Faried - Gypsy - Dancer

by Kiley
(USA Wisconsin)

My 23 year old Arabians name is Faried. Its Arabic for unique and my horse is very unique! He is a gray flea bitten. He rides western and English (just like me!)and he is the sweetest thing! I don't know what I would do without him!!!

I also like the name Gypsy. I have a half linger Welsh cross cross. She is chocolate palomino and she ride dressage. She is dappled in the summer time.

My last name is Dancer. I have a pony that is named Dancer. She is a dappled bay welsh. She rode dressage, but she has to be retrained, because she has not been ridden in three years. We named her Dancer because every time she moves she looks like a ballerina. She is so graceful!


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