by Morgan

I have ridden horses ever since I was 5 years old. My first horse was a white Arabian, who had a baby. Shortly after that the foal died I was so sad.After that I started getting more serious about riding mom sent me to riding lessons where I learned how to barrel race. After my second horse Boss Man left Mom got my a peppy little mare named Lady. I renamed her Bandita. She and I rode in barrel races around the state and after only one year of competing she died. I was devistated, so I decided to try training a horse of my own to make up for my arabian foal's death. She was as beautiful as the southern sky, as curious as a cat and had no experience what so ever. I bought her with money I earned and my step dad donated like 60 dollars we went and got her, and the long journey began. The frist time she saw a set of poles she freaked out, she bucked me off and I was knocked unconcius by her hard head. I hit the ground and finally woke up. I walked away from the hospital that day with a concusion, hematoma, black eye and one painfully messed up hip. After that I decided to sell her but the more people who came and looked at her made me realize that we were meant to be together , forever! So Ginger and i are still together and about ready to start the 2009 show season with great hope and optimism!

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Feb 09, 2009
by: QHgirl

Hey it me Hannah! Love that story actually I was there to see it all!!! Good thing you all stuck together!!! She is awesome and beautiful!!!

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