Ghost Horse - Part 5

by Doree

I stared in awe at the horse. The paint stood still, his head tilted to the side.

"Hey there pretty boy. I've been waiting for you."

He tossed his head up at my words and let out a high pitched whinny like he was saying he had been waiting for me too.

"Do you have a home boy? And a name?" I said softly, reaching into my pocket to grab the few carrots I had grabbed. I held one out in my hand, outstretched towards him.

The black and white paint stretched his neck forward before snapping it back. He gave a snort and a look that said he clearly couldn't be bought with treats.

I gave a soft laugh. "You're a funny fellow, ain't ya? Hmm, if you don't like carrots..." I checked my pants pocket and then my coat. "Ah ha!" I pulled out a mint.

The horse's blue eye seemed to widen and his nostrils flared.

"Oh you like mints don't you?" I tossed it up in the air, his eyes following the treat. I stretched out my hand once again. "If you want it you must come get it."

The paint seemed to be contemplating this over in his mind. He'd take a step forward, then two back. Finally, he was close enough to take the treat. He daintily took the mint, his soft lips brushing my hand.

I raised up my other hand to pet his cheek. He snorted but didn't move as he chewed up his treat.

Suddenly the noise of a car backfiring filled the air. The horse spooked and took off running through the woods.

I stood, gaping after him. "Good bye .... Ghost."

**Hi everyone! Thanks to all that are reading my story ^_^ feels good to get your uplifting comments !! On another note, I just wanted to say that I have a fan page on facebook called "All things Horses!!!!!" It is a fun filled, horsey page, so please check it out !!!

Here is the link:!/pages/All-things-Horses/114743998550119

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Jul 03, 2017
by: Horsecrazy16

Great story!

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