Dreamer (The one and only) - Part 2

by Kaitlyn

I wrote part one a long time ago. And I got no comments, I just read it over earlier and decided I am going to write a part 2. * This is made up* Also sorry Its so short

"Owwwwww," I scream as I go flying into the bush. I land with a thump on the ground. I'm frantic, Dreamer better be okay, I thought to myself. I start getting up but a bolt of pain hits my arm. I shriek and fall back onto the ground. Breathing heavily I look toward my arm,it has a long deep cut right down from my elbow to my wrist. I quickly put my arm down. I grab a tree with my other hand , and push myself up. I look at myself, a few cuts on my knees but other than that I guess its all good. I start walking forward, but then a thought hits me... is Dreamer alright?

My eyes dart all around me. "Where is she?" I huff. She couldn't have gone far. After I flew off, she could have easily went through the bush but I would have seen her. "See must have went over here!" I said I start walking to the left, and sure enough there she is eating grass. I glare at her, I got hurt and your eating! I start walking toward her. "Dreamer get over here," I say. Her big brown eyes look up at me. "I don't think so girl," I mumble still glaring at her. I finally reach her, "And what do you think your doing?" I said to her. Dreamer snorted. "Typical," I snap. I put my foot in the stirrup and lift myself up. "Time to go girl," I say. And off we went.

" Mom and dad are going to be ticked," I say as we walk into the barn. I have already fallen off of Dreamer to many times to count. My parents think shes to much for me to handle. But its not her fault she easily spooks, that's just her. "What am I going to do when they see my arm?" I moan. I quickly take off Dreamers saddle, and bridle. I brush her as fast as I can. "Now I go inside!" I say

I look at my cut as my mom puts some sort of cast looking thing around it. "Well Its deeply cut," she says.

"Ya I seen that." I say.

"What exactly happened," she questions.

"Dreamer spooked on the trail, she bolted and would not listen to me after that," I mumble.

"That horse! I don't think you should be riding her. Shes far to much to handle," mom says for the again.

"No shes not," I snapped.

"No this is it. You have gotten hurt on that horse for the last time! Shes getting sold," She says in that I know what I'm talking about so don't back talk me voice.

"You can't be for real," I shriek.

"Oh but I am."

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Dreamer (The one and only) - Part 3

by Kaitlyn

My eyes well up with tears. "This is so unfair!" I scream. Before she has a chance to respond I take off down the hall, and out the door. I put my hands across my chest, "She wouldn't," I shriek! I wipe my face with the back of my hand. I notice now that I am now sprinting toward the barn. Faster and faster with every step. Before I undo the latch that opens the barn door I look at the name I engraved in the wood. It read *Dreamer forever*

Walking down the hall in the barn was surprisingly reassuring. She won't take her away I thought. "Hey Tom Thumb," I say as I walk by my mother's thoroughbred. He takes a glance at me and spins around so that his butt is now facing me. I scowl "How pleasant," I huff. But even though I'm not that fond of him I still can't help myself from admiring his great composure.

Before I found Dreamer my mother wanted me to ride him, I quickly turned the offer down, simply saying "He's too high strung for me" And I was right. Tom Thumb is a great horse, but he needs a professional to be handling him. I sigh, that was all before Dreamer.

I continue walking. Passing horse by horse. I pass by Suzie, my father's quarter horse mare and she whinnies at me. "Oh I'm sorry I forgot to say hi to you girl. You know I love you," I laugh as she rubs her nose on my shoulder. She's only 14 hands high, but she's got 21 years of western gaming experience. My dad has always loved western everything! I love both! I started out riding her, she's great but she obeys every command. I just wished she would be a little more free spirited! "Bye girl," I say softly as I walk pass her. "Hey, can you clean out Mini Me's stall?" my younger brother asks me appearing out of nowhere.

"And why exactly can you not clean out your own horses stall?" I question.

"I'm leaving, mom told me earlier that she is going to bring me to see an owner about some show jumper. I think the name was Starry Night." he says.

"Why are you going to see a hunter/jumper?"I say not quite believing what he says.

"She just told me a little while ago! I'm talking minutes!" he says. I have no response to that, so I walk over to Mini Me's stall and grab a pitchfork and get to work.

I see the bright morning sun through my window. I stretch my arms and yawn. I look over at my clock it reads 6:46! Holy crow I never get up this early. So I lay back down and shut my eyes. Suddenly I hear a loud shrill neigh. My eyes snap open. I listen quietly. "Keep her calm, Frank!"I hear my mother yell.

"This horse does not want to go in!"I hear a mans voice shout.

"Make her. She's too dangerous!" I hear my mother say! I spring up and run to my window. The horse started to rear.Her eyes were rolling back in her head, and her teeth baring. "Ohmygosh! Its Dreamer," I scream darting out of my room down the stairs. I snap open the door, and run out.

"What do you think your doing!?"I scream.

"We talked about this before. Dreamer is to much for you to handle,she will be going away."My mother responded,

"She's MY horse! It's up to me!" I yell back.

"You are not in charge around here missy! Load her up boys!"She screams. I watch as they grab a crop and hit Dreamer, trying to punch her forward. "She doesn't want to go!" I yell running up to her. She snaps her teeth at me. I jump back.

"Now do you see. She's dangerous?" my mother said.

"She's not dangerous! She's only acting like this because she's scared...OF YOU!" I scream back. "Dreamer," I say talking calmly. "It's okay girl, you're not going anywhere." She looks at me and can see the look of alarm on her face. I snatch the lead line out of the guys hands. "Come on girl" I say tugging on the rope a bit. She starts walking, but then I hear my mom say "Grab that back from her! And load her up!" Then someone grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me to the side. I drop the lead line and the other man picks it up. "Now get in there!" he says gruffly. He smacks Dreamer with the crop as she was loaded in the trailer.

"No, she's mine!"I yell trying to break free. The man lets go of me and hops in the truck. I can hear Dreamer as they start to drive away. Down the old road and past the sigh saying "Running Horse Farm". And soon the truck disappears, leaving nothing but a trail of dust.

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Dreamer (The one and only) - Part 4

by Kaitlyn

I stare wide eye after the truck. Its like my mind was one place but my legs another because before I knew it I was darting down the drive. Despaerately trying to reach that trailer which held my life. As soon as I got closer it felt like it was moving faster. With every step I took I just felt more angry! I keep running and running, trying to reach that truck. I could hear neighs coming from within, but I could not help her...not anymore.

There they were...the tears. They started coming, I knew I had been holding them in the whole time. When they came they couldn't stop. They lasted all the way out of Running Horse Farms property an past out all the way to the lake. I fell to my knees when I was passing the boardwalk. It felt like I'd lost... and I knew I did. I knew they took us in that little trailer. They took us away.

I walked in the door of our house. I was finally home, in some ways that was comforting. Then in other ways not. I knew I had to face the fact Dreamer was gone, for good.

"I'm home!" I mumble. The house was silent. Hmmm tha'ts unusual, its usually filled with noise.

"I'm home!" I yell. Still it is quiet. Oh well I thought. So I turned back and headed out to the paddock. The horses were going to be turned in soon, I watched peacefully as the horses grazed. Some of the feisty horses were running around. Playing a game of tag as my brother would say.
Tom Thumb was trying to bite Mini Me, my brothers horse. I giggled as Mini Me took one look at Tom Thumb and went back to eating. After a little while of watching, I headed in the barn. When I got in there I heard a room full of people yell


"Ahhh," I scream jumping back. I hate surprises, I never liked them. But I didn't stay in there long enough to see what the big surprise was. "Come on in sweetie!" I hear my mom say. She didn't sound angry or even disappointed. I slowly walked in. It took a minute for my eyes to get used to the dim light. But when they did, what I seen shocked me.

Right in front of me stood a beautiful filly. Looked no older than two years. She was a dapple grey. Beautiful... "Ummm who is this," I ask sheepishly.

"This my dear is Starry Night!" my mother exclaimed.

"See I told you we were going to see her!" my brother announced.

"No I mean whys she here?" I ask. My parents exchange a look.

"Well since Dreamer is gone..." my mother starts. I wince refusing to listen. "We decided to get you a new horse! A jumper to!" she finishes. I stare at her, angry was building in me. How could she not realize that I don't want another horse! I want Dreamer. All I ever wanted was Dreamer!

My mom must have caught my look because she quickly looked over to my dad for support. "We know you loved Dreamer..." he told me... "But this is for the best."

"How would you know what was best for me?" I scream. They both look defeated. Good that's what I want I thought.

"Well she was far..." I spun around on my heel as soon as a heard that. I knew they would use that against me. As far as I was concerned they could take care of that horse. I never wanted to see her ever again.

That whole night I cried. I didn't care about anything. Anything except Dreamer.

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Dreamer (The one and only) - Part 5

by Kaitlyn

I knew that day when they took away Dreamer, they took apart of me also. My heart and soul was took on that trailer that humid summer day. I would never be the same.

"Sweetie do you want to take Starry Night out on the trails with me and Tom Thumb?" my mother yelled from downstairs. I stayed right where I was. Laying numbly in my bed. The sun was mocking me. Dancing all over the walls, trying to make the world a happy place. Which I knew it was not. I listened and I could tell my mom and dad were mumbling something about me. I heard footsteps, and then a knock on my door. Hearing it, I chose to ignore it. Staying right where I was, not to move. Then I heard someone knock again, louder this time and more stern. Then the doorknob twisted and my dad appeared at the door.

"We need to talk," he said.

I took a deep breath in. "Alright," I said firmly not giving in. He raised his eyebrow, as if saying Try me.

"It's about Starry Night," he replied. I tensed up just hearing the name. I made it very clear I never wanted anything to do with that horse.

"Come on, its been over five months Olivia. Dreamer is gone!" He said. Hearing that I sucked in a huge breath. He was right. It had been over 5 months since Dreamer left our stables. That day she left I made a promise to myself I would never love another horse again. And I planed to stick to that promise.

I walked very slowly down to the barn toward Starry Nights stall. I was not at all happy about this! My father said I didn't have to replace Dreamer, all I had to do was take care of Starry Night. For most people this wouldn't be hard to do, but for me it was torture. My dad also said that it wasn't fair that my mother and himself were riding and taking care of her for the past few months.

I signed remember riding through the fields on Dreamer bareback. I longed for that freedom again. Longed for it. Dreamer had such a free spirit, it could never be replaced.

I huffed as I hopped on Starry Nights back. I had to admit, it felt good being back in the saddle. I haven't ridden in 5 months so its about time. I was so caught up in thought I found myself rap my hands around Starry Nights neck. I quickly realized what was happening.No I thought. My parents ain't going to win this time. I moved around for a bit until I felt comfortable.

"Ok. Oh and on the contrary Starry Night, I don't want to ride you right now. And not at all! But my parents are going all fortune cookie on me saying "If I don't get back on now I never will". She snorted. I grabbed my reins and asked for a trot. She obeyed and listened quickly. I took her over a few cross rails and she was wonderful! If it were Dreamer she would have tried to refuse half of those. But oddly Starry didn't.

"Good girl," I said to her. She shook her mane out, clearly loving the attention. Well... I thought its about time.

"It looked like you were having fun with Starry Night," my mother said excitedly. Her eyes were bright and shining. I could tell she was more than happy. I stared at her from across the dinner table.

"Pass the corn, please," I said to my brother not answering my mothers question. My mom huffed. "Olivia, did you have fun?" she said raising her voice. My eyes meet hers. I kept them there, looking her dead in the eye.

"No," I said. It was a simple, yet every effective answer. All through dinner my mother remained silent. Some of me felt bad for not talking to her for the last 5 months, but I just couldn't bring myself to say anything to her. I looked over at her. Her whole face was red, she was here but her eyes said she was somewhere else.

Somewhere else... that's where I want to be.

Walking through the barn one day I suddenly stopped as I passed an empty stall. I turned around and stood right in front of it. I looked at the nameplate to see the words *Dreamer* in chipped paint. I laughed remembering that I insisted on painting on Dreamers name on instead of stickers. I got what I wanted, but looking at it now it only looks like I lost it. I don't know what I was thinking when I unlatched the stall door, and walked in the empty stall. I slowly slide down the wall and onto the floor.

Starry Night is great, I thought to myself. But Dreamer is forever.

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Dreamer (The one and only) - Part 6

by Kaitlyn

I was walking home from the tack shop on a overcast day. The sky was dark and the clouds looked like it could rain any minute. I had to get a new girth for Starry Night. Ever since I started entering her in shows she started leaning out.

I remember back to the first time I laid eyes on her. I automatically new that she was people all around town would call a "beauty". I even hated at the time to admit they were right. Her dapple grey coat with her deep chocolate brown eyes matched perfectly. But still even now a year later, I can't say that the day was the most wonderful day of my life. Because I can't help thinking I lost more than I gained.

I stare intently reading the poster hung up on the cork board in the corner store. It read:
Annual Rodeo comes to town on July 25! From barrel racing, to the Wild Horse Race we have it all! So come and join us on July 25!

I ran home breathing heavy. I skidded down the drive way and burst through the door to our house. "Mom, dad! Rodeos is town! Can we go?" I scream. My heart was pounding so loudly I thought the whole world could hear it.

"Calm down Olivia! Now whats this I hear about a rodeo?" my mother says rubbing her hands on her jeans. I take a deep breath in and reply.

"The rodeos in town! Didn't you hear? Can we go?? I say quickly.

"The rodeo is in town?" my mother asks reaching up to pull her bleached blond hair into a small bun.

"Ya, I just found out," I told her handing her the poster I grabbed from the cork board. My mother took it, eying it suspiciously.

"Um whats wrong?" I ask her. Her expression immediately changes.

"Oh nothing. But... uh are you sure you really want to go to the rodeo? I mean with all the time your spending with Starry Night how are you going to fit this in?" she finishes. I stare at her oddly. What was she talking about it was one day! One day of the year! I mean, I suppose she is right. Starry Night is my horse. But the stable hands wouldn't mind for one day!

"Its only one day! Come on, you guys took us before," I say to her. She takes a glance at me before yelling,

"Kev, can you come in here?" My dad appears at the door.

"Yes what is it Ann?" he says to her taking a step forward so that they are beside each other. She shoves the poster in his hands. He looks at her then his gaze drops to the sign. I watched as his whole face turned white, his whole body became tense. I suddenly realized something was very wrong.

They stood silent for a few minutes. They were staring at each other in a mysterious, *I'm hiding something and I don't like it* way. After another minute my mother nodded.

"Well Olivia, I just don't think we can make it this year," she started "With all the new horses that came a little while ago..." I cut her off sharply.

"We only got 4 more! We won't even have them by that time!" My mother took in a sharp breath.

"Olivia, don't start with me," she snapped. My eyes filled with tears.

"But you guys take us every year! Why not now?" I sob. My dad took a look at me and turned to my mother. They did that creepy eye stare thing again, and my mother slowly shook her head.

"Listen, you can go. Ok? You can go and we will take you!" My father said throwing up his hands in defeat.

"Yay! Thank you so much! Its only for one day! Thanks!" And with that I quickly turned on my heel and walked away before they could change their minds.

With the weeks leading up to the rodeo, I was obsessed with cleaning Srarry Night's tack. Over, and over again. I don't know why, maybe it was the nerves. I knew I shouldn't be nervous, I mean it wasn't me entering the events. But all the same.

The day before the rodeo I was brushing Starry Night quickly. I was going out on the to try out the new jumps which me and my mother had set up the day before. I huffed and placed my helmet on my head. I tucked some of my short wavy brown hair behind my ears.

"Ready to go Starry?" I ask my horse. She lets out a long and powerful neigh in response, I sign and with that we were off.

The crowd was busy and lively. You could feel the excitement in the room. With all the buzz, and roar of the crowd the more anxious I got. I stare down at my clothes. I wore a simple t-shirt paired with dark blue jeans and a cowgirl hat. Not to mention the new brown boots my mother got me the day before. I was just wondering if I maybe overdid my outfit a little bit when the announcer voice boomed through the speakers.

"Welcome everyone to the 10th annual rodeo! I can assure you we will all have a wonderful time! Were going to start today out with the steer wrestling..." His voice started to blur as I focused my attention to the ring.

Sure enough there were many men gathered in the ring. I watched in awe as I seen them. It was pretty cool. After that there was team roping. And so on... Finally they called the event I had been waiting for all day.
Barrel Racing.

I watched as the girls in the ring flew pass all the barrels there without hitting one! "Amazing," I say to my parents. I looked over to them, they both had expressions of stone. They both sat there looking tense and uncomfortable. Maybe they think it looks dangerous? No that can't be right, I thought. My dad had wanted me to be a barrel racer. Then what was it? The announcers voice came over the speaker. Well whatever it is it will have to wait.

"Now this is Annabelle Adams. Today she is riding Dreamy Night!" the announcers voice said. I watching as she whirled by us. She had a perfect round. Amazing! Sure she is going to win I thought. "That girl is going to win!" I told my parents proudly. My mother gave me a wary expression.

Once again I chose to ignore their weird behavior. "The winner of the tenth annual barrel racing is..." the announcer paused "Annabelle Adams!" The crows erupted. I clapped my hardest because I knew she deserved it. She was walking her mount into the arena. I looked carefully. I never got a good look before because of her speed, but now there she was clearly.

My mother reached out and grabbed my hand. What's gotten into them? I look back toward the ring. The girl had a pixie cut, her blond hair just barely reaching her chin. She was thin, but not frail. She smiled to the crowd, and patted her horse.

I froze.

My heart stopped. My eyes were glued to the horse. She had a shiny black coat, and a long wavy mane. She looked exactly like... I couldn't bring myself to say it. It can't be? But can it? My parents were watching me, they weren't moving.

I could tell that this is what they had been hiding. I looked back to the horse. She had a snip on her face, and only one sock on her hind leg. I knew just then in my heart by the way the horse looked and moved. So sure of herself, not looking back. The horse looked strong. A lone warrior.

Tears filled my eyes as I remembered. I remembered all those times when she bucked me or kicked me. I remembered it all. I knew my parents' game was up. I knew who the horse was. It was Dreamer.

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