Extraordinary Sammy (written trailer)

by Lucinda

Something is coming..... Something strong.... Something, fast......

"You won't be able to tame him!"

"I think I can!"

"No one has ever done it, you will be lucky just to get close to him!"

"Oh really?"

The stallion galloped towards the girl. He would not stop until she was looking into his eyes. He was a 17'2" hand high frisian with a lot of power.

"Hey boy..."

The horse reared.

"It's okay boy, I won't hurt you."

The stallion stopped rearing but instead turned and ran....

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Extraordinary Sammy - Part 1

by Lucinda

Ally walked down the stable. She stroked the muzzle of each of the horses. Inside in the last stall her bay mare star Was busy hovering down a hard feed but she lifted up her head and gave a shrill whinny when she saw Ally coming.

"Hey girl, I'm back," she grinned.

"I thought I heard you in here." Ally grinned at her best friends standing in the stable entrance of the stable.

"I think I might take her for a ride," said Ally.

"Be careful," they said.

"Why? What do you mean?" Said Ally they looked at each other.

"There are wild stallions about. They have stolen a few of your Aunt's mares."

to be continued....

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Extraordinary Sammy - Part 1 continued and also Part 2 (seprate parts) please read and comment

by Lucinda

"I think I'll be okay and besides Star will protect me."

"Ally its not really... we were worried about Star not..." Started Shakira but Danielle interrupted her.

"What Shakira is trying to say is well... Star is very valuable and he would more likely go after her before you. We care about both of you of course but, star's a horse and she's a head on one too so she thinks she can fight anything," said Danielle.

"Guys don't be worried about me... us... we'll be fine and plus you can't stop me," interrupted Ally as she got Star's saddle out of the tack room.

"Ally, your aunt has made a rule not to go riding unless its in the arena," said Danielle. Ally sighed and continued to tack star up.

"I'll ride her in the arena then," she said.

Part 2

As she mounted up, Star who had not been ridden for a few weeks, crab stepped as she felt the weight of her rider.

Danielle opened the arena gate and shut it behind and her and Shakira sat on the fence to watch. Ally started trotting Star around the arena. When she thought she heard thundering hoof beats, she halted Star.

"What's wrong?" Asked Danielle.

"Nothing," mumbled Ally and started trotting again. The second time she thought there were wild stallions nearby, she didn't hear them... she saw them.

Galloping towards the stables was a friesan stallion he was about 17 hands high. On each side behind him were other stallions on his right there was a dun lusitano about 16.2 hands high, the other horse who was the same height as the lusitano was an andalusian.

All three horses had there nostrils flared and gave angry bucks. Every 4 strides they leaped the arena fence.

"Open the gate and jump on Star!" Shouted Ally to her friends. They opened the gate and jumped on. Danielle who liked ballet, landed perfectly. But Shakira was not and almost fell off but luckily Danielle grabbed her shirt and pulled her back on.

So the three sorry friends made there way towards the stables. Once inside Ally leaped off and closed the door so the stallions couldn't get in.

"What is going on???" Asked a voice behind them. They almost jumped out of there skins before seeing it was Ally's aunt.

"Um, wild stallions attacked us so we galloped back," explained Ally who thought it would be best if her aunt found out from her.

"I see," said her aunt.

"And have you even thought about checking Star to see if she's lame?" Ally looked at her friends desperately.

"We're grooms so we'll do it," they both said and took Star away.
I hope everyone likes the stories so far and please comment if you read this, because when not many people comment I feel no one has read this and\or like it.

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