small bag in her hand and a phone in the other. She handed me her phone and she started to clean up the blood from the black Stallions legs.

"Ring the 24 hour vet surgery, quick." She said. I quickly dialed the vet.

"Hello? Hi my name is Aylana. I have just found a stallion in my backyard, she is bleeding from all four legs and has no energy. My mum is a nurse and is bandaging her legs now." I said when the phone was answered.

The vet arrived within minutes. She explained that we had done the right thing by helping the horse. The vet looked over the helpless stallion. But she had some bad news...

Stay tuned for part 3!

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Hopes and Dreams - Part 3

by Alex

Penny (the vet) moved the horses joints back and forth, listened to his heart beat and took his temperature. The horse cried in agony every time she touched her legs.

"We had better get this horse back to the clinic." The vet said.

She ran to her car, that had a horse trailer on the back and pulled out a hospital gurney for horses. She slid the gurney underneath the black stallion and filled it out so it stood up. She wheeled it into the horse trailer.

"I will meet you there." The vet said.

By the time mum and I had got to the vet clinic, Penny had already arrived and was wheeling the horse into the x ray room. mum and i stood at the window of the x ray room and watched as Penny took x-rays of the horses legs.

"Why don't you name her?" The vet mentioned as she waited for the x rays to print.

"I think that we should name her Hope. Obviously you can see the reason why." I said.

"I like it." Penny said.

Hope's x rays soon printed out and penny had moved Hope into a different room to do some tests and blood samples. She took some blood from her legs and inserted some fluid through her shoulder. She took swabs from her scabs and took a salivary sample.

After about half an hours wait, all the test results where here.

"I am sorry Aylana, but these results are not good at all. All 4 of her legs are broken and she has several different infections caused by different animal bites. She hasn't eaten in days so she is very dehydrated. Hope will come and stay in my sables for the night and see how things go. She may not make it to the morning." Penny said.

"Why don't you go say goodnight to Hope? You did save her. Any longer and she would have already passed away."

I walked over to the horse.

"Goodnight Hope. I haven't known you that long but I do know that you are the strongest horse I have ever met. And though right now you don't look very nice, I can see your beauty from within shine right through you."

I stroked her long black mane as a teardrop landed on her cheek.

"I will call you at nine am tomorrow." Penny said. Mum and I left, but i fell asleep in the car, dreaming about hope.

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