Heavenly Horses

I love horses! When they look at you their eyes just seem so trusting, I don't know how anyone could possibly be mean to them. I don't have a horse but when i'm 15 I can get one!

Until I get a horse of my own I live the dream at where I ride. My favourite pony is Hercules. He's stubborn, strong and maybe a little food crazy but I love him. He has the silliest personality and he's just cute all over!

The best ride I ever had was the first time I cantered! I got to do it on Herc. It was so fun! I had never felt so free in my entire life!

I am truly horse crazy! (or maybe i'm just crazy!) because I just got my room repainted! and on the largest wall in my room there's a huge mural of wild horses cantering across the range. My room is filled with horse posters, books, drawings and clothes. I hope you enjoyed learning about me and my horse pals. Bye!

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