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Oct 31, 2017
Hi Todd
by: Bella's current owner

Nice to hear you loved her so long ago, she was loved throughout her life.

I am 15 now and Bella was put down today, she had a happy go and received a lot of love and food before she went at the ripe old age of 26.

Best wishes, even though I doubt you will see this. Thank you for your comment, it made me feel better.

May 18, 2013
Greenlee Arabella
by: Anonymous

Hi, my name's Todd. I used to own Bella when I was 7 years old and I am now 21. I am so glad that she is still teaching people to ride and that you love her so much. She is a very special pony. Hope you continue to enjoy her for many more years to come.

Jan 21, 2012
by: Charis


Dec 23, 2011
how tall??
by: lilylovespebbles

I was just wondering how tall are you?? because i have a 12.2hh mare and i am 5ft and was wondering if i was too big??

Dec 17, 2011
by: lucinda

:) thanks

Dec 13, 2011
by: Katie


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