Ghost Horse - Part 1 (No comments? No part 2)

by Doree

I pulled my coat tighter around me, mentally cursing myself for not remembering to call Linda--my foster mom--for a ride home. The wind howled angrily around me, blowing my red curly hair wildly around me.

It had been fine early that day, then after school, the wind picked up and the sky darkened, threatening to rain any moment. I glare up at the sky before glancing nervously at the woods to my left.

It was a short-cut to my house but no one went in thosewoods. Jake, my best friend, insisted the woods were hunted. Almost everyone did. Ever since the fire that burned down the cabin that was in those woods a few years ago, people insisted the ghosts of those people lived in the woods.

I rolled my eyes, wanting to laugh at how silly I was being. But the sound that came from my throat made it sound like I was choking.

I was fourteen! I was a mature, teen who didn't believe in ghosts. I ran that thought several times through my head.

I lifted my chin up and marched forward into the woods, my sneakers slapping against the fall leaves, making a crunching sound. I shifted my backpack to my other shoulder, glancing nervously around me.

A loud, high pitched sound erupted through the air, making me yelp, and jump. My heart thundered in my chest as I stared in the direction of the sound.

"H-Hello? I-is someone there?" I choked out.

The sound came again, this time longer. I moved forward.

"Y-your not scaring me! So just drop it!"

Suddenly something sprang out at me...

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Ghost horse - Part 2 (please comment)

by Doree

I screamed, falling back. My hands flew up, as if to ward it off. A soft nicker filled the air, and I slowly opened my eyes.

It was a horse. A laugh bubbled out of my mouth. The horse snorted, throwing it's head up and eyeing me. It was a white and black paint, one of its eyes were brown and the other were blue. It was a different looking horse.

I clucked slightly, reaching out my hand. The horse snorted, dancing away from me. I scrambled up as the horse bolted away, it's tail flying out behind it, the horse suddenly disappearing..

I sighed, picking my bag up off the ground. I rubbed at my head, looking at where the horse had been standing a few moments ago. Had I really seen a horse? A wild horse, maybe? No one in this part of town owned horses. Only a few snobby, rich girls in my class did.

The questions whirled through my mind, but no answers came. I walked out of the forest, glancing back now and then waiting for that paint horse to show up.

I hurried into my house, throwing my backpack to the floor.

"Linda! Linda!" I walked into Emma's--Linda's baby--room.

"SSh!" She hushed me, laying down Emma. After she closed the door she turned to me. "What's up girly?"

"I saw a horse! A horse! It was big, and a paint." I chattered on, sitting down on a chair.

Linda placed a glass of milk and cookies in front of me. "Are you sure Jessie? In the middle of town? I'm sure someone would have filed it into the police and put out an ad if their horse went missing."

"That's just it, I think its a wild horse." I took a bite of my cookie. "It didn't seem tame. I couldn't touch it. It just turned and ran farther into the woods."

Linda folded her arms across her chest and stared at me.

"You were in the woods? Beside your school? Thought I said not to go in there."

"Its a shortcut." I answered shortly.

"Yeah well, no more going into those woods. Got it?"

I sighed. "Yeah. Got it."

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Ghost Horse - Part 3 (please comment)

by Doree

I tried to get the horse out of my head. Hard. But the thought of the wild animal wouldn't leave me alone, not even for a second. Since it was the weekend, I told Linda I was going to hang out with Jake at his house like I always did. I felt bad as I told her the lie, but I had to see the horse again. And I'd be with Jake, so it wasn't as bad...right?

I stopped at the edge of the forest, waiting for my friend. I nervously tossed the few carrots I had grabbed around in my hand. I was relieved when I saw the familiar face. Jake's deep brown eyes were wide a he stopped in front of me, breathing hard, his curly dark hair a tousled mess.

" important.." He panted "..That I..had to run..the whole way..??"

"I didn't want to tell you over the phone but..I think found a--a--a ghost horse." I said, finding that was the simplest way to explain it.

Jake eyed me. "A ghost horse? Like 'OOO!'" He wiggled his fingers, "and dead?"

I pushed away his hand. "Well..I don't know. It was a horse, and it was pure white. I was in the forest and it suddenly came to me! Then it ran away and just seemed to disappear in mid air."

"So, you wanna go back into the forest where you saw this maybe-dead-creature?? Uh uh!!"

I rolled my eyes at him. "You're such a scaredy cat Jake."

"No I'm just smart. You think this supposed ghost horse is going to come and get carrots from you?" He motioned at my hand.

I blushed. "It's bait! I mean, even if the thing is dead its still a horse right? And horses love carrots."

"How do you know that every horse likes carrots? No offense Jessie, but your hardly any horse whisperer." Jake commented.

"You don't have to be a horse whisperer to know horses like carrots!" I snapped. "If you don't wanna go into the forest just say so!"

"No, no. I'll come. But only to protect you." Jake puffed out his chest.

I broke into a wide smile. "Good! let's go, we're wasting precious time." We both moved into the forest, and I knew inside of me we were heading for a great adventure.

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Ghost Horse - Part 4 (please comment !)

by Doree

I jumped as a branch cracked on Jake's foot. He shot me a sorry look. My nerves seem to shoot up more and more as we stepped farther into the forest.

"This is where he came at me." I swung my arms around me.

Jake raised his eyebrows at me. "Think he'll come back?"

I nodded hard. "Yes! He will. I know he will."
I sat down on a fallen tree. "Now we just have to wait."

Jake sighed loudly. "Jess, you do know I have a soccer game at two right?"

"He'll come! I swear it."

Two hours later Jake stood up. "I need to go! My game is in twenty minutes. I'll see you later Jess."

"But Jake!" I whined, "He's going to come."

Jake gave me a look. "I'll see ya later."

I folded my arms tightly against my chest. "Fine! Go then!"

Jake opened his mouth as if to say something before tightly closing it and walking stiffly away.

I swiped angrily at the tears that pooled in my eyes. I was so sure.

A loud snort sounded to my left. I spun around, gasping. He was here!! The beautiful, odd white and black paint. He eyed me with his blue eye, dancing around.

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