Dressage and Showjumper Girl10

by Bianca

Hi! My name's Bianca, and I've LOVED horses for a long time! I've been taking English Riding lessons for about 3 yrs. I love Dressage and Showjumping. So I pretty much want to be an Eventer.

I'm supposed to go into a Show soon. I never even got the chance to go into a show, because my old instructor always canceled my lessons, and only had 1 school pony, so I was never able to! (Don't worry. I go to a new school now!)I've fallen off a couple of times. Strangely, it was pretty fast!

I don't have my own horse/pony, cuz we just can't afford it. Wish I did!

P.S. I live in London, ON.

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